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July 1, 2021


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Great essay fixer

I can say that this site’s plagiarism fixer service is exceptional! It helped me get rid of all the duplicated content found in my essay. Not only that, but the editors replaced it without changing my ideas. The final essay looked perfect and was plagiarism-free.


May 2, 2021


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Good online service and price

I was happy to find an affordable online service to help me get rid of plagiarism in my essay. These guys used some kind of cutting-edge software to do it. I value the option to do all the tasks online the most. I was satisfied with the writing I got at the end.


May 6, 2021


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Reliable platform for plagiarism checks

I’m delighted with how their plagiarism fixer service works. It was able to show exactly which parts of the essay had to be re-written or adequately cited and quoted. Without this service, I would be in trouble.


Oct 3, 2020


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Amazing communication with the team

I knew that my essay contained duplicated content, but I didn’t know where, nor did I have time to fix it. This website helped me get a 100% original essay. Working with this team was an excellent experience. They assigned the best writer to rewrite the duplicated content, and the paper was perfect.

Essay Plagiarism Fixer Service

Any essay you write needs thorough editing to correct grammatical mistakes, format, or sentence structure. However, one of the most important things that should be fixed is plagiarism. You can choose either to try to do it yourself, using a free plagiarism fixer you can find on the web with no guarantee that your text will not be distributed on other platforms, or find the essay maker that creates unique papers with all guarantees that come with it: showing the percentage of plagiarism, editing parts of a text where duplicate is detected, correct punctuation errors, keeping it all secure and anonymous. StudyClerk is a go-to website to fix plagiarism without sacrificing confidentiality or securing the use of personal data. Before you pass on rewriting a non-unique paragraph, let us give you a few reasons why this is so important and how exactly we do it.

How Does Our Plagiarism Fixer Work?

Plagiarism fix is the most important edit of the paper as it makes a person who read it be sure that this is 100% original text. Before we go to how we fix your essay plagiarism, let’s see what is considered as such:

  • Stating other people’s thoughts, ideas, and theories as one’s own without giving the proper credits;
  • Clusters of 4 or more words from a source without proper citation;
  • Self-plagiarism (when you repeat the parts of your previous work without referring to it)
  • Citing the wrong author (voluntarily or involuntarily)
  • Copying a part of the idea without stating its authorship
  • Accidental plagiarism (stating the same idea without knowing that someone has already published it)

Of course, you know that plagiarism is an academic crime, and academic dishonesty is strictly forbidden and punished by suspension or even expulsion from class/college. Even if you know that you didn’t misuse any sources, it’s in your interest to find a trustful plagiarism fixer online to check for accidental duplicates, which can be hidden in a text.

How Do We Fix Plagiarism?

To deal with this problem, we run a text on essay plagiarism fixer software that detects all similarities across many other texts in our databases and the web. After we receive the results, we rewrite those parts that contain similarities, be that thesis, arguments, conclusion, or references. We can add citations and references, rewrite passages, or rephrase passages with many similar consecutive words. What we don’t change is the ideas of your text and arguments.

What Types of Documents Can We Fix from Plagiarism?

As a paper correction website, we specialize in fixing the academic papers of any format, kind, or subject it explores. Our free online plagiarism checker with percentage with no limit for word count allows us to fix plagiarism online in virtually any text. However, the content authenticity is valuable not only for the college environment but also for the web content, too, so correct my writing google search should be your first step after writing ANY text. The best part? We can do it too!

What Mistakes Do Our Experts Correct in Your Writing?

When you place an order to “fix my paper for me”, we choose to go the extra mile and see to all the petty errors you might’ve made. That includes:

  • Correcting punctuation (comma, full stop, semicolumn, etc.), especially in citations and reference/bibliography pages
  • Rewriting plagiarised content with keeping the main idea
  • Inserting missing citations and quotations
  • Restructuring paper for clarity

Advantages of High-quality Plagiarism Fixer Assistance

Asking experts to fix my paper has a lot of pros. Let’s see what the benefits of ordering this service from StudyClerk are.

  • You can drop an order at any time at the below-average market cost. This is not a marketing trick: when you compare the market prices for the same package, you’ll see why our customers choose us;
  • Anti-plagiarism policies. Plagiarism can have many faces, but we know them all to give it 0 chance. We promise: you won’t need to double-check whether it still has any similarities with any other writing;
  • Customer support. Our specially trained essay fixer support team will assist you in any issue concerning your order from placing to payment, 24/7, and worry you not: your message is seen asap.
  • Privacy concerns. We understand that you want to remain anonymous and remain the author of your work. With us, it’s by default. The only job we do is correcting your text/document, while your identity, the fact that you’ve used our services, or personal information remains confidential;
  • Guaranteed Quality. You can enjoy reading a text where everything is cited, plagiarism is corrected, grammar is in order, and punctuation won’t play tricks. This is what quality means to us.
  • Delivery times. Have your fixed text back within the mentioned deadline. Please, note that the deadline change can be subject to fees.

How to Hire a Writer to Fix My Plagiarism?

Finding a professional editor to correct your text for plagiarism hasn’t been easier! Simply follow these easy steps to get the best paper it can be:

  • Select a writer. Compare the number of tasks they accomplished, their rating, specialization, their experience of working with us, price, etc.
  • Chat with them. Before placing your order, choose a service type and write any special requests to a particular writer. Wait for their reply and confirmation.
  • Upload your document/text so they can use an essay fixer and correct other errors
  • Receive your text back. In case you need any revision concerning the plagiarism issue, you can have it for free.
  • Pay for service upon approval. No pre-payments: money is transferred after you confirm the job is done.
  • Write a review and rate your writer. Help other customers choose the best writer by dropping them a few lines about your experience. This is optional, of course, though very appreciated.

Why Should You Order a Plagiarism Fixer Service from Us?

The best thing you can do if you don’t know how to fix plagiarism on your own is to ask competent, experienced writers to do it for you. With the StudyClerk essay plagiarism fixer service, you can rest assured that your college assignment will be unique, with all grammar and structure in order. The best bit, though, is that you don’t sacrifice your privacy and data security for that. So how can our paper corrector be of your use today?

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