Transgender Military Service in the United States

02 Feb 2016
An estimated 150,000 transgender individuals have served in the U.S. armed forces, or are currently on active duty. In addition, an estimated 134,000 transgender individuals are veterans or are retired from Guard or Reserve service, 8,800 transgender adults are currently on active duty in the U.S. armed forces, and an estimated 6,700 transgender individuals are serving in the Guard or Reserve forces. Transgender individuals assigned female at birth are nearly three times more likely than all adult women, and those assigned male at birth are 1.6 times more likely than all adult men, to serve. read more

Pedagogical Benefits of Videos for Effective Teaching, Learning and Research writing tips

02 Jan 2016
Over the years, research has shown that using videos for educational advancement is immensely beneficial both for teachers and students. The use of videos can transform and enhance teaching and learning processes. According to the Salman Khan’s idea he shared and his 20-min video “Let’s use video to reinvent education.”, the so-called flipped classroom modelcan help students perceive the information better during lecture time and understand it better said in read more

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