Law Research Paper Topics Ideas to Choose From

30 Aug 2021
Law students are also obligated to write research papers. This academic writing paper must include original findings, and the author should do all the interpretation, analysis, and research. read more

48% of Emails are Opened on Mobile; Gmail Opens Down 20% Since Tabs

18 Aug 2021
Mobile opens continued their climb toward 50% by gaining another percentage point last month. Emails opened on smartphones and tablets now account for 48% of total opens. Of course, that increase in mobile opens always has to come from somewhere: in September, desktop opens increased to 33%, while webmail opens dipped to 19%. read more

Barataria Preserve

09 Aug 2021
General trail and waterway information is available at the Barataria Preserve trail maps web page. TEMPORARILY CANCELLED Wetlands Walk - 10:00 a.m.. every Wednesday through Sunday. Join a ranger for a guided walk on a boardwalk trail through wild Louisiana swamp and marsh. Stop at the visitor center to find out which trail today's walk will explore. No walk on federal holidays when the preserve visitor center is closed. Free. Join a citizen science project as part of a group or on your own. Follow the link to find out how you can contribute to research and management at the park. Important information: read more

List of Controversial Research Topics Ideas

04 Aug 2021
As the name implies, it relates to various subjects that contain certain controversies and usually represent social debates. One of the most prominent examples would be religion or the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes. The key element of a successful controversial research paper is finding enough evidence to support your thoughts just like you would do in a position paper. Still, the best research paper topics are those that also offer counter-arguments and opposite opinions to explain the essence of controversy itself. Looking for controversial research topics, remember that you should explore the subject first and provide enough evidence, statistics, and examples. The more information you can explore, the better. Your paper must sound confident and make your audience see your position clearly. read more

Education Research Topics Guide

03 Aug 2021
The main purpose of any education research is to expand the existing scope of knowledge in the field of education and seek the most efficient solutions related to challenges in pedagogy, modern learning, and various teaching practices. It is the best and most scientific way to improve education processes and find new approaches to students. Therefore, correct education research paper topics are always vital for successful research. read more

Mobile vs Desktop Usage in 2022: Mobile takes the lead

13 Jul 2021
The most common stat that people like to talk about is the percentage of their traffic that comes from mobile devices. Let’s have a look at the comparison between 2021 and 2022: read more

Space Heater Safety Tips

05 Jul 2021
read more

List of 70 Accounting Paper Topics for Your Research

25 Jun 2021
Accounting might not sound like the world’s most exciting job, but you’d be surprised just how important it is. Every company worth its salt will need a top-shelf accountant, and to become one, you have to go through the necessary academic process. read more

Research Summary: What Is It, How To Write It, Example, Tips, & More

25 Jun 2021
During your academic career, you are most likely going to have to write a research paper. However, the writing requirements may quickly overwhelm you, especially if it is the first time you have to write one. To prepare the students for what is coming, professors usually give them the assignment to write a summary of a research paper. read more

The Selection of Top Research Topics for Social Work Students

24 Jun 2021
Social work is one of the more interesting subjects you can cover. Researching social work, however, can be pretty laborious, difficult, and time-consuming. read more

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