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Sociology Research Topics Examples and Writing Tips

04 Feb 2020Research Paper Topics

Updated Aug 2021
​Regardless of the course or even major that you are trying to master, you will surely deal with sociology either in your academic or professional life. As a matter of fact, sociology is ubiquitous as there is a bit of it in everything a person does. Modern managers, marketers, scholars, medical workers, politicians, every profession has a certain relation to sociology as it helps them understand them what people want along with tendencies that will prevail in the society. For example, a marketer can define while using sociology where it would be lucrative for a company to sell its products or services. Hence, one should never underestimate sociology.

sociology research topics

Sociology as a science tackles a variety of phenomena that occur in societies worldwide. Finding the right topic for sociology research is quite important, given that you will spend substantial time with it – exploring existing literature on it, researching it, and finally writing your paper.

What is Sociology?

The definition of sociology is quite straightforward, “Sociology is the study of human social relationships and institutions.” It’s one of those sciences with a quite broad field of study. Its primary goal is to shine a light on how human actions and consciousness shape cultural and social structures. It also strives to discover how cultural and social structures shape human actions and consciousness in return.

In fact, sociology is nothing else but a study of society, social relationships patterns, culture, as well as social interaction models. As it has been already mentioned, everything that people do is somehow relevant to sociology, as professional writers from a decent research paper writing service claim. Literary everything that people do can be studied with the sociological input.

Sociological research can be classified as the basis for any other research type. Anyone who wants to pay for research paper on, let’s say history, will find some sociological research incorporated into it. It is impossible to study history, culture, even languages, without paying due attention to sociology.

Research Methods of Sociology

To complete a sociology research paper, you will need to use one of the main research methods of sociology. Which one you pick depends on the topic you choose, existing literature, and your paper requirements. Here are the main research methods of sociology:

  • Social Surveys – this method enables you to gather a lot of useful data from small to large social groups;
  • Statistical Data Analysis – through the use of various statistical methods such as regression and hypothesis testing, you will be able to identify the causes and effects of a certain problem;
  • Interviews – interview enables you to efficiently collect relevant information from actual people to make your research viable;
  • Observations and Participation – this method allows you to collect data by participating in the events with your study subjects or by simply observing them;
  • Ethnography – is a qualitative method that enables you to study belief systems, interactions, perceptions, behavioral patterns, and vision;
  • Longitudinal Studies – the only viable method for prolonged studies that enables you to assess the problem and determine its scope;
  • Review of secondary data sources – collect, read, and analyze the information available in the current researches, papers, and studies.

Tips on How to Choose a Good Topic for Sociology Research

A good topic for sociology research is what makes the difference between a poor and an excellent paper. Choosing a good topic is paramount for your academic success. It implies that you will choose a specific phenomenon or problem to research and spend days and weeks reading about it and studying up close.

Your sociology research topic should inspire you and motivate you to examine the problem, identify the causes, and explain how they contribute to a problem. Writing a research paper is a time-consuming process, and if you are not inspired and motivated, the chances are that it will be anywhere from poorly written to plagiarized. Here is how to choose a good topic:

  • Consider all relevant social issues;
  • See which one of the social issues inspires you;
  • Derive a general topic idea from the social issue you pick;
  • Write down a list of keywords relevant to your topic idea;
  • Search for relevant sources;
  • Seek inspiration in published studies to compose your thesis statement;
  • Ensure your thesis statement is relevant to your topic;
  • Make sure you can use the research method you prefer for the chosen topic;
  • Rinse and repeat until you find a topic that truly inspires you.

Sociology Research Paper Topics

You can always submit a do my research paper for me request online and get some professional help with your writing endeavors. Sociology research topics are aplenty, and there is a whole list of good ideas to write an interesting sociological paper. Social papers writing is easy but it all starts with a proper topic:

  1. Sociological Analysis for Large Families
  2. Children Socialization beyond Families: Pivotal agents
  3. Youth Deviant Behavior Patterns
  4. Police Brutality: Racial Inequality Issues
  5. Healthcare as a Social Establishment: Pivotal Characteristics
  6. Urban Planning and Neighborhood Funding
  7. How Does Class Decides One’s Fate?
  8. Geographical Segregation Due to Social Class
  9. Parenting Styles Differences Due to Social Class
  10. Inequalities as Class Conflict Irritant

Sociology Research Topics for College Students

Every student begins his or her journey through sociological studies while in high school. Nonetheless, it is, namely, in college that the level of social science gets boosted significantly. Here are some sociology research topics for college students:

  1. Media Maturity: How it Impacts the Process of Adolescent Thinking in Teens
  2. Mean Female Teens: Social Competition Patterns that Exist between Young Females
  3. Problems, Issues, and Questions Related to Sociological Research
  4. Medicine as a Social Institution, its Role in the Population’s Well-being
  5. Rock Music: Messages Relayed to Youth
  6. Monitoring Childhood Transformations: Important Factors
  7. Parental Responsibilities: the Sociological Analysis
  8. Modern Teens: Socialization Peculiarities
  9. What is Personal Responsibility for Collective Health?
  10. The Social Need for Psychological and Physical Health Support

Environmental Sociology Research Topics

It goes without saying that sociology research topics and environmental studies are closely related because people have to live in unity with nature. Here are some proper topics for your research paper on environmental sociology:

  1. Animal Rights Movements
  2. Ecological Problems and Eugenics
  3. Economic Development and Environment
  4. Call to Action: We Must Stop Poverty and Violence in Third World Countries
  5. How Organizations Should Function in Demanding Social Environments?
  6. Urban Political Economy and Urban Poverty
  7. Urban Renewal and Redevelopment
  8. Power-Dependence Theory
  9. Catastrophes Consequences in Public Life
  10. Researching Health Social Dimensions.

Social Science Research Topics

You heard it right, folks. Sociology is among the most serious of sciences, and when it comes to writing papers on it, one has to understand that your topic choice may seriously impact one’s paper final quality. Make sure to search for some proper ideas and titles. Here are some of them for you to use:

  1. Ratings and Advanced Technologies: TV trends among youth
  2. Realizing the Interests and Protecting the Freedoms of Children within the Informational Support Realm
  3. How Does Race Inequality Impact on Educational Trends?
  4. Single motherhood: Retrospective perception
  5. Family subcultures
  6. Education Trends among Schools in Low-Income Neighborhoods
  7. The Impact of Celebrities on Social Media and vice versa
  8. Social Movements in the Modern World
  9. Social Networking: New Millennium Phase
  10. Social Statuses and Responsibilities in the Modern World

Social Studies Research Topics

Society is nothing else but a unified system that functions as one. Therefore, researching the matters related to social stratification, as well as life stories of the greatest people history has ever known is important. Here are some social studies research topics for you:

  1. How Do Fiction Bestsellers Impact People’s Tastes?
  2. School Dress Code: How Does It Impact Students’ Behavior?
  3. Is the School Uniform of any Help when It Comes to Developing Students’ Moral Qualities?
  4. Does Book Prices Regulation Have any Impact on the Nationwide Reading Rates?
  5. Healthy Lifestyle: Social Meaning.
  6. An Apple a Day Keeps Doctors Away: Myths and Facts about Healthy Lifestyle.
  7. Morality and Ethics: Modern Society Vision.
  8. How Social Media Impact One’s Driving?
  9. Preventing Drug/alcohol Addiction.
  10. Standartised Tests as Self-esteem Killers.

Medical Sociology Research Topics

There is no person who can deny the fact that sociology is interrelated with medicine. Healthcare is one of the most important social factors of well-being in any country in the world. Here comes the list of some proper medical sociology research topics for you:

  1. Communicable Diseases in Populations
  2. Promotion of Health: Importance, Value, Meaning
  3. Health Care Systems Management
  4. Conceptualization of Health and Illness
  5. Study of Their Measurement and Social Distribution
  6. Explanation of Patterns of Health and Illness
  7. Origins and Definitions of the Field
  8. Theories of Medical Professions
  9. Behavioral Patterns and Psychological Health
  10. The Relation between Sociology and Medicine: Historical Approach

Social Issues Research Topics

Unfortunately, this world is still filled with problems to be addressed with immediate effect, and writing research papers about them is the first step to be taken.

  1. Why do Teenagers often Have Difficulties with Self-identification?
  2. The Interrelation between Race and Police Brutality
  3. Class Inequality as Pivotal Causative Factor of Conflicts
  4. Maturity versus Media: Are Teens Pressured to Mature as Fast as their Favorite Stars?
  5. Young Men from Incomplete Families: Socialization as a Challenge
  6. Euthanasia from a Sociological Point of View
  7. Voluntary/forced Childlessness as a Social Phenomenon
  8. Health and Illness Prestige among Young People
  9. Personal or the Collective Responsibility for Health, Society, Well-being?
  10. Healthcare System Organization: Legislation Review

Social Problem Research Topics

It should be acknowledged that the modern world is bursting with problems that only sociology can explain.

  1. Dealing with the Social Pressure: Professional vs Family Life among Women
  2. Intrafamily Relations Construction
  3. The Interrelation between Culture and Race: the Modern Perspective
  4. Cyber Bullying in the Modern World
  5. Single-parent Families and Disciplinary Patterns
  6. Ethics-based Health Care System: Myth or Reality?
  7. The Rising Popularity of Extreme Sports and What Does It Say about Society We Live In?
  8. Marriage Success Factors
  9. The Place of Family in the Modern Youth’s Value Orientations System
  10. Families after Divorce: Child-parent Relationship Specifics

Interesting Sociology Research Topics

To say that Sociology is a broad field would be an understatement. It’s the science of people, civilizations, communities – basically anything and everything that makes us human. With that in mind, there are more topics that you can cover than you can ever imagine – so we’ll help you imagine a few.

Here are ten of the most interesting sociology research paper topics that we have come up with:

  1. Sociological Viewpoint on Euthanasia: The Main Issues
  2. Inequality in Access to High Education Among Different Social Classes
  3. How are Social Norms Formed and What Influences Their Formation
  4. Should the Legal Drinking Age be Lowered
  5. The Primary Reasons Why Some Social Groups Exhibit Deviant Behavior Frequently Than Others
  6. Exploring the Social Norms in the Word of Online Games
  7. The Repercussions of Being Successful and Popular at School
  8. Pets in Schools? Should Students be Allowed to Bring in Their Pets?
  9. Should the U.S. Enact More Gun Control Laws
  10. Exploring Pros and Cons of Punishment as a Way to Stop Deviant Behavior

Sociology of Nationality and Race

Nationality and Race have been in the media now more than ever before – they’re trending topics at this point. Another thing to remember is that while nationality and race are closely entwined with sociology, the controversial nature of touching upon these kinds of topics might be tricky.

To save you from making a mistake without knowing you’ve made a mistake, we advise you to stick to the people pleasers in regards to nationality and race research papers in the field of sociology, such as:

  1. Digging Deep Into the National and Racial Tensions of Modern Day North America
  2. What Do Race, Culture, and Nationality Mean for a Group of Individuals?
  3. Different Nationalities and Different Perspectives. How Your Nationality Might Dictate Who You Are
  4. Racial Discrimination in the Modern Day Healthcare System in the United States
  5. Multiculturalism, Ethnic Tensions, and the Refugee Crisis: the Europe of Tomorrow
  6. Race-based Social Circles: How Much Does Race Affect One as Part of a Collective
  7. “Going About With Your Own Kind” and the Other Nasty Stereotypes That Affect Ethnic Communities
  8. Race-based Collectivism – Just How Much Do People of the Same Race
  9. Racism in the Digital Age: the Surprising Multicultural Background of Internet Racist Communities
  10. Minority Groups and Why Their Perspective Is Usually Different Than That of Other Larger Racial, National, or Ethnic Groups

Easy Sociology Research Topics

Not everything in the world of academia has to be laborious, boring, or extravagant. Remember, the best thing you can produce is a research paper that’s simple and concise. Sometimes, a brand new pair of eyes and new brains tend to provide new perspectives on age-old theories – so you might want to consider sticking to the classics and working on an easy sociology topic.

Just because the topic itself is easy doesn’t in any way mean that creating a paper will be straightforward, just that the information is readily available and pretty easy to source – it’s about what you do with it that matters. Keeping up with our rhythm, here are ten very easy sociology research topics that you can use.

  1. Technology and Social Interactions: a Match Made in Heaven or Witches Brew from Hell
  2. Why Do People From All Across the World Unite Under One Banner Without Even Knowing the Situation
  3. Wanting to Fit In With the Collective and How It’s Destroying Individualism
  4. Company Policies and Their Negative Impact on Labor Movements and Worker Collectives
  5. Why Is Smashing the Stereotype So Difficult in First World Countries?
  6. Modern Day Apartheid in the Us and “Block-by-Block” Racial Segregation
  7. The Public Housing Crisis and How Its Affecting Minorities All Across the United States
  8. Socioeconomic Factors That Play Into the Development of Different Demographics
  9. How Is the Need for Rebellion and Disobeying the Rules in Expressed in the 21 Century
  10. Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘N’ Roll In the Lockdown: How Restrictions Changed the Rules

Sociology Research Topics on Human Rights

Keeping in tune with our controversial topic nature, here come human rights. If there were a topic specifically created for sociology, it would likely be human rights. Human rights are a highly controversial topic, however, so make sure to tread lightly and not go too deep down the rabbit hole, as it just might lead you down a very dark path.

In essence, human rights are a broadly explored topic in all kinds of human studies – but sociology is where they come to shine. If you want your human rights paper to shine, you’ll want to take a look at our top ten topics on human rights from a sociologist’s point of view.

  1. Blatant Human Rights Violations and Why Global Superpowers Tend to Turn a Blind Eye
  2. Human Rights and Why Not Everyone Gets Their Fair Share: a Comparison Between the Past and the Present
  3. Can an Individual Give Up Their Basic Human Rights by Committing Inhumane Acts?
  4. Defining the Full Prospect of Human Rights and What That Means for the Future of Humanity
  5. Are Human Rights Set in Stone, or Are They Flexible?
  6. Being Disabled Is the Latest Fad in Youth Culture. Why Do People Fake and Self-Diagnose Disabilities
  7. A Modern, Regressive Plague of Ableism and Discrimination of People With Disabilites
  8. How Universalism Is Changing Perspectives on Basic Human Rights
  9. Human Rights or Human Luxuries. How Money Makes People More Equal Than Others in the Modern Developed World
  10. The Dehumanizing Truth About Human Rights Violations in Underdeveloped Regions of the World

Sociology Research Topics on Stereotypes

Stereotypes are yet another controversial topic on our list. It seems that anything that has to do with interpersonal, individual, and collective human relationships can be considered controversial. Considering that sociology is science centered around exploring humans, their actions, as well as their connections – it’s that you’ll come across common critiques.

Race-based stereotypes, profession-based stereotypes, interest-based stereotypes – they all exist, and to a very small degree, they’re all true. This is not to say that the tiny slither of truth behind every stereotype justifies sweeping generalizations.

In essence, stereotypes are a nasty way to categorize people and assume who they are as a person just because of one of their traits. Stereotypes were insanely popular back in the day, and they still persist, which begs more than a couple of questions and topics. Here are our top ten picks:

  1. Are Stereotypes Actually True, and if So, Just How Much Truth Is in Them?
  2. How Stereotypes of the Past Are Hurting the Generations of the Future
  3. Stereotyping and Why It’s One of the Most Dangerous Tools Often Used in Manipulation
  4. Embracing or Defeating Stereotypes: Why Do So Many Young People Go With the Former?
  5. Are All Stereotypes Inherently Nasty and Harmful?
  6. Stereotypes and Sexuality: How the Modern LGBTQ Movement Moved to Break the Stereotypes Surrounding Them
  7. Race, Sex, or Sexuality – Which One Is More Prone to Stereotyping and Why?
  8. Are Stereotypes Something to Joke Around With or Are They Actually Harmful, and if So, Why?
  9. How Some Stereotypes Define the Organic Development Within Smaller Communities
  10. Stereotypes and Their Decreasing Role in Pop Culture; From MTVs “Stereotypes Song” to MTVs “Equality PSAs”

Sociology of Gender

Genders have mostly remained stable for the entirety of human existence, with genders reflecting biological sex for the most part. These days, however, the situation is far, far different.

There are more genders than you can imagine. The close tie between biological sex and gender has been severed in favor of more progressive ideas – such as that of gender being a spectrum rather than a definitive trait.

With all the new genders coming out every day, it’s important to take a look at what this means for our modern society, and what better way to do so than with a top-tier research paper.

Worry not – we’ve got you covered. Here are ten outstanding gender sociology research paper ideas that you can use.

  1. Hot Boy Summer and Hot Girl Summer – How Genders Are Portrayed Differently in Modern Consumer Media
  2. Is Gender Really Just a Broad Spectrum or Is It a Tool to Express One’s Individuality
  3. Why People Are Inventing New Genders Out of the Blue, and Why Do Others Adhere to Them
  4. The Polar Opposite Gender-on-Gender Perspectives Based on Region and Religion
  5. Girls Night Out and Boys Night Out: How and Why Are the Two So Different?
  6. Equality in the Modern Workforce or a Brand New Way to Discriminate
  7. Is the World Really Becoming More Tolerant and Open to New Genders, or Is It Just Pretending to Do So?
  8. What We’re All Thinking but None of Us Are Saying – How Many Genders Are Actually Out There?
  9. The Pylon That Is Pronouns and How to Use Them Properly Without Stepping on Any Toes
  10. Deadnaming and Other Harmful Practises Used Against People Who’ve Changed Their Gender

Educational Sociology Research Topics

Education is one of the most exciting things that you can partake in life. At least on the most basic level, formal education is enforced as an obligation rather than a choice all around the world. However, you’ll have to consider that many people have either no education or are just educated in a way that is marginally different from yours.

People think farming turned humans from sentient simians into apex predators, but it’s most definitely an education. Without education, we wouldn’t have all of the things that make modern life way better, easier, and more resourceful than it ever was.

To explore the prospect of getting a proper education, who should consider getting one, and who is getting a better education than most – here are our top ten educational sociology research topics.

  1. How Your Brawn Defines Your Brain, a Brief Overview of the Role That Courage Plays in Education
  2. Philosophies of the Past That Still Reside in the Present, and How They Are Reshaping the Education of the Future
  3. Socioeconomic Differences and How They Affect Education in the Modern Day Us
  4. Will Technology Root Out the Jobs of Educations Specialists Around the World
  5. Why Do Different Countries Teach Students a Different Version of the Same Event
  6. The Tricky Tackle of Creating a Global Education System and Why It’s Near Impossible to Do So
  7. Does Everyone in the World Deserve a Proper Education?
  8. The New Normal in Education | How Online Courses and Classes Are Changing the Way We Learn and Engage With Each Other
  9. Not Knowing What to Do or Pursuing a Passion | Why Are So Many Individuals Seeking Higher Education With the Intent to Flunk?
  10. Is It Really Never Too Late to Get a Proper Education, and if So, Where Do We Place the Cut-off?

Food Sociology Research Topics

Food isn’t a fad. Eating food is one of the most basic human instincts that we have. People need food to survive, and we’ve found ways to make food fashionable, appealing, and attractive – which has led to things such as reimagining old recipes, making household names out of the world’s best chefs, and taking your kitchen to the next level.

Historically, we’ve evolved most likely because of our diet, but from a human standpoint, sharing or preparing a meal with or for someone carries significant importance. So, let's take a glance at some of the more interesting sociology topics from the world of food and beverage.

  1. The Food Fad and Why It’s Turning People From Faux Home Cooks Into Restaurant Ready Chefs
  2. Why Are Food Related Reality Television Series So Popular Nowadays?
  3. Exploring the World of Food and How Sharing a Meal Might Have Lead To the First Communities Forming
  4. Binding With Your Significant Other Through Wining and Dining
  5. Is the Fastest Way to a Person’s Heart Really Through Their Stomach? What Goes on When Lovebirds Share a Meal
  6. Why Sharing a Meal With Someone Is a Great Way to Make New Friends
  7. Why Do Different Cultures Have a Different Approach to Food
  8. Exploring Exotic Cuisines Around the World – Why They Might Not Taste as Good as We’d Like Them To
  9. You Can’t Eat That! |Exploring the Cultural and Regional Bans Placed on Certain Types of Food
  10. From TV Dinners to Home Cooked Meals: How Food Is One of Our Most Defining Traits

Social Research Topics on Family

There is nothing more important than family because it is the place where all sociological processes start. Here are some topics to write about families in sociology research papers:

  1. Social Parenthood as a Phenomenon of Modern Society
  2. Family Structural Assessment
  3. Internal Family Dynamics Structure
  4. Systematic Analysis: Family Of Origin
  5. Family in the System of Value Orientations of Modern Youth
  6. Calgary Family Assessment Model
  7. Crazy Family By The Movie, Parenthood: Story Of My Family
  8. Nuclear Family Decline: Modern Types Of Family
  9. Universal processes: Family as an Object and Subject
  10. The Dysfunctional Family Theories


If you want to find a great research paper topic for your next seminar paper or for a homework assignment, we’re delighted to say that we’ve provided a total of eighty different topics in eight fields of Sociology, all of which you are free to use.

Students are already under lots of pressure, and it’s important to take some weight off their shoulders. Remember, if the topic you’re covering is dull, no matter how well-written the content is, it’s going to be dull as well.

Choose a topic, or better yet, contact us over at Study Clerk to write your research paper for you! We’re staffed with industry-leading experts that are more than prepared to write an original research paper in no time at all.

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