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The Selection of Top Research Topics for Social Work Students

24 Jun 2021Research Paper Topics

Social work is one of the more interesting subjects you can cover. Researching social work, however, can be pretty laborious, difficult, and time-consuming.

A good piece of social work research is a multi-layered process. From reading up on your topic to conducting a study or investigation into your subject matter based on a scientific method – doing extensive research is challenging to say the least. Another thing that will heavily influence the difficulty of your social work research is the topic you pick, so you must select one that you’re comfortable with and that you can execute properly.

Social Work Research Topics

More than a few individuals and companies write papers for money, but if you want to do it on your own, you’ll need to do a lot of research beforehand. For that reason, we’ll cover social work research topics, explain what features go into creating a top social work research paper, as well as list some unique social work topics that you can use in your next research paper.

What Makes a Good Social Work Research Topic

A good research topic will be hard to come by, as innovation gets more difficult the more it’s practiced. As an academic field continues to evolve, the backdrop of “already been done before” topics grows, so you need to pay attention to what you’re doing. In essence, it’s not necessarily about the topic itself – it’s how you address the subject and how you expand upon the chosen direction that makes it count.

Be that as it may, a good set of social worker research topics will always have a set of features that define it, the most prominent of which are:

  • Compelling Subject Matter
    The subject matter of your paper is half of the job. As long as you pick a good, original, and exciting subject matter, you can build your research paper from there with ease. Controversy is a fickle thing, but it can make great research topics for social work students if executed properly.
  • Backed by Studies
    A good social research topic should always be backed by one or more published and accepted studies.
  • Theory and Practise
    Every top-tier research paper in social work will need to be composed of a combination of theoretical and practical research.
  • Editing and Proofreading
    Regardless of topic and subject, every research paper will have to be proofread, edited, and free of any grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Proper Formatting
    A top-tier research paper will always need to be segmented and organized in a predetermined format. The academic institution usually recommends the format, with the most common one being the 5-paragraph structure.

Now, while this might seem a bit laborious, intensive, and quite frankly, boring – it’s necessary if you want to write a cutting-edge research paper. Research papers are one of the most important things in the life of an average student, and if you don’t pay a lot of attention to how they wind up, they might wind up harming your academic career.

Now, of course, you can always opt to pay for a research paper, but unless you know who you’re soliciting services from, it might not be the best idea.

There are many websites, freelancers, and services that are more than happy to help you with your research paper for a small fee, and in some cases, this solicitation can produce outstanding results. In others, it can make you lose a lot of time and money to get a shoddy research paper, so make sure to do extensive research before you outsource your research paper writing to anyone.

Where Can You Find Perfect Topics?

Finding the perfect topics is challenging. While the internet is crawling with pages filled to the brim with social work research topics list, most of them are vague, seen-before, and simply drab.

It’s always best to come up with your research topics – you can gain inspiration from looking at some of the options available on websites. Some of the best ways to come up with a fantastic topic are:

  1. Take inspiration from existing topics
  2. Reforge existing topics into something original
  3. Take a unique spin on well-known topics
  4. Research from a foreign perspective (might be exceptionally useful for political science research topics)
  5. Don’t be afraid of controversy
  6. Value objectivity over subjective research
  7. Do extensive research before you choose a topic

In essence, students can find inspiration for topics all around them. We live in a digital age, and readily available topics are abundant at your disposal – all it takes is a quick Google search.

List of Social Work Research Topics Ideas

If you’re not one for doing a lot of research to find the perfect topic, don’t worry, we have you covered. Below, we’ll list seventy fantastic and original social work research topic ideas across five different categories that you can use for your next paper.

Social Work Research Topics for College Students

  1. How Addiction Is Changing the Modern World
  2. Elder Abuse in the USA: Are We Caring for Our Forefathers?
  3. Homosexuality and Its Influence on Modern Culture: the Gay of Today
  4. Deadnaming, Misgendering, and Whether Gender Is a Definitive or a Spectrum
  5. Invasive and Passive Interventions – Which Ones and Why
  6. The Gender Pay Gap: How Real Is It in Modern-Day the USA?
  7. Domestic Abuse: How Men Cope With Abuse
  8. Rape and Its Effect on Human Development
  9. How Society Treats Its Most Vulnerable Inhabitants
  10. Breaking Stigmas and Taboo Topics: the Naturalization of Human Needs
  11. Is Modern Music a Gateway to Drug Abuse?
  12. Sexual Preferences or Political Correctness: How the Modern World Is Changing Our Most Basic Instincts
  13. Why Do Men and Women Kill Themselves in Different Ways?
  14. Demystifying Drug Abuse: How the Stigma Makes It Worse
  15. Why Is It so Hard for Addicts to Come to Terms With Their Addiction?

Interesting Research Topics in Social Work

  1. Honey and Heroin – Why Are We So Attracted to Decadence?
  2. Discrimination in the LGBTQ+ Community
  3. Discrimination Against Mentally Ill Individuals
  4. Socially Inept or Mentally Ill: Exploring the World of Simps and Incels
  5. How Memes Change Dreams
  6. Can Addiction Be Cured or Is It Just a Case of Permanent Treatment
  7. The Willpower Required to Make a Change and How to Get It
  8. Why Is It so Hard to Adapt to Innovation
  9. The Consumer Habits That Change Perception
  10. Late-Stage Capitalism and Its Influence on Young Adults
  11. Social Media Platforms and Why They Make Us Less Social
  12. Mentorships and How They Improve Education
  13. Challenges Faced by Students in Impoverished Countries
  14. Is Stress a Motivational or Destructive Force?
  15. Rampant Depression Among Teens in First World Countries
  16. The Reemergence of Religion and How It Shapes Young Adults

Controversial Research Topics for Social Work Students

  1. Child Killers and Their Hovels on the Deep Web
  2. What Creates Monsters, Society or Psychology?
  3. Exploring the Family Lives of Known Pedophiles
  4. Challenges Faced by Social Workers Who Deal With Victims of Sex Trafficking
  5. Kiss but Don’t Tell: How Predators Silence Their Victims
  6. Retards, Kretens, Imbeciles, and Morons: Why Are Medical Terms Misused as Slurs?
  7. Group Therapy or Individual Therapy: Which One Is Better and Why?
  8. Roleplaying as a Gateway to Decadence and Abuse
  9. How Do Parents of Mentally Impaired Children Feel?
  10. The Social Ostracization of Orphans
  11. Where Do Rapists and Child Abusers Draw the Line?
  12. Are Victims of Abuse More Likely to Abuse Others?
  13. Rehabilitation or Retribution: What Do Prisoners Do When They Get Out?
  14. Are Countries Polluting the Youth That Resides in Them?

Human Services Research Paper Topic

  1. Family Therapy and How It Changes the World for People
  2. How Changing Perspectives and Breaking Habits Works
  3. The Improvements in the Us Foster System
  4. The Socioeconomic Disparity and How It Affects the Elderly
  5. Cultural Differences and How They Affect Seeking Help
  6. Why Do People Come Together Under the Same Banner
  7. Common Ideas and Indoctrination: the Collectivisation of Individualism
  8. Delicate Ways of Treating Pregnancy: How Hormones Change Perspectives
  9. Postpartum Depression and How to Help Your Partner
  10. Why Forcing Someone to Get Help Seldom Works

Top Research Topic in Social Work

  1. Defund the Police: de-Escalation of Dangerous Situations Using Social Workers
  2. For the Skeptic in All of Us: Does Therapy Work?
  3. Recovery or Relapse: Why Therapy Works for Some, but Not Others
  4. Mindfulness and Its Importance in the Process of Recovery.
  5. Exploring Group Concurrence: What It Means and How It Works
  6. Defining the Familiarity Principle and the Exposure Effect
  7. Learning Hierarchy and Trusting Authority in Victims of Abuse
  8. Group Self-Identification: the World of Collective Individualism
  9. True Freedom: Using Yoga to Help Rehabilitate Inmates
  10. Breaking the Shackles: How The US Prison System Changes People
  11. Spite or Ignorance: Why Do People Behave Mean Online?
  12. The Social Norm Difference Between the Digital World and the Real World
  13. Pornography and How It’s Changing Intimacy in Young Adults
  14. Exploring How People Change Their Worldview as They Get Older
  15. Racism and Ignorance Older People: Why Are Some Elderly People so Judgemental?

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