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Proposal Essay Topics And Ideas for Students

18 Dec 2021Essay Topics

What Is A Proposal Essay?

When you have to write a proposal essay, it is essential to understand that it is not like a proposal to become a nurse in the future or a wedding proposal. It is also not exactly the same thing as a research paper proposal. The reasoning here is to provide a certain problem or pose an argument that highlights some issue or phenomenon. Your proposal must meet various challenges and address the questions that are often posed by the sceptics. For example, if you believe that school uniforms lead to equality, you must provide an extensive research where both cons and pros are explored. While you may have a certain bias towards your solution, it is vital to provide arguments and information that would support your opinion with the facts.

proposal essay topics

How To Write A Proposal Essay? 

Before you choose proposal essay topics by narrowing things down a little bit, do your best to define a problem by using several sentences. Imagine that you are talking to a good friend and want to tell them about a great idea that you would like to explore. The next element to consider is a workable, realistic solution that will fit the problem. It can be an assumption or even a case study that you would like to include. It will also be helpful to add analysis with an explanation of why your solution is the most efficient. 

Summing things up, we should have: 

  • An introduction with a thesis statement.
  • Proposal of a great solution. 
  • Post-analysis with an explanation. 

If it all sounds way too challenging, you can approach a trained essay maker and address all the issues that you may have. Remember that structure should always come first. That it is recommended to have three key elements where you pose a problem, solve it, and explain why it should work! 

100 Best Proposal Essay Topics And Ideas 

- Proposal Argument Topics 

The purpose here is to present some argumentation that is already contained in your proposal. For example, you believe that there is not enough coverage about electronic waste issues in China. It can be a proposal topic for your essay. As long as you have some strong points in your topic for a proposal essay, it will work. 

  1. The benefits of green energy and the correct use of water resources. 
  2. The use of school uniforms as a way to achieve equality. 
  3. The challenges of electronic waste in Asian countries and the lack of media coverage. 
  4. The use of body cameras as a way to analyze police violence. 
  5. The use of celebrities for the Covid-19 vaccination purposes. 
  6. Social networks like Instagram must be used for design purposes. 
  7. Cyberbullying must be fought with the help of youth influencers. 
  8. Cultural campaigns as the way to increase international cooperation. 
  9. Unification in the real estate business in the United States. 
  10. AI-based technologies to create equity in the business environment. 
  11. College paper revisions as the pre-examination solutions. 
  12. Volunteering is the safest way for students to boost their social skills. 
  13. The reasons why boarding schools still have a place to be. 
  14. Startups as the way to deal with student college debts. 
  15. The benefits of spiritual education in schools and colleges. 
  16. College mental help centers must expand their responsibilities. 
  17. Playing video games helps to expand cognitive functions. 
  18. Students must focus on learning financial management basics while at college. 
  19. Promotion of subcultures and cooperation must be a part of modern education. 
  20. The negative consequences of fashion shows for minors. 

- Proposal Essay Topics

When you have to provide a proposal essay topic, ask yourself a question and think about why something matters or what problem can be addressed. It will help you narrow things down. Below are some topic proposal ideas to consider: 

  1. Why should parents participate in educational process of their children? 
  2. The reasons why students should be involved in politics. 
  3. Why the use of group projects helps to improve social skills. 
  4. Sports can help prevent depression among college students. 
  5. The use of social media to find better internships. 
  6. Turning to community colleges is a safer option for modern education. 
  7. Why has remote learning appeared too challenging for students? 
  8. Is governmental control for social media acceptable? 
  9. Peer pressure and the negative body image among teenagers. 
  10.  How has the Internet affected our understanding of friendship and care? 
  11.  Why does a plethora of information lead to our lack of social empathy? 
  12.  National identity challenges must be studied as a separate subject. 
  13.  Why watching historical movies can help students learn better? 
  14.  The negative effects of caffeine and the modern culture of coffee. 
  15.  Why does education and technology not always work well? 
  16.  How can soft skills help us achieve a better employment position? 
  17.  Online identity theft: why calling the police immediately is the way to go? 
  18.  Children with learning disabilities embrace remote learning in a better way. 
  19.  How can volunteering help to address procrastination issues? 
  20.  Violent video games lead to an increased crime rate. 

- Proposal Essay Topics For College Students 

Some topics are more suitable for college students. The trick here is to focus on something that you can relate to as a college learner. See these proposal paper ideas below for inspiration: 

  1. Liberal education must be mixed with various technical subjects. 
  2. The college examination system must be upgraded to include diversity. 
  3. The effects of racial prejudice on college students. 
  4. Should teachers be allowed to interact with students beyond the curriculum for academic purposes? 
  5. The challenges of college suicide prevention centers? 
  6. How can social projects help students add something valuable to their CVs? 
  7. The challenges of exchange students in the United Students. 
  8. Dealing with college studies as a single young parent. 
  9. How does the U.S. government help students with disabilities? 
  10.  The importance of scholarships for college students. 
  11.  Why is learning beyond the course materials important?
  12.  School bias problem in the United States? 
  13.  Why can joining student clubs be obligatory in certain cases? 
  14.  How should one deal with substance abuse while at college? 
  15.  Why does living on campus help to develop one’s communication skills? 
  16.  The lack of emotional belonging and remote education. 
  17.  How have psychological issues been addressed during Covid-19 times? 
  18. The importance of music for college students. 
  19.  How has the culture of college parties changed during the last decade? 
  20.  Why is the use of social media for research purposes more important than ever? 

- Proposal Solution Essay Topics 

When your grading rubric mentions a proposal solution essay writing, it means that your main thesis should offer a solution. For example, you can state that reducing the online time that children spend online can improve their sleep patterns. It should be a problem with a solution already in the “punch line” of your subject. Just like with proposal argument essay topics seen before, you should not forget about defining your problem to match it with a solution. 

  1. The use of electric vehicles can help reduce emissions. 
  2. The technology gap among the elderly can be reduced with the help of teenagers. 
  3. Cyberbullying can be decreased with the help of IT patrols implemented in every school and college. 
  4. The use of pets in education can help children with autism learn better. 
  5. College sports must be made obligatory to help address the weight problems. 
  6. The use of AI-based grammar checking will help improve literacy. 
  7. The presence of two professors during the lecture can help increase learning individuality. 
  8. Social projects and volunteering should be used as a way to address college debt problems. 
  9. Parent clubs are the most efficient solutions to help students feel that they belong to the educational process. 
  10.  The benefits of the Montessori education system for learning basic life skills. 
  11.  The use of social media reminders is a way to help the youngster learn about personal safety. 
  12.  Educators must become involved in video games development to address engineering concepts for learning purposes. 
  13.  The use of TEDx videos must be made a part of an educational curriculum to explain technical aspects of various disciplines. 
  14.  TV advertisements as motivational films for social engagement. 
  15.  Allowing students to become involved in politics, we address social responsibility. 
  16.  Video presentations as the way to gain entrepreneur skills. 
  17.  Guest lectures and video blogging to bring life to complex subjects. 
  18.  International cooperation among the schools is the best way to focus on cultural development. 
  19.  The use of technology and the limitation of smartphones in schools: the trick of clever substitution. 
  20.  Mental help involvement and the use of student volunteering groups for improvement of the overall environment. 

- Research Proposals Ideas 

As a rule, one may start with research proposals for more serious projects. See these examples and remember to cite your sources to avoid plagiarism issues: 

  1. The negative effect of mobile networks on minors and their healthy development. 
  2. How have the oceans changed during the last two decades? 
  3. Life of the Royals and the British society’s outlooks during the 1940s. 
  4. The most common challenges faced by students during pandemic times. 
  5. The ways children learn about their fears and the ways to overcome them. 
  6. The negative gender bias in the workplace and the equality campaigns. 
  7. The use of medical concepts in TV series and the dangers that follow. 
  8. Why is studying and traveling still possible and what are the health benefits? 
  9. The history of yoga and meditation and why it is helpful for college students. 
  10.  The use of AI-based technologies for employment screening purposes. 
  11.  Social media influencers: can they be considered journalists? 
  12.  The changes that have happened to online communities since 2000. 
  13.  Intellectual property protection online is hardly possible these days: the legislation overview. 
  14. The legal side of cloud storage of sensitive information. 
  15.  The tribal practices of the Native Americans in Montana. 
  16.  The community aspect of famous colleges: more than just a brand. 
  17.  Fashion industry challenges and the negative perception of body image. 
  18.  Psychological effects of racial prejudice on college students. 
  19.  The teacher’s involvement in the lives of students: the borderline. 
  20.  Workplace safety: the creation of online alerts and notifications. 

Remember that these are only the starting points and you can and should explore more essay proposals by turning to our helpful examples. Let your creativity flow, see what is trending, and explore the solutions! 

How To Make Proposal Essay Work?

While there is no universal formula to make things perfect right away as our college and school professors may have their opinions, it is always possible to get help with essay and check on things like grammar, structure, and plagiarism risks. Moreover, an expert will always help you correct the wording in your topic and provide you with excellent sources. If you are running out of time or feel stuck, let us handle your proposal essay task and help you earn the best grades!

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