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List of Best Political Science Research Topics

04 Feb 2020Research Paper Topics

Whenever one questions the most important of disciplines to be studied today, it goes without saying that political science resides somewhere at the top of that list because nowadays the tensions are rising, so understanding what is going on in the world is a must not only for experts but also for an average person. If you wonder where to start this amazing journey choosing a topic that you would be interested to write about would be a great decision.

Interesting Political Science Research Topics

Political Science Research Topics

If you wonder how learning something so gruesome and serious as political science can be interesting, you should, probably, learn more about how researchable and fascinating even an ordinary topic might be. If you lack ideas, you can always get some research paper help and have your paper written for you.

It is always a good decision to get some help with your paper even if you want to write it by yourself. To begin with, make sure that you have found some proper political science research topics. Here comes a list that you can use:

  1. Can nationalism be classified as a proper school of leaders in history?
  2. 20th-century politics and Karl Marx.
  3. How technologies impact voting processes?
  4. Is modern political culture dependent upon technology?
  5. Fascism and its faces before and after World War II.
  6. Electoral reforms: how effective they are when it comes to establishing free election institutions?
  7. How American foreign policies have affected European politics of the 20th century?
  8. Modern politics and environmental struggles.
  9. Modernization of global politics in the 21st century.
  10. Voting process alternation by technology.

Empirical Research Paper Topics

If you want to write a good research paper, you should definitely embark upon writing an empirical research paper, as there is no way to object empirical evidence. If you find it hard to find proper empirical evidence, remember that you can always find a research paper for sale and have it written for you.

  1. Why experimental research is important in today’s political science?
  2. A realist approach to Russian foreign policy.
  3. Analyzing the Geneva Convention in regards to refugee rights.
  4. Educational inequalities in China or how governmental policies impact Chinese children?
  5. What is civil society?
  6. How do civil wars emerge?
  7. How the United States Constitution would have looked like if the Founding Fathers had modern technologies?
  8. Civil societies and modern politics.
  9. Social media as a new public administration instrument.
  10. Role of anarchism within the public administration system.

Comparative Politics Research Paper Topics

There is always a lot to compare when it comes to talking about politics. So, here are some topics that you might fancy writing about.

  1. Abraham Lincoln’s Lyceum Address in comparison to modern political speeches.
  2. How Segregation could have looked like without Supreme Court?
  3. American Commercial Films and Political Messages Conveyed.
  4. China versus America: New economic battle.
  5. Democracy Laboratories of Contemporary Federalism: a comparative approach.
  6. Crime TV-shows: their impact upon law misinterpretation.
  7. America and Australia: how education policies differ?
  8. Nationalism in comparison to other philosophies.
  9. Female education in Afghanistan: a comparative review.
  10. Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism

Government Research Paper Topics

American Government has always been changing a game-changer international arena. Writing a research paper about it or other leading governments of the world is always a good idea.

  1. Public relations of American Government and their role in its success.
  2. Bush and Clinton war doctrines.
  3. Why France go hard on its immigration policies?
  4. American Presidential Election 2008: Biased depiction of female politicians in mass media.
  5. Role of old bureaucratic processes in modern America.
  6. How American democracy is shaped?
  7. American elections: using propaganda to achieve the result needed.
  8. How power is balanced between institutions of authority in America.
  9. European Crisis: Germany’s role.
  10. Is Guatemala reviving after its conflict?

American Politics Research Paper Topics

There is always a lot of interesting things going on in American politics. Hence, there is always a lot to write about.

  1. What are the principles of building the neoteric American democracy?
  2. What will prevail in liberalism or idealism?
  3. American Government and climate change.
  4. Institutionalism as an instrument of American public management scientists.
  5. The United States and the Middle East: How the future looks like?
  6. Marriage equality in America under local political pressure.
  7. Democratic ideas that shape America today.
  8. American Civil War: its impact on modern governments.
  9. Are American parties weak in comparison to their 1960s predecessors?
  10. Democrats versus Republicans: a primordial battle or a fight for prevalence of law?

International Relations Research Topics

The things that are happening in the international arena today cannot go unnoticed and will definitely have consequences for international politics in the nearest future. Here are some topics to consider:

  1. How Syria ended up between two political fronts?
  2. Russian aggression against Ukraine. What causes and lets Russia to disregard and disobeyed the norms of international law?
  3. Why is president Putin holding tight to his chair?
  4. China as the new overlord of the 21st century.
  5. How the 2019 protests in Paris will shape the future of France?
  6. Mexico and the problem of illegal immigrants?
  7. Brexit is over. What is the next step for Great Britain?
  8. How Europe is going to fare without a founding member?
  9. Syrian refugees and Donald Trump: who is right?
  10. Will Britain manage to retain its unity after Brexit?

Public Administration Research Topics

There are copious examples regarding how public administration is an integral component of any political system. So, writing about it might be a good idea to impress your professor.

  1. Legal decisions and their effect on public interests.
  2. Public administration. Is it founded on statistics?
  3. Legal ethics under democratic pressure.
  4. Public administration as a diversity management tool.
  5. Political science and public administration: a unity or a war?
  6. How public administration helps governments remain accountable?
  7. Domestic affairs and public administration.
  8. Urban budget management principles.
  9. Modern technologies in public administration.
  10. Public administration and its role in defining people’s needs.

Public Policy Research Paper Topics

Any political decision adopted must serve the public. Thereafter, there is no way one can run away from writing a public policy research paper.

  1. How criticism shapes public policies?
  2. How federal and state bureaucracies differ?
  3. Which role does ethics play in political decisions?
  4. Humanity and politics. Is there any relation?
  5. The most important roles in fiscal administration.
  6. Public analysis and assessment performance strategies.
  7. How the process of spending budget establishment looks like.
  8. Target culture in American governmental organizations.
  9. Public management technologies.
  10. The role of local government in the country management.


Every time when someone thinks of politics, people tend to think that this is some rocket science. Sure enough, it is an intricate world of systems, relations, and tensions, but those who understand how it works find it considerably easier to live in this world. Nowadays, there is a need to learn political science because the world is gradually moving towards the state of full submersion into politics. Hence, researching some proper topics might a good cornerstone for your foundation of political wisdom.

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