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Persuasive Essay Topics for Efficient and Creative Writing

03 Oct 2021Essay Topics

Persuasive essay topics have become an increasingly popular choice among teachers and students, which is why it’s very likely for you to receive a similar task. But, maybe your teacher didn’t provide you with a list of topics, and you’re free to write just about anything.

Although having the freedom to write about anything is great, choosing only one topic from so many possibilities can be extremely difficult. So, you might need some help with essay writing along the way.

This is what we’re here for. In this article, you’ll find over 100 persuasive essay ideas you can use for your writing task.

persuasive essay topics

How to Choose Persuasive Essay Topics

The purpose of a persuasive essay is to persuade the readers to agree with you on an argument that’s being discussed.

To successfully convince the readership, you must choose a topic you’re well informed about. That way, it’ll be much easier for you to come up with viable arguments and strong evidence that’ll support your claim.

Because of this, many people choose persuasive essay ideas they’re passionate about. That way, it’s much easier to come up with supporting arguments and evidence when you genuinely believe in what you’re writing about.

Since the focal point of persuasive essays is to convince the reader to agree with your viewpoint, choosing the essay topic is crucial. It’s not about the topic but rather how persuasive your arguments are. The topic can dictate how well you deal with the thesis and how successful your entire work becomes.

If you’re stuck and don’t know what to write about, search our 100+ topics for a persuasive essay that can get you started.

100+ Persuasive Essay Topics

You can choose from millions of different topics when writing a persuasive essay. From education to health, you can use any field to come up with a persuasive topic idea. We divided our 100+ titles into 13 categories in this article, so you can easily find a field you’re interested in writing about.

Education persuasive essay topics

If you’re interested in pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of the education system, these persuasive topics are an excellent idea.

  1. Should public university education be free?
  2. Is higher education the best fit for every student?
  3. Should students take a gap year after graduating high school?
  4. What is the point of homework, and how effective is it?
  5. How to prevent cheating during tests?
  6. Should cursive writing be reintroduced in schools?
  7. Should sex education be taught in schools?
  8. Should high schools introduce financial literacy classes?
  9. How to effectively deal with school bullies?
  10. Should students go to school all year round and have several shorter breaks?
  11. Should pass/fail grades replace letter grades?
  12. How effective is online and homeschool teaching education?
  13. Should sign language classes be introduced as another option for a foreign language?

College persuasive essay ideas

When writing an essay during your college education, you’ll be required to touch upon some more complex ideas. Think about choosing one of these college persuasive essay topics.

  1. Is it possible to improve education for students with learning disabilities?
  2. What are the benefits of studying abroad?
  3. Is higher education too expensive?
  4. A grade isn’t the best representation of a student’s knowledge.
  5. Education shouldn’t depend on contemporary technology.
  6. Did the media promote the Vietnam War?
  7. Slavery should have been abolished way earlier in the US.
  8. Essay writing is beneficial for the development of the students’ critical thinking skills.
  9. The benefits of migration to modern countries
  10. The effect of the internet on the mental development of teens

Sports topics for a persuasive essay

Choosing a topic that you’re interested in is a key to writing your essay successfully, which is why sports are good persuasive essay topics to choose for all passionate sports fans.

  1. How can the gym affect our physical and mental health?
  2. Physical education should be mandatory in all educational institutions.
  3. Only professional athletes should be allowed to participate in extreme sports.
  4. The government should invest more money into public school gyms and sport’s equipment.
  5. There’s no division between boys’ and girls’ sports.

Controversial essay topics

Persuasive essays are a perfect opportunity to tackle some controversial topics you’ve wanted to discuss. Check out these persuasive essay topics and select the one you’d like to express your opinion about.

  1. The use of birth control pills should be closely monitored by the government.
  2. The issue of gender stereotypes in families still exists.
  3. The negative effects of divorce on children
  4. The alarming issue of cyberbullying affects teens’ mental health on a large scale.
  5. Traveling is essential to feel truly happy and fulfilled.
  6. Parents are responsible for their children’s obesity.
  7. High-quality and well-balanced nutrition is the key to a healthy lifestyle.
  8. Sensitive content should always be censored on TV.
  9. Media largely dictates the way people think.
  10. Video games promote violence among children.

Persuasive paper topics on music

For students who are passionate about music or need to write an essay during their music education, music persuasive essay ideas are an outstanding choice. Here are some examples.

  1. Music plays a significant role in cultures.
  2. Music is so powerful that it can influence our behavior.
  3. Music preferences typically depend on personality type.
  4. There are good and bad music genres.
  5. Songs with inappropriate content should be banned.
  6. Music can assist in the learning process.
  7. Can music increase productivity at work?
  8. All music should be free to download and listen to.
  9. Can music help with the treatment of mental illnesses?
  10. Hip hop and rap music strongly promote violence and drug use.

Health persuasive essay topics

Are you interested in fitness, nutrition, sports, and all the other ways of living a healthy lifestyle? Then you might think about promoting health and its numerous benefits with these engaging persuasive essay topics.

  1. The positive influence of physical activity on the overall health status
  2. Is the college lifestyle damaging the physical and mental health of students?
  3. Technological advancements aren’t focused enough on the health sector.
  4. A healthy lifestyle can slow down the aging process.
  5. The mental health of today’s teens is in danger.
  6. Mental health is more important than physical health.
  7. Is healthy food too expensive for the general public?
  8. Should schools offer only healthy food choices to their students?
  9. Public healthcare should be free for everyone.
  10. How safe are genetically modified foods?

Technology essay topics

Technology is without a doubt one of the most discussed topics nowadays. Regardless if you’re for or against technology, you can use these topics for a persuasive essay to share your standpoint.

  1. How much screen time should children be allowed?
  2. Is it necessary to fund another trip to the Moon?
  3. Can excessive use of social media lead to anxiety or depression?
  4. Should animal testing be banned worldwide?
  5. Which 21st-century invention is the most important one?
  6. Cyberbullying must be regulated with more rigorous punishments.
  7. The development of serious illnesses should be prevented with the use of genetic technologies.
  8. The rapid advancement of machines will make human workers obsolete.

Personal topics for a persuasive essay

Personal persuasive essay topics are a great choice if a particular topic is close to you or you can relate to a topic on a personal level. The topic examples mentioned below are some of the things people commonly choose when deciding to write a personal persuasive essay.

  1. The reasons why people should quit smoking
  2. Trust and honesty are the foundation of every successful relationship.
  3. Parents should treat all their children equally.
  4. Every person should understand the basic concepts of economics.
  5. The current main social issues are equality and diversity.

Persuasive paper topics about animals

Humans aren’t the only beings that populate this planet. The animals are also here, which is why you might choose college persuasive essay topics that focus on animal life.

  1. Many animals lose their natural habitat with deforestation.
  2. Saving endangered species should be our top priority.
  3. Hunting sports should be banned.
  4. Environmental organizations don’t receive the much-needed government support and financial aid.
  5. Tourism harms wildlife.
  6. Should wild animals be kept as pets?
  7. Why everyone should adopt a pet from an animal shelter
  8. Animals shouldn’t suffer for our entertainment.
  9. Do zoos harm or help wild animals?
  10. Animal circuses shouldn’t exist in the 21st century.

Environmental essay topics

Although the importance of saving the environment rapidly increased over the last few years, there’s still so much to be done. Choose one of these easy persuasive essay topics that focus on the environment.

  1. Solar energy is the only source of energy we should use.
  2. Human activity must be controlled to preserve biodiversity.
  3. A zero-waste lifestyle should be introduced to all households around the world.
  4. Recycling and waste sorting should be mandatory for all countries.
  5. Increasing public transport standards is the only way to regulate pollution and motivate people to choose public transport over private vehicles.

Persuasive speech essay topics

These topics are excellent essay ideas you can use for your writing tasks. But, they can also be used as speech topics, which is an ideal foundation for a discussion or debate between students.

  1. All women should focus on motherhood after giving birth.
  2. Parents should always know when their children are happy, sad, angry, or feeling lost.
  3. All children should take care of their senior parents instead of taking them to nursing homes.
  4. Every person should choose their own religion.
  5. Parents shouldn’t decide what profession their children will choose in the future.

Social media persuasive essay ideas

Social media is one of the hottest topics currently. With so many different aspects and unique points of view, expressing your standpoint on social media is never a bad idea.

  1. Is social media mostly beneficial or mostly harmful?
  2. Should social media platforms do more to protect their users’ privacy?
  3. How important are privacy and security issues for social media users?
  4. Should teachers and students communicate via social media platforms?
  5. Addiction to social media is real, and it should be treated.
  6. Can social media affect our identity?
  7. Social media is the most profitable marketing tool for companies.
  8. The concerning growth in importance of social media among younger generations
  9. Social media stalking is just as alarming as real-life stalking.
  10. The positive effect of social media on users’ interpersonal communication skills

Medical persuasive paper topics

For tasks that need to be oriented towards medicine, you’ll find some nice persuasive essay topics that strictly focus on this field.

  1. Medications and prescription drugs should be more affordable.
  2. Is the extremely expensive cost of healthcare in the US justified?
  3. Should homeless people be provided with free public healthcare?
  4. Should people reach towards alternative medical methods?
  5. How well are unconventional medical methods researched?
  6. Should people without medical insurance receive medical help if needed?
  7. Should abortion be legal?
  8. Should vaccination be mandatory for all children?
  9. Should cannabis be legalized worldwide?
  10. Do alcohol and fast food commercials influence our health?


Persuasive essays are an outstanding way to expand students’ critical thinking, motivate them to do in-depth research on the topic they’re writing about, and boost their confidence when sharing their personal opinion on a certain topic.

If you struggle with writing a convenient persuasive essay, our team of professional writers will be more than happy to provide you with the needed writing services. Whether you need some assistance in choosing a topic, would like someone to proofread your work, or simply don’t have time to complete this task, our efficient writers will provide you with a high-quality essay in no time.

Tell us about your writing task, and we’ll get back to you in no time!

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