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Nursing Research Paper Topics for Students

03 Oct 2020Research Paper Topics

Nursing has become one of the most demanded and prestigious majors in American colleges due to the increased demands of skilled nurses for public or private hospitals and practices. Many students of these departments, however, find it difficult to deal with both practical assignments and writing tasks they are given at the college. This list with over 100 nursing research topics for you to start working on it now without thinking too much to come up with an interesting, original idea.

List of Research Topics for Nursing Students

nursing research paper topics

Below is the list of good and easy examples with the most popular ideas you might come across when writing research papers.

  1. Assistance in Elderly Care Unit
  2. How to Enhance the Quality of Aid Care in Rural Environment
  3. Risk Management
  4. Assessment Development Tools
  5. Emergency Aid Techniques
  6. Treatment of acute stroke: Role of Nurse during the Care
  7. Practices during End of Life Care
  8. Occupational Therapy for Nurses
  9. PTSD and OT
  10. Pharmacological Math Computation Skills

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

Pediatric assistance includes all-around care delivered to children, so one should be well-versed with the techniques, theories, and practices when working with a child.

  1. Why Nurses Should Know ABout the Confort Theory
  2. Children’s Expectation from Pediatric Nurse
  3. Pain Management for Pediatric Nurses
  4. Burnout and Job Satisfaction: A Pediatric Nurse Case
  5. Hospitalized Children: Best Practices for Pain Management
  6. Verbal Abuse in Pediatric Practices
  7. Pediatric Aid Essentials
  8. Nursing Research in the US: An Overview
  9. Heroes of Pediatric Assistance
  10. Pediatric Unit at the Middle School

Adult Nursing Research Topics

This field has its own peculiarities the young practitioner should know about beforehand to prevent the negative consequences from occurring.

  1. Adult Cancer Priorities
  2. Nursing in the 20th and 21st centuries: New Approaches
  3. Adult Surgical Assistance Practices
  4. Adult Research Knowledge Utilization Among Nurses
  5. Adult Critical Care: Why Nurse Matters
  6. Moral Judgement in Nursing Dilemmas
  7. Spirituality in Nursing
  8. Priorities for Adult Intensive Care
  9. Gender Ambiguities in Nursing Practices
  10. Retention Strategies for Adult Care Nurses

Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Research Topics

If EBP sounds too complicated at first glance, but you still don’t want to pay to write research paper, here are a few topics to help you with your papers.

  1. Rating Systems in Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
  2. EBP Skills
  3. Educating for EBP
  4. Misconceptions the Nurses Have About Evidence-Based Practices
  5. Development of EBP Nursing
  6. EBP and Leadership
  7. Challenges for New Nurses Concerning EBP
  8. Promotion of Quality Care and EBP
  9. EBP Manual for Nurses
  10. EBP for Primary Care

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Topics

Below are examples of quantitative and qualitative research methods for one to learn how to apply them during one’s career.

  1. The Quantitative and Qualitative Study of Assisting the Patient with Acute Psychosis
  2. Quantitative and Qualitative Research Method
  3. Quantitative and Qualitative Research: Myths and Facts About Generalization
  4. Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed: Best Research Method for Nursing
  5. Why Quantitative Research is Never Enough
  6. Qualitative Research and Sampling
  7. How to Analyze the Data for Qualitative Research
  8. Mixed Methods for Mental Health Assistance
  9. Quantitative and Qualitative Study of Mother Satisfaction with Postpartum Nursing Care
  10. Faults of Qualitative Research for Pediatric Nursing

Critical Care Nursing Research Topics

From stress management in nurses to practical technics and strategies applicable to adult and child care, knowledge of critical care nursing (CCN) is essential.

  1. Gray Gorrila Syndrome
  2. Critical Care Stress and Its Management
  3. Experience of Grief in a Critical Care Units
  4. Nursing Decision Making in Critical Care
  5. Technologies in CCN
  6. Post-Surgery CCN of Kids
  7. SImulator Training for New Nurses in the Critical Care Unit
  8. Patient Safety Among Critical Care Nurses
  9. LGBTQ Patients and CCN
  10. Organ Donation and CCN

Pain Management Nursing Research Topics 

The pain management is one of the core medical skills a nurse should master before start working with patients. These topics are dedicated to this concept.

  1. Attitudes and Beliefs in Pain Assessment
  2. What Can a Failure to Provide an Efficient Pain Management Lead to?
  3. Nurse’s Pain Assessment during Surgery
  4. Medicated or Non-Medicated: Post-Surgery Pain Management
  5. Pain Management in Elderly Patients
  6. Chronic Pain and Its Effective Management
  7. Pain Management for Cancer Survivors
  8. Pain Assessment for Kids Post-Operational Treatment
  9. Practices of Pain Management in the Pediatric Department
  10. Medication trends in Pain Management the Nurses Should Know

Emergency Nursing Research Topics

Medical assistance in emergency situations demands a lot of responsibility from a person in care, and that’s why there are a lot of related things a nurse should know before going on duty.

  1. Intuition for Emergency Aid Personnel: Case Study
  2. Anxiety Level in Assistance Personnel in ER
  3. Violence Towards Nursing Personnel in ER
  4. Accuracy in Emergency Nurses When Assessing the Patients’ Pain: Techniques
  5. EN Interventions After Abdominal Surgery in Women
  6. Emergency Department Patients Flow: How Nurses Can Make It More Efficient
  7. Patients’ Assault towards Emergency Nurses
  8. Pediatric ER: Role of Nurse in the Unit
  9. How to Reduce Stress in Emergency Nurses and prevent Burnout
  10. The Future of Emergency Room Assistance

Obstetrics Nursing Research Topics

Let’s be fair: the quality of care delivered at Ob-Gyn cabinets is pretty much the quality of our survival as species. That’s why it’s paramount for every nurse to be as professional and skilled as they can be.

  1. The Role of Gender Among Obstetric Nurses: A Case Study
  2. Hi-Fi Simulation Training for Obstetric Nursing
  3. EBP during Obstetric Care
  4. Social Factors That Affect Obstetrics
  5. Qualities Every Obstetric Nurse SHould Have to Be Successful
  6. Principles for Ob-Gyn Nurses
  7. How to Deal With Patient’s Abuse towards Nurses in Obstetrics Unit
  8. Rural and Urban Obstetrics Nursing: Case Study
  9. Obstetrics Assistance in Cabinets Around the World: Practices
  10. Depressive Symptoms in Women and the Role of Obstetrics Nurse in Managing Them

Neonatal Nursing Research Topics

  1. Inhibiting Interactions of Nurses with Young Mothers
  2. Neonatal Palliative Care
  3. Neonatal Intensive Care: Technologies
  4. Barriers in Neonatal Care: What a Young Practitioner Should Know
  5. Vulnerability during Neonatal Nursing
  6. Pain Management in Neonatal Units
  7. Nursing Intervention to Foster Becoming a Mother
  8. Adapting the Neonatal Unit to Decrease Noise
  9. Parents Visiting Management in Neonatal Units: Nurse Perspective
  10. Neonatal Hypothermia: Mapping the Nursing Intervention

Mental Health Nursing Research Topics

It is a very responsible mission to assist patients with a mental disorder. This is why you have to learn about the peculiarities of it at your medical school. You also might need the help of a nursing paper writing service to do well.

  1. Patients in Military Hospitals: Mental Health Therapy
  2. Mental Health: Factors to Define a Successful Collaboration between Nurses, Patients, Relatives
  3. Emotional Labor in Mental Health Units
  4. Transcultural Mental Practices
  5. History of Mental Health Medical Assistance
  6. Acute Patients in Mental Asylums: Methods for Nurses
  7. Mental Health Education: A Nurse’s Perspective of What It Lacks
  8. Social Control in the Mental Health Department: A Nurse’s Perspective
  9. Mental Health and Physical Well-Being: A Correlation
  10. Child Mental Health Practices

Women's Health Nursing Research Topics

Women’s care has a lot of factors that influence its success and it’s a new professional’s duty to know about them.

  1. Women’s Health Issues Across the Lifespan
  2. Cultural Differences in Women’s Health Medical Assistance
  3. Maternity and Women’s Health Nursing: Practices to Avoid
  4. Postpartum Stress and Women’s Health Nursing
  5. Women’s Health among Immigrants
  6. Impact of Health Literacy on Women’s Health: What a Nurse Can Do
  7. Women’s Mental Health Aid: A Qualitative Study
  8. Moral Responsibility in the Women’s Health Medical Assistance
  9. An American Model of Women’s Health Medical Assistance
  10. Women’s Health Nursing: A Feminist Perspective

Ethics Paper Topics

There is a line between what is ethically wrong or right, and a professional nurse knows it.

  1. The Importance of Ethics
  2. What is Unethical: A Nurse Perspective
  3. A Guide to Ethical Decision Making in Intensive Care Unit
  4. Who is an Ethical Nurse?
  5. Ethical Issues in Nursing of Elderly Patient with Mental Disease
  6. Code of Ethics for Nurses at ER
  7. Cross-Cultural Ethics
  8. Holistic Ethical Care Practices
  9. End of Life Nursing Ethics: A Case Study
  10. Moral Distress in Everyday Medical Care: An Ethical Approach

Nursing Intervention Research Topics

Nursing intervention (NI) practices are an important part of any medical school program. That’s why if you aren’t willing to pay for medical research paper on the topic, here you have a list of problems to research yourself.

  1. NI for Patients after Cardiac Arrest
  2. Abdominal Surgery and NI
  3. Music Playing as NI: When It Makes Sense
  4. NI and Family-Centered Care
  5. Foot Massage as NI for Patients with Cancer
  6. NI for Patients with Diagnosed Cancer
  7. Animal-Assisted NI for Pediatric Care
  8. Pre-Surgical NI to Reduce Anxiety
  9. NI Art Therapy: Adult Care Approach
  10. How to Design an Effective NI for ER

Nursing Leadership Paper Topics 

  1. Leadership Styles
  2. Leadership Within ER Management
  3. Nursing Leadership: How to Become a Leader
  4. Leadership Roles and Priorities at Pediatric Unit
  5. Ways to Leadership in Rural practices
  6. Leadership and Patient Outcomes: a Correlation Study
  7. Nursing Education for Leadership Roles
  8. Clinical Leadership Among Nurses
  9. Evolution of Nursing Leadership
  10. Why Leadership Matters: Patients Perspective

Nurse Practitioner Research Topics

  1. Trial of Nurse Practitioner
  2. Primary Care for Nurse Practitioners
  3. Studies of Nurse Practitioner Effectiveness
  4. Evaluating the Nurse Practitioner Role in a Community Health Center
  5. A Guide to Become an Effective Nurse Practitioner
  6. Nurse Practitioner in Generic Practice
  7. How to Assess Patients Satisfaction: To-Do List for a New Nurse Practitioner
  8. A Private Clinic Nurse Practitioner Role: Administrating vs Assisting
  9. Nurse Practitioner Transition of Roles: Switching Units
  10. Nurse Practitioner Management

Psychiatric Research Topics

  1. Psychiatric Care Plans for Nurses
  2. Psychiatric Theory in Practice: What Doesn’t Work for Nurses
  3. Psychiatric Nursing Contemporary Practices
  4. Cultural Ethics Competence in Psychiatric
  5. Occupational Therapy in Psychiatric Medical Assistance
  6. Working with Young Patients: Psychiatric Unit
  7. Stigmatization of Nurses in Psychiatric Practice
  8. Qualities for a Psychiatric Nurse
  9. Psychiatric Nursing Skills to Keep the Unit Safe
  10. Fostering a Social Dialogue: a Psychiatric Nurse Perspective

These nursing research paper topics are great for preparing for the exams, midterm, assessments, or self-education, which will be a solid basis for one’s becoming a guru.

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