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Explore the Best Medical Research Topics Ideas

07 Feb 2020Research Paper Topics

In such a complex and broad field like medicine, writing an original and compelling research paper is a daunting task. From investigating public care concerns to cancer treatment studies, each student decides where his interests lie. Our goal is to help students find new angles to study and focus on relevant topics. With our resources, you can write an engaging and rigorous paper.

Meaning of Medical Research - How to Research Medical Topics

Medical research usually refers to real health risks that people face due to genetic or environmental factors or lifestyle choices. To come up with interesting and new researches, med students must have a thorough understanding of their field. On one hand, high school students need topics that are easy but not too general. On the other hand, college students must come up with more professional work based on current developments in medicine and health care.

To help you research medical topics, we’ve put together a large list of well-curated ideas and examples for all important medical subfields.

New Medical Research Paper Topics

Are you interested in the newest and most interesting developments in medicine? We put hours of efforts into identifying the current trends in health research so we could provide you with these examples of topics. Whether you hire a research paper writing service for students  or write a paper by yourself, you need an appealing topic to focus on.

  1. Epidemics versus pandemics
  2. Child health care
  3. Medical humanitarian missions in the developing world
  4. Homeopathic medicines – the placebo effect
  5. Virus infections – causes and treatment
  6. Is medical research on animals ethical
  7. Vaccination – dangers versus benefits
  8. Artificial tissues and organs
  9. Rare genetic diseases
  10. Brain injuries

Medical Research Topics for College Students

You don’t know where to start with your medical research paper? There are so many things you could write about that the greatest challenge is to narrow them down. This is why we decided to help.

  1. Antibiotics treatments
  2. Chronic diseases
  3. Palliative treatment
  4. Battling Alzheimer’s disease
  5. How modern lifestyle affects public health
  6. Professional diseases
  7. Sleep disorders
  8. Changes in physical and mental health due to aging
  9. Eating disorders
  10. Terminal diseases

Controversial Medical Topics for Research Paper

In the medical field, new discoveries can change people’s lives in the blink of an eye. This is also the reason why there are so many controversial topics in medicine, which involve anything from religion to ethics or social responsibility. Read on to discover our top controversial research topics.

  1. Implementing food standards
  2. Gluten allergy
  3. Assisted suicide for terminal patients
  4. Testing vaccines on animals – ethical concerns
  5. Moral responsibilities regarding cloning
  6. Marijuana legalization for medical purposes
  7. Abortion – medical approaches
  8. Vegan diets – benefits and dangers
  9. Increased life expectancy: a burden on the healthcare system?
  10. Circumcision effects

Health Research Topics

Students conducting health research struggle with finding good ideas related to their medical interests. If you want to write interesting college papers, you can select a good topic for our list.

  1. How environmental changes affect human health
  2. Deafness: communication disorders
  3. Household air pollution
  4. Diabetes – a public danger
  5. Coronaviruses
  6. Oral health assessment
  7. Tobacco and alcohol control
  8. Diseases caused by lack of physical exercise
  9. How urban pollution affects respiratory diseases
  10. Healthy diets

Medicine Research Topics

Regardless of the requirements in your research assignment, you can write about something that is both engaging and useful in your future career. Choose a topic from below.

  1. Causes for the increasing cancer cases
  2. Insulin resistance
  3. How terrorism affects mental health
  4. AIDS/HIV - latest developments
  5. Treating pregnant women versus non-pregnant women
  6. Latest innovations in medical instruments
  7. Genetic engineering
  8. Successful treatment of mental diseases
  9. Is autism a disease
  10. Natural coma versus artificial coma

Healthcare Research Topics

Healthcare research includes political and social aspects, besides medical. For college students who want to explore how medicine is affected by society’s values or principles, we provide examples of topics for papers. Select yours from the list below.

  1. Government investment in healthcare services in the EU versus the USA
  2. Inequalities in healthcare assistance and services
  3. Electronic health records systems – pros and cons
  4. Can asylums treat mental issues
  5. Health care for prison inmates
  6. Equipment for improving treatment of AIDS
  7. Correlation between economic development and health care services across countries
  8. Impact of smoking on organs
  9. Heart attacks – causes and effects
  10. Breast cancer – recent developments

Public Health Research Topics

For current examples of public health topics, browse our list. We provide only original, researchable examples for which you can easily find supporting data and evidence.

  1. Public versus private hospitals
  2. Health care professionals - management principles
  3. Surgery failures – who is responsible
  4. What legal responsibilities has the hospital administration
  5. Patient service quality in public versus private hospitals
  6. What benefits national health care systems have
  7. Estimated costs of cancer treatments
  8. Public health in developing countries
  9. Banning tobacco ads – importance for public health
  10. Government solutions to the anti-vaccine’s movement

Mental Health Research Paper Topics

Mental health is one of the most complex areas of medicine, where things are never as clear as with other medical issues. This increases the research potential of the field with plenty of topics left for debate.

  1. Causes of anxiety disorders
  2. Bulimia versus anorexia
  3. Childhood trauma
  4. Depression
  5. Mental health public policies
  6. Dementia
  7. Postpartum Depression
  8. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
  9. Seasonal Affective Disorder
  10. Schizophrenia

Anatomy Research Topics

Anatomy covers everything about the human body and how it works. If you find that intriguing and want to pay for medical research paper, start from selecting a topic.

  1. Chemotherapy: how it affects the body
  2. Thyroid glands – functions in the body
  3. Human endocrine system
  4. The liver
  5. Heart diseases
  6. How does the human muscular system develop
  7. Lymphatic system – importance
  8. Investigating genetic diseases
  9. Digestive system
  10. The spleen

Biomedical Research Topics

Biology and medicine often work together. For the newest changes in the biomedical field, check our topics.

  1. Alzheimer’s disease – paths for treatment
  2. Vaccines and drug development in the treatment of Ebola
  3. Antibiotic resistance
  4. Biological effects caused by aging
  5. Air pollution effects on health
  6. Infectious disease past versus present
  7. Regenerative medicine
  8. Immunology
  9. Biomedical diagnostics
  10. Biomedical technology

Bioethics Research Topics

A controversial area of medicine, bioethics is where you get the chance to add personal input to a research topic and come up with new insights. You could consider these subjects.

  1. Organ donation
  2. Alternative or complementary medicine
  3. Assisted suicide or the right to die
  4. Artificial insemination or surrogacy
  5. Chemical and biological warfare
  6. Cloning
  7. Contraception
  8. Environmental bioethics
  9. Eugenics
  10. In Vitro fertilization

Cancer Research Topics

Are you writing a paper related to cancer causes, diagnosis, treatment or effects? Look below for a hot topic that it’s easy to research and important for medical advance.

  1. Ability of immune system cells to fight cancer
  2. Computational oncology
  3. Metastasis affected by drug resistance
  4. Stem cells – applications for cancer treatment
  5. Tumor microenvironment
  6. Obesity and age in cancer occurrence
  7. Early cancer detection - benefits
  8. Artificial intelligence predicting cancer
  9. Hematologic malignancies
  10. Pathogen-related cancers

Clinical Research Topics

Learn more about clinical medicine by conducting more in-depth research. We prepared for you a list of relevant issues to touch upon.

  1. Ethical concerns regarding research on human subjects
  2. Subject recruitment
  3. Budget preparation
  4. Human subject protection
  5. Clinical trials – financial support
  6. Clinical practices for health professionals
  7. Using vulnerable populations in clinical research
  8. Quality assurance in clinical research
  9. Academic clinical trials versus clinical trials units
  10. Data collection and management

Critical Care Research Topics

Critical care is a key area in medicine studies. Explore these topics in your research paper to gain more valuable knowledge in this field. You can also get in contact with nursing research paper writers.

  1. Obesity and asthma – clinical manifestations
  2. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  3. Rhythm analysis for cardiac arrest
  4. Traumatic brain injury – fluid resuscitation
  5. Hydrocortisone for multiple trauma patients
  6. Care and nutrition for critically ill adults
  7. Diagnosis of hypersensitivity pneumonitis
  8. Coma and sedation scales
  9. Artificial airways suctioning
  10. Arterial puncture and arterial line

Pediatric Research Topics

Any topic that refers to health care for children, pregnant women, mothers, and adolescents goes under pediatric care.

  1. Autism
  2. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  3. Congenital heart disease in newborns
  4. Adolescent medicine
  5. Asthma
  6. Neonatal medicine
  7. Rare diseases in children and teenagers
  8. Obesity and weight fluctuations
  9. Behavioral sleep problems in children
  10. Children with anemia

Dental Research Topics Ideas

Choose a topic on oral health or dental care from this list of the most interesting topics in the field.

  1. How smoking affects oral health
  2. Children’s risk for dental caries
  3. Dental anxiety
  4. Types of dental materials – new advances
  5. Bad breath bacteria
  6. How diabetes affects oral health
  7. Oral cancer
  8. Dental pain – types, causes
  9. Dental implants
  10. Oral health-related quality of life

Dermatology Research Topics

Find the best research topic for your dermatology paper among our examples.

  1. Atopic dermatitis
  2. Contact dermatitis
  3. Epidemiology behind uncommon skin disorders
  4. Cutaneous aging
  5. Risk factors of melanoma skin cancer
  6. Acne versus rosacea
  7. Genetic testing for skin conditions
  8. Effects of cosmetic agents on skin health
  9. Improving skin barrier with pharmaceutical agents
  10. Skin manifestations of autoimmune disorders

Primary Care Research Topics

Write a primary care paper that can demonstrate your research skills and interest in powerful scientific findings.

  1. Primary care for vulnerable/uninsured populations
  2. Interpersonal continuity in care treatment
  3. How primary care contributes to health systems
  4. Primary care delivery models
  5. Developments in family medicine
  6. Occupational/environmental health
  7. Pharmacotherapy approaches
  8. Formal allergy testing
  9. Oral contraception side effects
  10. Dietary or behavioral interventions for obesity management

Pharmaceutical Research Topics

Pharma students who need paper topics can use one from our list. We include all things related to pharmacy life.

  1. Drugs that can treat cancer
  2. Drug excretion
  3. Elimination rate constant
  4. Inflammatory stress drug treatment
  5. Aspirin poising
  6. Ibuprofen – dangers versus benefits
  7. Toxicodynamics
  8. Opioid use disorder
  9. Pharmacotherapy for schizophrenia
  10. Ketamine in depression treatment

Medical Anthropology Research Topics

Medical anthropology unites different areas of human knowledge. Find powerful ideas for a paper below.

  1. Cultural contexts regarding reproductive health
  2. Women sexuality
  3. Anthropological aspects of health care
  4. Contributions of social sciences to public health
  5. Euthanasia and medical ethics across cultures
  6. Health-related behavior in adults across cultures
  7. Transcultural nursing
  8. Forensic psychiatry
  9. Symptoms of Celiac Disease – a disease with no symptoms
  10. Nursing ethics

Paramedic Research Paper Topics

Topics for paramedic research must be based on evidence, data, statistics, or practical experience. Just like ours.

  1. Trends and statistics in EMS
  2. Disaster medicine
  3. Mass casualties
  4. Pandemics and epidemics
  5. Infection control
  6. Coronaviruses
  7. Basic versus advanced life support
  8. Scene safety in EMS
  9. Shock management
  10. Motor vehicle accidents

Surgery Research Topics

Discover all the intricacies of surgeries that save lives by writing about our topics.

  1. Medical malpractice and legal issues
  2. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
  3. Sepsis
  4. Pain management
  5. Perioperative nursing
  6. Wound management
  7. Colorectal cancer surgery
  8. Breast cancer surgery
  9. Minimally invasive surgeries
  10. Vascular disease

Radiology Research Paper Topics

Find a radiology topic related to your academic interests to write a successful paper.

  1. Using MRI to diagnose hepatic focal lesions
  2. Multidetector computer tomography
  3. Ultrasound elastography in breast cancer
  4. Assessing traumatic spinal cord injuries with MRI diffusion tensor imaging
  5. Sonographic imaging to detect male infertility
  6. Role of tomography in diagnosing cancer
  7. Brain tumor surgery with magnetic resonance imaging
  8. Bacterial meningitis imaging

Anatomy and Physiology Research Paper Topics

No ideas for a research paper? We have included the most important topics for an anatomy and physiology paper.

  1. What role has the endocrine system
  2. Staphylococcus aureus
  3. Environmental factors that affect development of human muscular system
  4. What role has the lymphatic system
  5. An investigation of genetic diseases
  6. Explaining the aging process
  7. The digestive tract
  8. Effects of stress on cells and muscles
  9. Evolution of the human nervous system
  10. What role has the cardiovascular system


With our massive list of medical topics, you have no excuse for not getting an excellent grade. Use our topics with confidence and reach your academic goals.

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