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All You Need to Know About Media Literacy and Writing Your Perfect Essay on the Topic

10 Feb 2021

For centuries, literacy has been described as the ability to read and write. However, in the 21st century, the notion itself has acquired some additional meaning, mainly the ability to read and write and the skill to communicate effectively through such activities as reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Below you’ll find all the essential information about media literacy in modern life, it’s importance for people from different spheres, as well as some essay help tips that will assist you craft your media literacy assignment perfectly.

What is Media Literacy

Nowadays, we receive tons of information through various integrated media channels such as printed media, news channels, YouTube videos, music, video games, theatrical presentations, blogs, television broadcasts.While it is important to understand what the channels of receiving information are, it’s also essential to have an ability to analyze them critically and make proper assumptions.

Media literacy is a personal skill that helps us evaluate, access, analyze and criticize the credibility of the information we create and receive. It helps youth and adults comprehend the complexity of the messages received from the media technologies with an effective criticism of such information.

Today, media literacy has been infused into the educational system of many countries; it helps students become accountable producers and responsible users of information in such a way that makes them wiser in decision making and knowledgeable in other aspects of life.

The application of critical thinking skills to a wide range of work and life situations is what makes media literacy important. It has become a powerful tool that plays a major role in producing a new generation of people who can uphold critical thinking in the middle of a media blizzard. Education programs that imply elements of media literacy help teachers to critically evaluate information before presenting it to their students. Learners, in their turn, can practice the implication of media literacy in their studying and everyday life.

Media literacy skills can be used by young people and adults to:

  • Improve critical thinking
  • Identify the principles of how media works and its influence on culture and society
  • Know what marketing strategies are used for each product or event
  • Recognize the media maker’s main intent and to remain objective
  • Easily identify the technique of persuasion if any are used
  • Protect yourself from lies, misinformation and bias in media and real life
  • Know what’s behind each story
  • Understand the credibility of media messages using your own knowledge and experience
  • Become a responsible creator of media message
  • Promote media justice in all spheres of life

Media Justice and Adapting Media Old Structure

The notion of media literacy is closely related to media justice, that is mainly focuses on the equal distribution of voice and power of the media. Media justice understands that a new approach to media use is essential, and the old media structure is no longer as effective as it used to be. So that certain regulations are developed in order to control and structure media representatives and the messages they share with their audience. By considering some historical and cultural aspects, the new relations with the media are to be developed.

How To Write A Media Literacy Essay

As the name implies, a media literacy essay is a form of a literary composition that focuses on media and its effects on young people and adults, their lives, culture, and beliefs. Media literacy essay writing involves a deep level of research and reporting. In case you need help with my essay writing, we’ve prepared several tips that will help you get started.

When choosing a topic on media literacy, try to omit those that are too broad. Be specific and choose a part of media literacy that is especially interesting to you. We’re sure that this subject will provide you with numerous exciting options.

As soon as you come up with an engaging topic, search for some credible sources that will help to provide you with the theoretical background and give you some ideas of recognizable authors shared in their published works. Providing effective research is the most important essay help you can make to craft your essay.

Besides, if your request is “I need help with my essay structure” we’ve listed three main parts that are the core of every writing. Here they are:

The Introduction

Start with an introduction that states the background of your topic, and media literacy in general, and why it is important. Discuss the effect of media literacy on young people, culture and belief systems. It is important to note that media literacy is an essential element of your essay. Your introduction should be catchy, though without any unnecessary details on the subject. Give your readers a hint and motivate them to read further.

The body

The body of your essay is where you share all the results of the research provided. The classic structure of each essay’s body is to subdivide it into 3 separate paragraphs. Start each one with a statement and develop your idea by supporting it with the sources. Use only reliable literature and other resources such as books, newspapers, journal articles, blogs, etc. Also mind that for media-related topics, media sources can be a great match: try finding information on websites and social media channels, just don’t forget to cite each of the sources used, even in case you paraphrased ideas.

The conclusion

Give a lasting impression, engage the application of your knowledge of media literacy in your conclusion. Identify (but do not repeat) all the major points stated earlier in the essay. You can also summarize your argument while preserving the major purpose of your essay. If you’re wondering what is the best way to finish my essay, try to provide a concluding sentence that states your primary idea and goal.

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