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Law Research Paper Topics Ideas to Choose From

30 Aug 2021Research Paper Topics

Law students are also obligated to write research papers. This academic writing paper must include original findings, and the author should do all the interpretation, analysis, and research.

Such assignments are usually doctoral dissertations, master’s thesis, or term papers. It’s important not to confuse research proposals with law research paper topics. Research proposals are written for proposing research projects while looking for sponsorship for the whole project.

However, before you can start writing your research paper, it’s important to go through all the relevant options and pick the right one. This post will help you with that.

How to Choose Good Law Research Topics

Law Research Paper Topics

It’s absolutely essential to figure out your topic early on. It should shape all the work and effort you will have to put into writing the paper. Choosing legal topics for research papers isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

That is why some universities want to make it easier for their students to select criminal justice research topics for them. However, the majority of specialized educational institutions require students to do this themselves. The first thing that should be your main consideration is topics that you actually care about.

In other words, find a topic that you find interesting. No matter how hard the paper becomes, finishing the project will always be easier if you’re genuinely passionate about it.

Tips on Choosing a Topic

  • Choose something specific: don’t talk about broad issues. They can be very complex, finding data can be difficult, and you might not have enough time to finish this kind of topic. Narrow it down.
  • Start reading: read a variety of journals, articles, and publications that come from top sources. It will help your brainstorm ideas and find an area you are interested in.
  • Check out circuit splits: circuit splits are always good places to look for exciting and controversial topics for research paper assignments.
  • Check for information: before choosing a topic, make sure there’s enough information that can help your research.

List of Legal Research Paper Topics

In case you aren’t able to brainstorm any topics, don’t worry. We will share some topic suggestions that will work. You can use them if you want or use them as inspiration to come up with topics on your own. Let’s start with some general legal topics for research papers:

  1. The nature of hate crimes and how the law looks at them
  2. The connection between crime and drugs: how different laws can help
  3. Why do certain countries still have capital punishment
  4. How education can prevent people from breaking laws
  5. How criminals use insanity defense as a loophole
  6. What are the laws that regulate police interrogation
  7. What rights do citizens in the US have when they are detained
  8. How can governments use legal regulations to lower crime rates
  9. How to prevent wrongful convictions and undo the damage
  10. Why do we need better regulations regarding personal information
  11. Cybercrime regulations are falling behind new technologies
  12. Do laws actually prevent crimes?
  13. How many people break the law without even knowing it
  14. How the environment affects the level of crime
  15. The strangest laws in the whole world
  16. The consequences of the “cancel culture” and mob mentality
  17. How the law views terrorism in different countries
  18. The way jury members are selected
  19. Should everyone have the right to bear arms?
  20. How gun ownership and usage should be regulated
  21. The role of the constitution on laws and justice system
  22. Countries that have legalized cannabis and how they did it
  23. Why intoxicated driving should be punished more severely
  24. How laws can be used to slow down climate change
  25. Mainstream media’s role in finding criminals at large

Criminal Law Topics for Research Paper

  1. What does the law say about false confessions?
  2. Different types of punishments for animal cruelty
  3. Why the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia wasn’t legal according to international law
  4. How are people’s human rights in Uganda being violated?
  5. Is music piracy considered a crime?
  6. How the law legislates and regulates cyberstalking
  7. The limitations of confidential informants
  8. How the National Security Laws of the US work
  9. The different types of crime
  10. Most famous criminal offenders in history

Law Enforcement Research Paper Topics

  1. The fine line between the use of deadly force and enforcing the law
  2. How law enforcement was changed by terrorism
  3. Legal ramifications of police entrapment
  4. Are police officers allowed to ask for your ID and driver’s license?
  5. Differences between private and public policing
  6. Undercover police and its ethics code
  7. How to recognize police corruption and know your rights
  8. Terrorism threats change the way of policing
  9. Challenges faced by officers on duty in uneducated communities
  10. When does the police have the right to use deadly force?

Cyber Law Research Paper Topics

  1. When are companies allowed to collect personal data?
  2. Current regulations designed to prevent cybercrimes
  3. What are the terms and conditions of computer software
  4. The way biometrics affect cybersecurity
  5. Things victims should do right away after being hacked
  6. What are the laws and punishments on digital piracy
  7. People should be educated better on cybersecurity laws
  8. What are the sanctions for identity theft
  9. Different types of crimes people commit online
  10. Cybercrime regulations are outdated and here’s why

International Law Ethics Topics for Research Paper

  1. The ethical obligation of NATO to Afghanistan
  2. Which conditions have to be met for an international intervention to take place?
  3. The role of the Hague International Court of Justice
  4. Israel and Palestine conflict: whose actions are legal?
  5. The regulations for international drug trafficking
  6. What is Interpol, and how much power does it have?
  7. When can citizens use international laws?
  8. Difference between public and private international law
  9. What are the standards, treaties, and conventions of international law
  10. How the UN rule of law holds states accountable

Medical Law Topics

  1. Should abortion be legal globally?
  2. People should have the right to clean drinking water
  3. Why donation of organs needs to be regulated by law
  4. Is it legal to do whatever you want with your body?
  5. Different approaches to mentally ill offenders
  6. Reasons why advertising cigarettes is banned
  7. What are public health laws, and who regulates them?
  8. How are drugs regulated by the law?
  9. How do legal regulations help to hold medical personnel accountable
  10. Is transmitting AIDS to someone a criminal offense?


We hope our list of legal research paper topics will help you find the ideal option you’ve been looking for. Need help with writing your research paper? Check out the Studyclerk law research paper writing service. There’s no shame in getting help and letting someone teach you how to write your future papers.

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