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Top 50 Human Resource Research Topics

02 Jun 2021Research Paper Topics

When an average college student faces the necessity to deal with human resource management topics, the chances are high that it may sound confusing. Even if you are provided with a good essay prompt, it is still necessary to come up with a competitive topic where you can narrow things down and provide due analysis. By doing so, you will be able to focus on something specific. In simple terms, human resource management relates to organizational aspects where the company's department approaches hiring, management, and training of the staff. It also strives to ensure the best work practices regardless of objectives or available funds. Therefore, the list of possible human resource topics for research paper topics can stretch from compensation and benefits to employment laws and workplace bullying.

HR research topics

The trick is to choose something that you know well, subjects that inspire you and let you make a significant contribution to your chosen subject. If you are already provided with a prompt by your college professor, it is still possible to adjust it a little bit based on your sources. You can start by browsing through various ideas to see what sounds good based on the list of sources you have encountered before. Both methods are quite helpful and will make it easier to complete your HRM research paper on time.

Human Resource Management Research Paper Topics​

It must be noted that human resource management is quickly becoming a proper science with a clear distinction. Starting with the list of complex business outcomes that it brings up to the use of various intelligence tools and innovations, it makes it possible to expand the academic scope.

As a rule, choosing HR research topics becomes an even broader task. For example, it becomes possible to understand and estimate (predict) organizational changes and behavior types. Since one deals with people and organizations through the lens of social and economic turbulence, HR as science must ensure all the expectations are properly written down and analyzed. Still, topics for business research differ significantly, as they are less concentrated on a human constituent. 

Here are some HRM topics to consider:

  1. What is economic dependence through the lens of employee loyalty?
  2. Should workplace conflicts be settled down with the help of mediation?
  3. Should HR managers consider college students for employment?
  4. What are the HR manager's ethical standards when working internationally?
  5. Should companies invest more in the education of their employees?
  6. Are online video courses efficient for staff training?
  7. The pros and cons of the job freelance market.
  8. What are the risks of outsourcing in 2021?
  9. The bias in recruiting new team members.
  10. HRM and the presence of racial and gender prejudice.
  11. The importance of soft skills when hiring.
  12. The role of CVs when recruiting college students.
  13. The phenomenon of an overqualified employee.
  14. What are the main responsibilities of the HR manager?
  15. Should the talent-seeking campaigns be eliminated?
  16. The pros and cons of team-building sessions.
  17. International initiatives when working with outsourcing.
  18. What are the ways to ensure employee safety?
  19. How to identify strengths and weaknesses during an employment interview?
  20. The use of certificates issued by online courses VS university diplomas.
  21. How to deal with returning employees and the job holiday breaks?
  22. How should HR managers decline certain proposals?
  23. The transparency factors in the work of HR managers.
  24. Is social media useful for better HR management?
  25. How long should the training sessions be for the new employees (resource allocation)?

Of course, these are only some starting points for you. As you pay to write research paper, you can consider some other topics based on subjects like HR management specifics in Texas or why the talent agencies are more popular in California and Florida states. In either case, feel free to explore the topics provided and always start with the list of relevant sources or arguments that support your thesis.

The List of Interesting Human Resources Research Topics

As you are looking for a competitive human resource research topic, it is vital to understand that it also deals with the social and ethical issues as well regarding the workplace and the hiring processes. For example, we have freelance employees and bullying conflicts based on certain factors. Next, we are dealing with social media management and the representation of the company's data and private files. All of it makes it necessary to study all the current HRM trends.

Here are some interesting HR topics to consider:

  1. How can we address healthcare issues and risks in the workplace?
  2. The ways to identify workplace bullying.
  3. The requirements for in-office workers VS freelancers.
  4. How can HR managers establish successful communication during remote work?
  5. Can special training sessions encourage diversity?
  6. Additional workplace bonuses and motivation.
  7. The problem of equal payments and position bias.
  8. How can social media help improve the company's profile?
  9. What are the factors that make the workplace a diverse environment?
  10. What are the main challenges of HR managers in 2021?
  11. How is the problem of employee retention addressed in European countries?
  12. The challenges of religious and sexual discrimination in the workplace.
  13. What constitutes typical job satisfaction?
  14. The calculation of possible risks when hiring a new employee.
  15. The daily childcare and bonuses for single parents issue.
  16. The financial factor and the work progress relation.
  17. How should workplace harassment be reported?
  18. The workplace monitoring and safety methods.
  19. The leadership style in the X company (case study).
  20. How can an HR manager relieve stress when dealing with conflicts?
  21. How can companies promote industrial harmony?
  22. Should the ethical code be introduced as a part of the employment check?
  23. What should be included in the staff training sessions?
  24. The lack of human resources VS employee overfilling problem.
  25. How can productivity be increased with the help of team competition?

As you are looking for a cheap research paper, it is still important to consider interesting human resource management research paper topics that will not only inspire you but will also force your audience to read further. Remember to think over your thesis and come up with an argument that fully reflects your subject.

Another important aspect related to HR research paper writing is avoiding plagiarism, which means that you should reference every idea that is not yours. The same relates to proofreading and accuracy. Consider custom research paper writing to handle such issues and never have to worry about not getting things done on time. Time is always a critical factor, which is why do not think twice as you reach out for academic success!

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