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Fourth Industrial Revolution for the Earth

06 Apr 2020

Human well-being is intertwined with the environment. From local communities to the global commons, the environment provides natural resources that fuel the growth of industries and economies and influences public issues as diverse as health, natural disaster response and recovery, and food and energy security. With the planet increasingly under stress, action on environmental issues – such as climate change, biodiversity, and ocean health – constitute some of the most urgent and large-scale challenges. The innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) hold great potential for improving management and governance of the global environment and delivering the systems change required to create clean, resource-secure and inclusive economies.

With support from the MAVA Foundation, PwC and Stanford University, this project seeks to harness that potential by mapping 4IR solutions against the most pressing environmental challenges, identifying and addressing related governance issues, and identifying and mobilising the critical ingredients that will enable 4IR solutions to scale.

Core Components:

  1. Insight Series – an agenda-shaping series of issue and technology-based insight papers that become a consolidated publication in the medium term.
  2. Stanford Dialogues – a series of face-to-face and online dialogues focused on identifying the critical issues, informing the insight series, and building a community of purpose
  3. Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – In collaboration with governments and other partners, co-design and test policy frameworks and governance protocols needed to accelerate the societal benefits of, and mitigate the risks from, technology for the environment. Initial workstreams include renewable energy, weather data and resilience, and oceans.
  4. Accelerator Platform – Development a public-private accelerator that pools and deploys public- and private-sector funds to scale up Fourth Industrial Revolution solutions. This includes building a multistakeholder community of purpose collaborating to help accelerate and scale 4IR innovations for the environment.  

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