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Establishing Your Brand Voice

03 Mar 2020

Brand voice - the purposeful, consistent expression of a brand through words and prose styles that engage and motivate.

So how do you go about establishing one? And what makes a brand stand out? Hello readers, and welcome to our latest blog piece detailing exactly how to find and establish your brand's voice online. The social media marketing realm has taken on a new level of importance for brands and companies trying to establish their presence across social platforms. If you aren’t careful then you may end up with varying tones and voices across platforms, and that isn’t desired when you’re trying to absorb similar audiences on each.

Potential customers should be able to recognize and connect with your brand regardless of what social site they may be engaging with you on. You want to make sure that your voice transcends between instagram, twitter, snapchat, etc.

When establishing your voice try asking yourself the following questions to help you better paint a picture of who your brand is and who you’re aiming to target.


If your brand was a person, who would it look like?

Sounds weird to imagine right? But trust us, getting an idea of who your brand is will help you tie in other elements of the entire branding process. What types of clothes does your brand wear? What kind of music do they listen to? What kind of food do they eat? How old are they? What kinds of hobbies do they have? What are their beliefs? What does their inner friend circle look like?

More likely than not, the answers to these types of questions will help you pinpoint your target market and where to find them. Having an idea of who your brand would be will also aid you when it comes time to create a logo + color scheme that you will tie into your overall branding strategy. Remember, the more personality you tie into your brand voice, the more likely someone is to recognize that voice and will continuously come back to engage - your goal is to build a relationship with your consumers.

Who are you talking to?

Once you have a better idea of who your target demo is, you can begin better tailoring your marketing messages. For example, if you know your target demo is young teens between the ages of 12-18 then you’re going to want to take a less formal approach when marketing to them. Knowing who you’re talking to will also open the door for endless marketing opportunities tailored around real world events. Going off of the young teen demo we can instantly tie in events like prom, graduation, dating, etc. Knowing who you’re talking to will help get the conversation started.

Still in the process of establishing your brand? Consider Design Contest to make a logo for you quickly, efficiently, and professionally. JotForm also provides an important service about how to edit a .PDF and create branded material you can email to clients.

Another great way to figure out who you’re talking to, especially if your brand has already been created and you’re trying to better establish your voice, is to ask the people who are already following along your journey. Instagram has become a communication tool that when utilized is unlike anything else that’s currently available to marketers. Use the tools on Instagram Stories, like POLLS, to pose questions to your following to find out who’s already following you and what they’re enjoying or want to see more of.

Where is your target demo spending most of their time?

It’s time to face the facts, we are currently living in a digital era where attention is our most valued and sought after asset. It may seem like a daunting task to try and establish your brand voice on every single platform available to you, so don’t do that right away! Find out where your target demo is spending most of their time and focus on those platforms first. Instagram has become a mecca for consumers and brands alike, so establishing your brand presence on here is a vital first step in the right direction. Instagram allows you to paint your brands persona through the use of image + video visuals and we recommend using some type of “grid planning” tool to help you better plan your feed. Consistency and a cohesive feel is mandatory when establishing your brands voice on this platform and we recommend checking out our article on ways to boost your overall Instagram presence.

What is your why?

This one may be the trickiest and we hope you spend some time really nailing down your why. Your why is essentially the core of your business + brand - why are you doing what you’re doing? What issue(s) are you resolving? Why should a consumer spend time checking out your business + product?

Figuring out your why will help you better tailor the type of content your publishing across your platforms. You want to make sure the content you’re pushing is both relevant and adds value to your consumers and those giving you their time and attention.

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