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Top 100 Environmental Research Paper Topics for Your Inspiration

28 Sep 2021Research Paper Topics

Why Taking Care of Our Environment is Essential

Ever since humans first appeared, our planet has provided us with all basic needs like food, air, water, and energy. However, our environment can sometimes harm us too, with natural disasters like droughts, earthquakes, landslides, and floods. In such cases, we give our best to try and figure out the leading causes for their occurrence. 

The more we learn about why something happens in nature, the better we can understand how to enhance or prevent it. As human beings, we all have some basic knowledge of the environment we live in. However, it’s essential to broaden those understandings daily and learn more about ecology and the environment. It’s the only way for us to stop the hazardous side-effects of our industrial growth from damaging the planet we live on.

environmental research paper topics​​

Environmental Research for Better Living

We can also help prevent the extinction of endangered or endemic species, which are an essential part of our ecosystem and could cause a disbalance in their local environment if they were to disappear. Environmental research is not just a technique for survival – it’s much more.

It is now a separate field of study led by environmental sciences to positively impact the world around us. This type of research is extensive, and there are numerous environmental research paper topics college students can choose from and explore.

Some overlap with other disciplines, and based on your preferences – be it law research paper, health, biology, chemistry, science, debate, or other – you can choose yours and explore it in great detail. Writing about the environment in research papers is yet another step to a better environment.

Not only do these environmental research paper topics dig deeper into particular burning issues, their causes, and effects, but they also provide possible solutions that could help deal with them once and for all.

What Makes an Environmental Research Topic Good

Environmental research paper topics cover numerous issues which usually overlap with chemistry, biology, oceanography, civil engineering, water resources engineering, zoology, and the gas and oil industry. Simply put, there’s a great variety of topics you can choose from.

What makes one topic better than the other, though?

  • First of all, it’s always better to choose a topic from an area of research you’re particularly interested in. For example, if you are more of a biologist, you should opt for topics covering plants, e.g., deforestation and afforestation.
  • Secondly, that would always be an advantage if you’re able to reflect on a topic from a bystander perspective. 
  • And last but not least, a powerful topic should offer solutions to a particular modern-day problem in our environment. That way, your topic will have a clear purpose.

List of the top 100 environment research paper topics

The following list of 100 environment research topics will help you find inspiration, so you’ll be able to design your topic faster and start writing your paper without further delays. 

The topics have been divided into groups for you to narrow down your search easier.

Environmental Health Topics

  1. Endemic wildlife – their unique importance for nature as a whole
  2. National parks and their significance for our health 
  3. The global impact of tectonic movements on the world’s ecosystems
  4. Lung cancer and radon – analysis and potential solutions
  5. Acid rain and the harmful effects on aquatic life
  6. Killing wildlife with acid rain – what can we do to prevent it?
  7. How vital was prehistoric wildlife for the ecosystems we have today?
  8. Air pollution and its destructive impact on health
  9. Can recycling help improve the health of people worldwide?
  10. What can we do to minimize the depletion of the ozone layer?
  11. The depletion of the ozone layer and its harmful impacts on health?
  12. GMOs, herbicides, and pesticides in food and their impact on health

Environmental Debates Topics

  1. Can life on Earth co-exist with radiation? Artificial vs. natural radioactivity
  2. How essential is oil for the ecosystem? Oil pollution and the oil industry
  3. Is there anything we can do to reverse the ozone layer depletion?
  4. Will using red lights make a significant difference in our environment?
  5. When we say green energy, what do we mean? Is it green?
  6. Can we redeem our planet with the use of green energy?
  7. How far should humans go into meddling with extinction? Is it a natural cause?

Environmental Justice Topics

  1. Does the government have the most significant impact on the recycling effort of the country?
  2. Do we use the total capacity of science to impact climate change?
  3. Nuclear power – the importance for the environment and its role in foreign policies
  4. Freight transport is a major cause of greenhouse gases emission – how can we reduce it?
  5. The hospitality industry and the environmental management

Environmental Science Topics

  1. Industrial plants and their connection to water resources – are they a great cause for human diseases?
  2. Switching to hydrogen from fossil fuels – why is it beneficial for the world?
  3. How can we stop the destruction of coral reefs?
  4. The contamination of our soil – to what extent are wastes and pesticides responsible for it?
  5. The acidification of the ocean – how big a problem is it?
  6. The melting of permafrost and its impact on climate change
  7. Global warming – busting all myths about it
  8. The increased concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere – downsides
  9. Small water resources and their importance for the environment
  10. Acid rains and industrialization – what’s the link?

Environmental Controversial Topics

  1. The impact of toxic waste on our environment
  2. The causes and effects of global warming – what can we expect in the next decade?
  3. Can people make use of the greenhouse effect?
  4. The depletion of the ozone layer, the current situation, and prospects
  5. If all ice glaciers in the world melt from global warming – what can we expect?
  6. How important is recycling? Is it a safety strategy or a business?

Environmental Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. What strategic actions can we implement to save our environment?
  2. Conservation – an analysis
  3. How can Donald Trump help save our planet?
  4. To what extent should humans be concerned about endangered species, and how can they help stop their extinction?
  5. Deforestation – causes, dangers, and effects on our modern world
  6. The destruction of wildlife in the Amazon forest – impacts
  7. Afforestation – is it possible? Can it help save a dying planet?

Environmental Biology Topics

  1. Asthma attacks and the environmental influence on them
  2. The effects of genetic diseases on humans
  3. Roots of plants – a comparative study
  4. Photosynthesis is different in some plants – a comparative study
  5. Crustaceans and their importance for the environment
  6. Why do we call Earth a living organism?
  7. Invasive species and their impact on the environment
  8. Soil composition – is it the same everywhere, and why not?
  9. Viruses in nature – an analysis of how they work
  10. The different types of trees in your local area
  11. If honey bees become extinct, what would the effects on nature be? 

Environmental Chemistry Topics

  1. The scientific standpoint for climate change 
  2. Scientific examination and critic reviews on climate change
  3. The spread of harmful and dangerous microorganisms and farm chemicals
  4. How does farming affect the environment? Are there dangers to it?
  5. The contamination of groundwater – causes and risks
  6. The destruction of the forest ecosystem and its coping mechanisms
  7. Bush burning – the hazardous effects on the environment
  8. GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides – how do they impact our lives
  9. Spraying vegetables with chemicals – pros and cons
  10. The oil pollution and the dangers for wildlife 

Environmental Economic Topics

  1. Air pollution and urban migration – is there a link?
  2. Modernization and noise pollution
  3. If we harness solar energy, will we make a good impact on the environment?
  4. The Gulfstream and its importance in the world’s economy
  5. The impact of the technological advancements on the environment
  6. Technology and the environment – benefits & downsides
  7. Ecology in the world today and prospects for the next decade

Environmental Argument Topics

  1. The impact of the environmental issues on the world as a whole 
  2. Our planet Earth and its desertification – causes & effects
  3. Can we make a significant change in the environment with sustainable consumption?
  4. The implementation of sustainable consumption and prospects
  5. PET bottles – what’s unsafe about them? Can they kill you?
  6. The parameters for the quality of the sol and the impact of drought on it
  7. Cattle grazing and GMOs – their effect on the production of greenhouse gas

Environmental History Topics

  1. EPA – the hazardous waste
  2. Exxon Valdez and Santa Barbara oil spills
  3. The Love Canal Case and the Eastman Kodak Case
  4. The 1978 Three Mile Island
  5. A comparative analysis of the most prominent earthquakes throughout history
  6. A comparative analysis of the most prominent floods throughout history
  7. A comparative study of the most prominent landslides throughout history
  8. Norman Borlaug and the Rockefeller Foundation in the Green Revolution
  9. The SARE/LISA and the USDA programs on sustainable agriculture
  10. The emergence of agricultural biotechnology

Environmental Law Topics 

  1. Human vs. animal rights
  2. Would implementing tax payments for carbon emissions help minimize them?
  3. Making vegetarianism mandatory – pros and cons
  4. If governments ban GMOs, what can we expect?
  5. The future of agriculture and organic farming
  6. Exports of animals – should governments ban them?
  7. Zoos – should governments ban them?
  8. Selling fur – should the government of each country ban it?
  9. Should we make the selling of plastic bags illegal?
  10. The impacts of tourism on our environment


We hope that these classified lists of environment project topics will help you find your most suitable pick. Whichever option you choose from, be it from the group of environmental science research topics or a research connected to environmental justice, you should always present both the supporting and opposing views.

Note that you have to set an academic goal before you start writing an essay. Therefore, make sure that the topic you choose can accomplish it. If you need help with research paper choice, writing, or else, you can always consult our experts. 

If you think that would be too strenuous, buying research paper is another option many people resort to.

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