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List of Controversial Research Topics Ideas

04 Aug 2021Research Paper Topics

As the name implies, it relates to various subjects that contain certain controversies and usually represent social debates. One of the most prominent examples would be religion or the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes. The key element of a successful controversial research paper is finding enough evidence to support your thoughts just like you would do in a position paper. Still, the best research paper topics are those that also offer counter-arguments and opposite opinions to explain the essence of controversy itself. Looking for controversial research topics, remember that you should explore the subject first and provide enough evidence, statistics, and examples. The more information you can explore, the better. Your paper must sound confident and make your audience see your position clearly.

Writing a Controversial Research Paper Tips

Controversial Research Topics

When you require research paper assistance, do not forget about the list of simple things that you must consider before you start with your exploration:

  • Research similar research publications and scientific journals to gain enough academic knowledge related to your subject. Stating that marijuana is bad because it makes people stupid would not sound sufficient! Talking about the physical impact of morphine and the decrease of cognitive functions would.
  • Narrow your topic down to match your thesis statement. The best controversial topics for research papers are those that focus on a single idea or a point that brings up controversy. It will also help you to avoid having your ideas sound like a total mess of atoms in the universe.
  • Provide real-life examples and evidence. It will help people relate as they can explore recent events or have analysis by professionals in the field act as the supporting evidence for your ideas.

As you write your paper, remember about proofreading and editing to avoid repetitions, style, and grammar mistakes. By doing so, you will be able to avoid those minor issues that can decrease your final grade.

How to Choose Controversial Topics For Research Papers?

Looking for controversial topics for research paper, you should consider something that you know well and avoid those topics that make you feel uncomfortable or overly angry. For example, writing about domestic violence or teenage gangs when you have been through either is not always a good idea because you will find it difficult to explore the other side of the issue. If you are given some controversial topic you just cannot avoid, you can pay for research papers and let professionals help you.

The other important aspect is the presence of sufficient statistical data and examples because your words only will make your paper sound like a personal reflective journal. Your purpose is to provide a synthesis of available information on a topic and explore the controversy involved.

🔎30 Controversial Research Paper Topics

As a rule, it is always good when you can have some ideas to start with. It is much better to follow good examples and get into creative mode. Regardless of your academic preferences or college discipline, these thirty controversial research paper topics will serve as the starting point for your future assignment:

  1. Should children be allowed to vote?
  2. Do children from single families do worse at school?
  3. Marijuana is less dangerous than smoking or alcohol.
  4. Should religious education be made compulsory?
  5. Does school uniform lead to equality?
  6. Is Freedom of Speech justified?
  7. Do plagiarism fears lead to even more plagiarism?
  8. Military service means no return to normal civil life.
  9. The church and politics do not mix together.
  10. The controversial aspect of the Black Lives Matter movement.
  11. Are single-gender summer camps justified?
  12. Is being vegan more of a lifestyle than a moral concern?
  13. The censorship in Northern Korea.
  14. The role of fear in religious upbringing.
  15. How does the American Dream belief affect our lives?
  16. Negative stigma concerning metal music.
  17. Should prisoners be allowed to work in education.
  18. The dark side of surrogate motherhood.
  19. The business aspect of the church.
  20. Why Homeopathy should not be perceived as legal healthcare practice.
  21. The moral side of civil marriage unions.
  22. The distorted body image on social media.
  23. Bloggers are not journalists.
  24. The role of Instagram influencers.
  25. The rise of nationalism through the prism of globalization.
  26. Global Warming is a hoax: pros and cons.
  27. The teachers must be allowed to carry weapons.
  28. The Belgian legislation and euthanasia: a controversial case study.
  29. Modern media is to blame for domestic violence.
  30. Why cursing people should be considered as mental harassment.

Remember that these are only a few controversial topics that you should consider. It’s always good to narrow things down a little bit and provide information from both camps of the issue, meaning that an opposite opinion (contrary to yours) must be presented and analyzed with relevant references. By doing so, you will be able to present a perfect controversial research paper that meets the highest academic writing research standards.

Inspiration Matters

The most important thing is to let your subject motivate you to explore and stir things up as you write. Your thesis must inspire your audience to think deeper. Have a look at the topics above, brainstorm your ideas, and let the inspiration guide you!

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