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150 Top-Shelf Communication Research Topics in 2023

11 May 2021Research Paper Topics

The discipline of communication is an elaborate one and can take many different forms. Writing, recording media, and speaking are all viable forms of communication, all of which follow different rules. The content, information, and delivery depend on the research topic and your savviness, as that will directly dictate most of the behaviors you convey as well as human interactions in general.

Communication research topics

The most common form of practicing communication in the education environment is writing. And this very type also appears one of the hardest things for most students. Sure, anyone can write a few lines, but writing something that appropriately conveys information can be a nightmarish ordeal – and it’s one that most of us have to go through at some point.

This article is dedicated to communication studies as the discipline itself, as well as to the elements that are essential for preparing a compelling research paper. Besides, you’ll find a list of our top 150 communication research paper topics across 12 different fields.

Approaches to Studying Communication

Communication is a science, an art form even, and it has four different approaches that fundamentally change the subject as a whole. The four primary approaches are discussed below:

Social Science Approach

The social science approach is the most widespread interpretation to this study as a whole – this entails studying and exploring it in the context of modern times. People who share this approach are firm believers that culture is a measurable variable. It can play an instrumental role in all kinds of interactions as a whole – and this approach stems from discovering this connection.

Interpretive Approach

The second most prominent approach to studying is through interpretation. This approach delves deep into understanding how information itself is perceived and received and optimizing connections as a whole.

Critical Approach

This one takes a critical perspective to the current or past state of communication, including persuasion, manipulation, and critiques. The primary prospect of this approach is to deduct the actual raw information from what’s being delivered and improve the delivery.

Postmodern Approach

Lastly, the postmodernist approach to Communication Studies strives to improve how the data is being delivered through studying, exploring, and devising new guides, formats, styles, media, and technologies for better data delivery.

The Secret Behind a Perfect Research Paper

If you’re a student, academic, or scholar looking to write a compelling research paper on Communication, it’s always better to do a solid preparation before you actually start writing. Please consider that you can always pay for a research paper, but if you want to create it on your own, it’s far from an easy task, and it takes quite a lot of preparation.

In case you’re new to the world of writing research papers or just want to hone your skills, we’re more than happy to provide you with some tips to improve your research paper.

First, we’ll start by outlining the process itself – then, we’ll move on to some insider tips on writing a research paper on this subject, and lastly, we’ll provide the list of the most common mistakes people make when writing a research paper on Communication.

The process in the nutshell

The first step in preparing your research paper is finding a topic that suits your requirements. Below in this article you’ll find a list of 150 topics in 12 different subjects, so you can take one of ours to get the job done.

Once you have a topic at hand, you’ll want to do adequate research before writing a research paper. That entails reading other research papers, investigating, and doing surveys and studies.

When you have all the information, it’s time to gather it into something compelling. It’s best done by organizing your information and segmenting it before coming up with the best communication research paper topics. That will make the next step far easier, covering every piece of information you have for your research paper or study in detail.

Lastly, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your paper, i.e. formatting it according to the rules and regulations of the institution where you’re submitting the paper.

Top tips for writing an outstanding communication research paper

If you’re willing to write a top-of-the-line research paper, we recommend considering the following tips:

  • Never go outside of the topic at hand.
  • Make sure to smooth out any rough spots in your content.
  • Keep a constant direction throughout the paper (a detailed outline would surely help).
  • Use precise, clear, and crisp language and avoid jargon.
  • Avoid using passive voice at all times.
  • Always practice proper punctuation, grammar, and style.
  • Follow the rules and guidelines of the institution and the required format style.

While these are far from all the tips on writing a brilliant paper, they’re vital things you need to keep in mind when doing so. Again, following these will instantly improve your content before you even start writing it, so recollect these rules the next time a research paper on Communication is due.

If these still seem a bit too challenging, perhaps you should buy a research paper instead.

Common mistakes to avoid when writing a research paper

Students tend to make several rather common mistakes when writing this type of paper. We’ve created a list of the most popular to keep you aware:

  • Not formatted content. Writing long paragraphs, avoiding subheadings, omitting bulleted lists, presenting data in the text format instead of tables/graphs, etc.
  • Lack of direction. Text that lacks a logical sequence, the subject is covered poorly.
  • Vagueness. The author’s thoughts are not supported, assumptions are made instead of facts.
  • Substandard grammar. Usage of jargonizes, informal writing style, shortened forms (it’s, you’d, etc.)).
  • Repetition. Including the same statements written in different words.
  • Absence of design elements. Tables, graphs, pictures, etc. where required.
  • Improper citation. The required format should be mentioned in the professor’s instructions (APA, ASA, Chicago, etc.).
  • Unsubstantiated abbreviations. Abbreviated names of education institutions, scientific works, etc.
    Note: When citing sources, always consider the particular format requirements.

And these are just some of the highlights. Such mistakes in writing can be found across all disciplines, not just in the world of Communications. Keep these in mind when writing your paper and you’ll see an instant improvement.

List of 150 Communication Research Topics

The topic is almost as important as the content itself. The text should answer the question that the subject presents. Developing an outstanding topic is the first step for your content to flow smoothly and instantly become valuable.

Coming up with top-tier topics for a research paper in Communication is a challenging task. To make it as simple as possible, we’ve decided to give you our own best picks.

We’ve outlined 150 various topics across twelve different subjects. You’ll find all of them below.

Interpersonal communication research topics

Interpersonal communication is an extremely vast, emotional, and heart-filled sphere, so the topics will have to reflect that. That’s why you can explore the following:

  1. Love in the 21st Century — Is It Going Digital?
  2. Passion in Long-Term Relationships — How to Reignite The Spark?
  3. Friendship in the Digital Era — The Pros and Cons
  4. Exploring Commitment in Corporate Employment Practices
  5. No-Strings-Attached Sexual Relationships and One Night Stands — Which Option is Better and Why
  6. The Primary Driver Between Marriage and Divorce
  7. Platonic Relationships and Their Impact on the Concept of Romance
  8. Financial and Emotional Dependency — How Are They Intertwined?
  9. Emotions and the Way They Are Expressed During the Pandemic
  10. Empathy for Victims of Tragedy — What Can We Do Better?

Intercultural communication research topics

Cultures make humanity unique and beautiful, and the communication research paper topics should reflect that fact as much as possible. That’s why the following make ideal options:

  1. Exploring Prophecies Based on Culture and Region
  2. Which Old Traditions Made It to the Modern World
  3. Religion and Its Socio-Political Influence
  4. Customs and Their Implication on Society
  5. What Ethnicity Means to Ethnic Minorities
  6. Exploring the Differences Between Nationality and Nationalism
  7. Race and How It Impacts Modern Communication
  8. How Racism Changed The Way We Communicate
  9. The Rising Threat of Cultural Appropriation in Multi-Ethnic Societies
  10. Globalization and Loss of Individualism Between Cultures
  11. How Language Connects and Disconnects Cultures
  12. Cultural Diversity and Its Role in Modern Politics
  13. Phonology and Sign Language as the Means of Modern Communication
  14. How Laws and Regulations Reshape Cultures
  15. What Unifies All Cultures Under the Same Banner

Mass communication research topics

We live in a world that is becoming more connected via interacting people with each other than ever, and it’s an exciting prospect. Some of the best research paper topics for mass communication are:

  1. Democracy and the Surprising Lack of It in Modern Political Systems
  2. Shadow-Authoritarianism and How It Is Conveyed to the Masses
  3. Exploring Honesty, Morals, and Ethics in Politics
  4. Media Manipulation and How It Controls Populations
  5. How Phrasing Changes the Context
  6. Innovation and Its Positive Role in Modern Communication
  7. How Technology Is Changing the Way We Communicate
  8. Archaic Communication Methods and How They’re Used Today
  9. Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Speech in the US
  10. Digital Cognition and Virtual Communication Across the World

Journalism research topics

Truth, exposure, and integrity are the three defining traits of journalism, and your communications research paper should reflect that perfectly, which is why these make the perfect topics:

  1. The Current Political Divide in the United States
  2. How Socio-Economic Factors Affect Voters’ Perspectives
  3. How News and Broadcasting Can Become the Boiling Point That Leads to Change
  4. Morals and Ethics in Modern Digital Journalism
  5. Virtual Propaganda and Its Frightening Presence in Everyday Journalism
  6. How Mass Media Controls Trends and Profits off Them
  7. Instability in War Struck Regions
  8. Freedom of Expression for Minorities in the US
  9. Female, Ethnic, and Minority Empowerment Efforts in Recent Years
  10. How Technology Broadens or Limits Our Access to Information
  11. The Prospects of Perjury in Developing Countries
  12. Gossip and How It Ruins Lives Forever
  13. Emotional Manipulation in Journalism
  14. How Bias Changed Journalism Forever
  15. Lies and Half-Truths in Crisis-Stuck Regions

Media research topics

The media is in charge of how we take and perceive information, and to say that it’s a massive thing would be an understatement, which is why you can explore these engaging topics:

  1. Media Manipulation and How to Stop It
  2. How Phrasing Can Make or Break a Broadcast
  3. Copyright Issues in the Cyberspace of Tomorrow
  4. Literary Work Censorship and How It Is Manifesting in the Real World
  5. The Past, Present, and Prospect of Biased Media Outlets
  6. Opinionated Content In Information and Data Delivery
  7. Communication Monopolies and Information Manipulation
  8. How Current Events Shape Our Communication and Recollection
  9. How Past Events Change Our Perspective on Communication
  10. Controversies, Shaming, and How They Affect Communication Development

Public relations research topics

Just like how culture makes us the way we are, public relations define how different cultures interact with each other and influence people within. It’s a wide spectrum, which is why you can explore a range of communication research topic ideas such as the following:

  1. How Corporate Reputation Reflects on Public Relations
  2. The Cult of Creating an Image
  3. “Corporatespeak” and How It Leads to Confusion
  4. The Data-Driven World of CMS Solutions and How AI Is Changing the Way We Communicate
  5. How Education Influences and Changes the Way We Talk to One Another
  6. The Monumental Power Influence in Conveying Ideas
  7. Community Relations and Tension: How They Reshape Modern Communication
  8. Demographics and Backgrounds: What Do They Mean for Public Relations
  9. Should Characterisation Influence Public Relations
  10. How Communication and Comedy Go Hand In Hand With Tragedy
  11. Do Modern Media Platforms Influence How We Talk to One Another?
  12. Administrative and Mundane Work and Its Effect on Interpersonal Relations
  13. Data Science and Tracking as a Means to Reshape Public Relations
  14. How Public Health and Safety Change Our Most Basic Communication Needs
  15. How Public Relations Are Controlled and Executed

Advertising Topics

Money doesn’t make the world go round – marketing and advertising do, which is why you can explore the following topics for your communications research topics in the advertisement:

  1. Current, Past, and Future Trends in Advertising
  2. The Statistical Shift That Changed How Advertisers Approach Marketing
  3. The Massively Popular Tendency of Trend-Setting in Modern Media
  4. How Research Makes or Breaks Communication of Ideas in Advertising
  5. Data Discovery and Secrecy That Drive Successful Advertising Campaigns
  6. How Is Digital Advertising Conveyed to the Masses
  7. Communication in Archaic Advertisement Methodologies and the Practise of Consumerism
  8. Shady Practises in 21st Century Marketing
  9. A Brief History on Communication in Advertising Towards Children
  10. Advertising Methodologies and How They’ve Changed Alongside Modern Business Practises

Topics on Virtual Communication

The internet has changed humanity forever and for good, which is why exploring the following topics can not only shed some light on your research paper but make it more interesting as well.

  1. What Have We Learned From the Forums of Yesterday?
  2. How Blogs Change Our Buying Habits
  3. Emails and Wordsmithing: Why Style Matters
  4. Reviews and Customer Communication on the Modern Internet
  5. Corporate Virtual Communication: Facetime, Zoom, and Skype
  6. How Video Communication Drives Us Apart as Humans
  7. The Phenomenon of Communicating Information Through Selfies
  8. Virtual Communication Addiction and How It Affects Mental Health
  9. File-Sharing: Is it Ethical or Illegal?
  10. How Social Media Has Already Changed Mankind Forever
  11. Messaging Apps and Their Rising Numbers: What Do They Mean?
  12. Anonymous Communication and Freedom of Expression
  13. Privacy Protection, VPNs, and Other Protective Measures
  14. Data Harvesting Through Digital Channels
  15. How Webinars, Elearning, and AI Are Reshaping Education

Social media research topic

Whether social media is a blessing or a curse is still up to interpretation – what we do know is that it’s more than a viable medium for interpersonal communication.

  1. The Astronomical Rise in Social Media Platforms and Adaptation
  2. The Wild Wild West That Is Social Media Advertising
  3. Targeting and Retargeting: How Social Media Tailors Itself to Our Needs
  4. Is Cross-Media Communication Ever Going to Become a Thing?
  5. Are Social Events on Social Media Taking the Spotlight From Traditional Events?
  6. The Impact of Social Media Video Games on Comradeship and Interpersonal Communication
  7. The Alarming Amount of Social Media Monitoring by Employers in the US
  8. Is Social Media Addiction the New Norm?
  9. The Very Real Threat of Cyberbullying and How It Ruins Lives Forever
  10. Sexual Abuse on Social Media and How to Combat It
  11. The Phenomenon of Revenge Porn and What It Does to the Person
  12. Video Content and Vlogging as a Means of Modern Communication
  13. Consumer Insights and the Data We Leave Behind for Marketers
  14. Corporate Social Media Presence and the Monumental Importance of the Wendy’s Mixtape
  15. How the Pandemic Has Changed Social Media for Good

Leadership Topics

The history of humanity was built upon the backs of great leaders, and all of them rose to power by utilizing communication in one way or the other. Here are some awesome topics for exploring leadership:

  1. How Do Leaders Express Themselves?
  2. The Style of Leadership and How It Reshapes the Denizens of the Leader Domain
  3. How Do Leaders Go About Acquiring Power Through Wit, Wordsmithing, and Speech
  4. The Strategies That Leaders Use to Control What People Are Saying About Them
  5. Manipulation Methodologies and How Leaders Control What You Can’t Criticize
  6. Modern-Day Leadership and How It Differs From the Leaders of Ages Long Gone
  7. Past Leadership Practises That Are Still Used to Connect With the People Today
  8. The Cult of Political Movements and How They Approach Information
  9. How Competition & Conjecture Go Hand In Hand
  10. The Twin Connection Between Ideologies and Ideas

Negotiations Research Topics

Negotiation and diplomacy are the vital aspects of communication and so they have been since the inception of civilization. Any one of these fantastic topics is a great pick for exploring negotiations:

  1. Diplomacy and How Communication Can Sway It in Your Favor
  2. Sovereignty Over Sentiment and Proclamation
  3. Sweetening the Deal: The Curse of Corruption in Modern Communication
  4. Lack of Autonomy and Misuse of Power in Modern Negotiation
  5. The Dangers of Independence in Corporate Negotiation
  6. A Tale of Stigma & Prejudice in Contested Opinions
  7. Legislations and How They Affect Negotiation
  8. I Have More Money Than You: A Tale of Corporate Negotiation
  9. The Blatantly Present Racism in International Affairs and How It Hinders Negotiation Progress
  10. Bold Decision-Making and Proclamation in the US Congress

Other Communication Research Topic Ideas

If you prefer thinking outside the box, here are some of our top ideas on the intersection of communication and psychology research topics:

  1. Expressing Yourself and How to Do It Properly
  2. Is Sexting Changing Our Kinks?
  3. Can You Induce Phenomena via Technology
  4. Political Influence and Rhetoric by Non-Political Figures
  5. How Peer Pressure Is Ruining the Youth
  6. The Prioritization of Verbal Abuse in the Education World
  7. Institutional Abuse of National and Ethnic Minorities Through Slander
  8. Human Values and the Lack Thereof in Modern Digital Communication
  9. Catfishing and Lies: The Rowdy World of Chat Apps
  10. The Prying Eyes in Privatized Communication
  11. The Everyday Nightmare of Baseless Stereotyping in Chat Rooms
  12. Virtual Reality and the New Way to Communicate
  13. Augmented Reality and the Escape From Real-Life Communication
  14. Influencers and How They Communicate Their Agenda
  15. Mass Paranoia, Fear, and Uncertainty in Communicating With Authorities

In Conclusion

Writing a research paper on communication is challenging work. That is the reason more and more students turn to professionals for assistance, with a simple phrase in mind: “I need someone to do my research paper for me.” However, with all these top-tips and topics, you’ll step up your research paper writing game, and you can be a little bit more confident when your next paper is due.

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