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Find Chemistry Research Topics for Your Paper

03 May 2020Research Paper Topics

Updated Aug 2021
Choosing the right topic for a paper is not an easy task, considering that you risk encountering major difficulties down the road if you pick a topic that is too general, too complex or too narrow. To help students like you, we’ve come up with a fresh list of interesting chemistry topics that you can cover in your next paper.

Tips for Writing Chemistry Research Papers

chemistry research topics

Writing a top-notch chemistry research paper is not an easy thing to do, especially if you’re swamped with other work. We understand that a student’s life is filled with difficulties, but writing a paper shouldn’t be one of them.

You can make this entire process much easier by taking a methodological, step-by-step student’s life approach to it. Start with the essentials and build up from there – and before you know it, you’re left with a top-shelf chemistry research paper that will not only land you a fantastic grade but will leave a lasting impression on your teacher.

Picking the right topic is the pinnacle of any research paper. The proper topic will not only dictate the properties of your paper but will serve as a base for the content you build upon it. Coming up with an original topic is difficult, but it almost always pays off.

Most universities will have a set of rules for writing a research paper, which can include anything from the subject matter to the formatting. We implore you to follow the formatting rules because if your paper is improperly formatted, your grade can suffer regardless of how well-written your paper is.

Researching a topic isn’t the most fun thing in the world, but there are a few ways to make it more dynamic. Finding the best medical research topics will be far easier than finding something broader such as biology research topics. Rather than browsing Google Scholar for hours on end, step out into the broader internet and try to drive inspiration from there.

YouTube channels such as NileRed, blog posts on popular chemistry blogs, or even publications – the sky’s the limit when you’re seeking inspiration, and once you do get inspired, doing research will be a piece of cake.

You can always theorize on anything that you like. You can theorize on basically any field of science, and in some areas, it’s mostly about theory. In chemistry, however, it’s all about blending theory and practice together.

While you can get inspired to become the next big thing in the world of chemistry, and you may be able to theorize something out of this world, if you cannot logically draw it out and put it into practice – it’s not going to be great for your research paper. Fall back on existing studies, think of something unique, and try it out before.

  • Inspiration is all around you; try to soak in as much as possible;
  • Don’t start work until you’ve worked out the topic;
  • Make sure to adhere to the proper faculty requirements for formatting and subject matter;
  • Keep your work strictly professional, clear, and concise;
  • Back your work up with experiments and other research papers/publications;
  • Always check your sources to establish that they’re still relevant and correct;
  • Try and make out the body of the text before you create the content;
  • Don’t rush your topic research – a topic is the foundation of a good paper.

High school chemistry research topics

High-school chemistry is fascinating due to the real-life applications you can discover through experiments and studies. Students who have to write chemistry papers prefer topics that are more practical than abstract. If you want to write a paper and be excited about the results you are going to get, explore our list of research topics for high school students.

  1. Detection of heavy metal in plants
  2. Air pollution measurements
  3. Optimizing indoor plants life through chemistry
  4. Oxygen discovery
  5. Artificial diamonds
  6. Water purification systems
  7. Chemical applications to human health
  8. Periodic table history
  9. Thermal effects of various chemical reactions
  10. Chemical applications in industries
  11. Acids properties
  12. Introduction to metals
  13. Metals compounds
  14. Chemical industries: evolution and developments
  15. Chemistry uses in medicine or medical technology

Chemistry research topics for college

Chemistry gets more complicated in college, but the rewards are as great as the challenges. Course material usually relates directly to problems or issues of our daily lives. By writing a research paper, you discover the truth behind real-world processes or activities.  Choose from the following topics to write a compelling paper.

  1. Tap water purification
  2. Environmental nanotoxicology
  3. Chemical neuroscience developments
  4. Materials in relation to thermoelectricity
  5. Science facts behind allergies
  6. Growing artificial organic tissues
  7. Fertilizers and pesticides
  8. Environmentally-friendly materials
  9. Technological uses of nuclear fusion
  10. Environmental pollution with chemicals

Interesting chemistry research topics 

Chem undergraduates are passionate about their academic discipline, so they enjoy researching intriguing aspects in your field. There’s so much to learn and discover that the real challenge is choosing a topic. If you want to write original papers, check our list. As a professional research paper writing service, we feature research ideas that relate to important issues of modern society. Get your inspiration below.

  1. Applications of surface tension
  2. Evolution of an allergy
  3. Composition of food dye
  4. Use of photocatalysis in 3D printers
  5. Molecule composition and appearance
  6. Molecule connectivity in living cells
  7. Cellular changes due to aging
  8. Evolution of artificial organs
  9. Effects of e-cigarettes
  10. Growing synthetic food

Organic chemistry research topics

Do you have to write a paper on organic chemistry? This is where you must focus on the structure, properties, composition, or reactions of carbon-containing compounds. This is one of the most rewarding parts of chemistry, where every study leads to a real-life practical solution. Whether you’re buying research paper or writing one by yourself,  choose a topic that you’re passionate about from the examples below.

  1. Alcohols, Phenols, Ethers
  2. Composition, use, and effects of addition polymers or plastics
  3. Chemical composition of vitamins
  4. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  5. Pain relief medicine - Chemical composition
  6. Birth control methods: progesterone
  7. Acne treatments - Retin-A
  8. Fiber polymers
  9. Nicotine/Caffeine effects
  10. Antidepressants

Inorganic chemistry research topics

Inorganic chemistry covers everything regarding the synthesis and behavior of inorganic chemical compounds. This is where chemical innovation and invention reign. You can focus on your paper in these top research-areas below.

  1. Formation of sapphires
  2. Matter states
  3. Introduction to sulfuric acid
  4. Silicon dioxide use in solar cells
  5. Orbital hybridization in molecules
  6. Hard/soft acids
  7. Crystal Field Theory
  8. Structure and bonding in metals
  9. Hard/soft magnets
  10. Iron versus steel malleability

Chemical engineering research topics

Are you a chemical engineering student? Do you want to write a paper that will impress your professor and help you learn more about your field? Explore these intriguing topics.

  1. Wastewater treatment
  2. Biofuels and rocket fuel
  3. Nano filters
  4. Molecular dynamics and simulation
  5. Microfluidics
  6. Rare earth extraction
  7. Reduction in Nox emissions
  8. Coal and Iron slimes processing
  9. Nanofiltration systems
  10. Density functional theory simulation

Computational chemistry research topics

Computational chemistry is a promising research area research for chem scientists. Even if you’re at the beginning of your academic career, these are some challenging, yet approachable topics you can write about in your next research paper.

  1. Development of chemical sensors
  2. Dye-sensitized solar cells
  3. Hydrogen bonding simulation
  4. Metal oxide nanoparticles
  5. Heterogeneous catalytic conversion of CO2 to CH3OH
  6. Energy surfaces
  7. Coupled Cluster Theory
  8. Natural bond orbitals
  9. Single-point energies
  10. Relative energies

Analytical chemistry research topics

In your first analytical chemistry class, you discovered that this is the discipline that studies and analyzes matter using various instruments and methods. This is a vast area of knowledge, so if you want to narrow down your interests for a research paper, look below at our list.

  1. Chemical Equilibrium
  2. Dangers of Ibuprofen
  3. Electroanalytical techniques
  4. Advantages of isomerism framework
  5. Electrochemical applications
  6. Industrial Quality Assurance of Soda
  7. Spectroscopy applications
  8. Electrodes and Potentiometry
  9. Comparative analysis of vitamin tablets
  10. Acid-base titrations

Controversial Chemistry Research Topics

While it might not seem like it, the way that our understanding of chemistry evolves can be quite controversial. Here are some high-end unique topics on the controversy of chemistry:

  1. Chemical and Biological Warfare. Way Forward or a Nail in the Coffin
  2. Chemistry - the Deadliest Scientific Profession
  3. How Murder, Corrupt Governments, and Genocide Breathed New Life Into Chemistry as a Science
  4. Genetics and Molecule Replication - Just How Far Can We Go
  5. Playing God With Chemistry – Volume 1
  6. How Lethal Injection Has Evolved Over the Years
  7. Murder or Euthanasia and Chemistry’s Role in It
  8. Diseases. Synthetic or Natural – Who Can Do It Better
  9. Remedies and Poisons. The Buzzing History
  10. Combustion Chemistry. Explosives used as Medicine?

Essential Chemistry Research Topics

Chemistry, along with physics, is one of the essential sciences, so here are some of the essential topics that will get you a broader understanding of the field:

  1. The Many Different Types of Organic Compounds
  2. Crystals. Synthetic Versus Natural
  3. What Do We Eat and Drink daily. Chemist’s Perspective
  4. Exploring the Chemical Traits of Common Groceries
  5. Are Pesticides Harmful to Our Health?
  6. The Generational Side-Effects of Herbicide Exposure
  7. The Nasties in Our Air. How Pollution Is Way Worse Than Just Melting the Ice Caps
  8. Exploring the Four States of Matter – Why Is Plasma So Rare on Earth?
  9. Otto Ambros - Monster or Innovator, or Both?
  10. What Makes Lithium Such an Efficient Battery Material?

Environmental chemistry research topics

The threat of global warming has led to a new academic discipline, environmental chemistry, which studies the effects of human activity on natural environments and other interesting aspects related to the natural world. Write a paper on a popular topic to arouse your reader's attention.

  1. Cloud formation
  2. Biomes variety
  3. Industrial activity and acid rains
  4. Ecological disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima
  5. Developments in green energy
  6. Tap water purification
  7. Global warming – Causes and Effects
  8. Effects of deep-sea mining
  9. Groundwater contamination and risks
  10. Oil industry pollution

Physical chemistry research topics

Many students consider physical chemistry one of the most difficult courses in college and wonder “Can someone do my research paper for me?” If you want to take your knowledge of physical chemistry further, you can cover a topic from below with the help of a professional writer.

  1. Quantum mechanics and chemistry
  2. Vibrational spectroscopy
  3. Electronic spectroscopy
  4. Harmonic and anharmonic oscillator
  5. Multielectron atoms
  6. Chemical bonding or heteroatomics
  7. The Schrodinger Equation
  8. Gas properties
  9. Applications in kinetics
  10. Entropy laws

Biochemistry research paper topics

Do you want to know everything about proteins, enzymes, acids, and carbohydrates?  Explore these topics.

  1. Enzymes kinetics
  2. Cell metabolism processes
  3. Proteins - Structure and role
  4. Metabolism of fatty acids
  5. DNA replication and repair
  6. Carbohydrates - Structure and role
  7. Nucleic Acids analysis
  8. Protein function - Key principles
  9. Role of lipids in biological systems
  10. Special properties of water


Chemistry is one of the more refined sciences out there. Throughout human history, it has been used to cure, kill, and explore – nowadays, chemistry is known as the bane of all students, and if you’re studying chemistry, it’s safe to say that you might have a hard time doing so.

No matter how much you love the subject matter, no one expects you to be on your best game every time, all the time – but we have a solution. If you need a research paper, you might want to give us at Study Clerk a try.

We’re staffed by seasoned industry professionals who would be more than happy to take the workload off your shoulders and help you with anything by writing a top-quality chemistry research paper!

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