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100+ Topics for Cause and Effect Essay to Choose From

29 Nov 2021Essay Topics

The purpose of cause and effect essays is to examine certain events that have occurred. A typical cause and effect essay will explore how something happened or what the causes are. What are the factors that have impacted the event, and how will this event affect new developments? 

Simply put, they describe how and why something happened. Cause and effect essay topics are assigned in college, high school, and even middle school. Teachers can give you a task to write primarily about the effects, causes, or the combination of both. 

In general, they are assigned to see how analytical students can be and whether they can find logical connections between different events. In general, this is considered one of the most straightforward research papers students can write, but it’s not always that simple. 

cause and effect essay topics

How to Choose Narrative Essay Topics

In many situations, professors will give their students some general theme they wish them to explore. In other words, you will have to choose a topic of your own. But this can be challenging right from the start, as students need to find a scenario that caused another event. 

This can require some time and effort to figure out. On the other hand, you can also try coming up with a question that points to a connection between a particular cause and effect. Take the time to brainstorm cause and effect essay ideas and come up with different perspectives. 

Try to narrow down your general topic so that you can find an adequate scenario. After you’ve determined your event, try to see what effects it may have caused. Have a single angle that you will follow from beginning to end. 

Make your topic clear so that readers can instantly understand what you will be talking about in your essay. If you’re still new to this, consider finding reliable writing services to help you finish your first paper the right way. 

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for Students

Sometimes it can be tough to brainstorm new cause and effect essay topics. Even a professional essay maker needs some time to find the right subject. That’s why we’ve created a list of 100 cause and effect essay topics that you can use just the way they are or simply to get inspiration. 

Cause and effect essay ideas for middle school 

  1. What would happen if the internet disappeared right now? 
  2. How my parents affected my growth and development 
  3. Explaining how weather changes affect the clothes we choose to wear 
  4. What would happen if we all stopped taking care of our personal hygiene? 
  5. The biggest effects poverty has on people and why 
  6. How using mobile phones at an early age affects young children 
  7. Why do most kids love all of the movies and cartoons made by Disney?
  8. The effects of not developing work habits and discipline to get up early 
  9. How digital technologies affect our communicating skills and make us more distanced 
  10. Why are break-ups difficult, and how do they affect our lives 

Cause and Effect Topics High School

  1. How do school uniforms affect students? Do they make them more disciplined? 
  2. Playing video games can help develop your brain - here’s how 
  3. Why building more highways and roads won’t solve traffic jams 
  4. Keeping your long-distance relationships healthy with phone calls 
  5. Why spending a lot of time on social media makes you depressed 
  6. How parent involvement affects the education and growth of a child 
  7. Why do children with both parents grow into more stable individuals?
  8. Great communication amongst couples leads to better relationships that last longer! 
  9. What causes illegal immigration and what affects it has 
  10. Ways reading books can help a person grow intellectually 

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College 

  1. Why does cyberbullying exist, and what consequences it has on its victims?
  2. A lot of students work and study at the same time - here’s how this affects them! 
  3. Why are traditional moral values degrading in modern society 
  4. Reasons why there are more and more people suffering from social anxiety 
  5. What were the causes of WWII? How the world changed after 
  6. What is pessimism, and how it affects people’s lives 
  7. What hardships do people face when they move to another country 
  8. How going to college affects people and shapes their personality 
  9. How physical health affects the mental well-being of people 
  10. Why is college education getting more expensive, and what are the results? 

Fun cause and effect essay topics 

  1. What makes students laugh, and why do they have a specific sense of humor?
  2. Why are chaotic people considered creative? 
  3. Why low phone battery causes us so much pain 
  4. Memes can save our lives - here’s why 
  5. What makes the last season of Game of Thrones so bad 
  6. How posting the wrong picture on social media is our biggest fear 
  7. Music changes the way we think and behave around people 
  8. How being in love makes us feel amazing and full of joy 
  9. Why vegans can be annoying even though they’re doing a good thing 
  10. How can social media make us feel great about ourselves? 

Personal topics for cause and effect essays 

  1. How playing video games has helped me go through college 
  2. My parents helped me grow into a successful person
  3. Why I’ve cheated on my partners in the past
  4. How peer pressure motivated me to become better 
  5. My pets have always helped me combat loneliness 
  6. Going to college made me lose sleep for a long time 
  7. Eating fast food made me gain a lot of weight in a short time 
  8. Riding a bike to school helped me stay in shape 
  9. Stress made me overeat and find comfort in food 
  10. Not keeping a budget made me get into financial trouble 

Interesting cause and effect essay topics 

  1. How anti-racist movements are actually stirring up racism 
  2. The effects of driving cars on our environment 
  3. Why do a lot of adult people enjoy watching anime (cartoons)
  4. Biggest causes of wars in the world 
  5. How our friends affect our lives every single day 
  6. Why are fewer and fewer people watching traditional television 
  7. How reading a book makes you experience a story in a different way than TV
  8. Why strict college requirements are making people give up on academic education 
  9. How electric cars damage the environment without us even knowing 
  10. How popular culture is making men and women hate each other 

Sports Cause and Effect Essay Topics 

  1. What helped the Milwaukee Bucks win their second NBA title? 
  2. Why is football (soccer) the most popular sport in the world? 
  3. How does getting into sports early on affect kids? 
  4. How professional athletes inspire young people to be better 
  5. Ways sports can help people develop their social skills 
  6. Having intense physical activity regularly can lead to injuries 
  7. What made people want to create the Olympic games? 
  8. What makes some sports more popular than others? 
  9. Reasons why so many kids have lost interest in sports 
  10. What makes certain sports fans violent when watching a game? 

Controversial Cause and Effect Essay Topics 

  1. Does modern feminism help women become more independent and why
  2. Why does the world no longer see the USA as a democratic leader 
  3. What causes people to go to war and enlist in the army 
  4. Why does everyone today love animals but hate other people 
  5. Reality shows exist because people like them and keep watching 
  6. What makes young men give up on women completely 
  7. Parents who treat their children as friends aren’t doing good for their kids. 
  8. Normalizing obesity has led to more people being overweight 
  9. The internet has terrible effects on society today - here’s why
  10. Why do more and more people feel they should live outside of cities 

Easy and Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics 

  1. The effects of fast food and junk food on overall health 
  2. The negative impacts of the internet on young children 
  3. Impact of stress on different aspects of our lives 
  4. The attack on Pearl Harbor made the US join WWII
  5. What causes earthquakes and how 
  6. Popular culture affects the way we see the world 
  7. Proper education is important for building a career 
  8. Having more knowledge makes it easier to recognize lies 
  9. Couples who live together before marriage have it easier 
  10. How regularly working out keeps your body in shape 

Cause and effect essay topics psychology 

  1. How lack of confidence and poor mental health are making plastic surgery popular 
  2. Why is psychology becoming more important in the modern world? 
  3. How modern lifestyle is making more and more people anxious 
  4. Common factors that cause learning disabilities with kids 
  5. Effects of different cultures on human development and intelligence 
  6. Bullying in school can cause all kinds of mental problems 
  7. Reasons why people who have low self-esteem cheat on their partners 
  8. Different types of parenting styles and their effects on childrens’ personalities 
  9. How witnessing violence affects our mental health 
  10. Different temperaments and how they change the way we see things 


In the article above we’ve gathered some good cause and effect topics you should definitely consider. But this is just the beginning of your assignment. Work on your essay structure and find the research you need to make the whole paper more credible. In case you need help with this, consider contacting us for college essay help, and we’ll help you get started. 

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