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Explore List of Biology Research Topics for College Students

06 Feb 2020Research Paper Topics

Updated Aug 2021
Humans have been researching life around us for the entire history; and each year new natural conditions appear, species develop, and scientific discoveries arise. Biology research papers are some of the most complex writing assignments since this particular subject encompasses all living organisms. You have nearly endless subjects to choose from, but it’s vital to pick the right topic. Selecting an engaging biology research topic will help you entice the reader, encourage discussions in the scientific community, and perhaps even inspire future studies. There are surely some that have scientific potential and are interesting for you at the same time.

What Is Biology? What Topics Might Biologists Study?

Biology research paper topics

Biology is the study of living organisms that covers their origin, anatomy, physiology, development, evolution, and behavior. A biologist could study a wide array of options, such as animal and plant cell structure, human DNA, neurobiology, stem cell treatments, immunology, hormones, and much more.

If you’re feeling stuck and can’t think of an exciting topic to write about, check out our comprehensive list of research paper topics ideas to get some inspiration.

How to Choose Biology Research Topics?

To choose a good biology research topic, we recommend following these general tips:

  • Avoid general topics - The key to choosing a biology research paper topic is ensuring it doesn’t have to do with something general. If your topic is too broad, you may not be able to go into detail, which is crucial for showcasing your knowledge. The sheer amount of information on a broad topic might also overwhelm both you and your reader.
  • Avoid too narrow topics - If your focus is too narrow, you may not find enough sources to write a paper. The reader may become disinterested as well if there’s no room for overarching questions.
  • Explore different ideas - Find several topics that interest you before sifting through recent biology research papers. That’s how you’ll get a better idea of the current trends and narrow down your focus to a single topic and idea. There are tons of scholarly articles online that are available to the public.
  • Conduct thorough research - Just like chemistry research paper topics, for example, biology research topics must be based on hard scientific evidence. So, once you’ve picked a single idea, conduct preliminary research to see if there are enough relevant and reliable sources you could use, along with hard data, to support all your claims.
  • Make sure your research will derive new findings - The topic you choose and how you want to go about it should add value to the scientific community. So, avoid topics that can’t add anything new to the table.

What Is a Good Biology Research Paper Topic?

A good biology research paper topic is one that reveals something interesting that can offer a whole new perspective on life. It should be thought-provoking, attention-grabbing, and relevant to the community.

It doesn’t matter what it’s about - humans, animals, plants, ecology, etc. - as long as it addresses something from a new perspective, makes a new discovery, shows a link between two organisms or phenomena, or potential to lead to a scientific breakthrough.

It’s all about tackling an area or topic that holds great potential and can help us understand life and living organisms better.

Biology Research Paper Topics

Do you need good ideas for your future papers? Biological research can be fascinating as long as you master the art of choosing the right topic. Not only that you have to focus on current studies by reputable biologists, but your topic must be easily researchable so you can make strong arguments. This our list of the most interesting topics for an excellent college paper.

  1. Coronaviridae - evolution, causes, and symptoms
  2. Ebola - evolution, causes, and symptoms
  3. Plant pathology – most common diseases
  4. Immortality in the animal world
  5. Human memory
  6. Organ transplantation
  7. Rare genetic disorders
  8. Is obesity hereditary
  9. Human hormones
  10. Basic principles of cloning
  11. What are the biological effects of pollution?

Biology Research Topics for College Students

Undergraduates struggle the most with finding the right topics for their papers, so they hire a research paper writing service for popular and easy topics. To get started, check our list of ideas below.

  1. Humankind’s origins – theoretical foundations
  2. The genetics behind human physical features
  3. Gestation periods in mammals
  4. Immune system diseases
  5. Current science on oxytocin and serotonin
  6. Hormonal control: human reproduction
  7. The science behind drug addiction
  8. Does vaccination have benefits
  9. Protection of rare species
  10. Infectious diseases

Biology Research Topics for High School Students

High-school biology can be very interesting if you focus on topics that interest you. Choose from our examples a topic that fascinates you.

  1. Male pregnancy in animal species
  2. Fertilizers
  3. Immune system and stress
  4. Allergic reactions
  5. Plant systems
  6. Biodiversity and climate change
  7. Melatonin therapy
  8. Brain functions
  9. DNA and physical traits
  10. Cell structure and specialization

Cell Biology Research Topics

Developments in cell biology can cure diseases and eliminate viruses. Writing a paper in this field can be very rewarding for a biology student.

  1. Stem cells
  2. Cell biology and Alzheimer’s Disease treatment paths
  3. Developing cellular technology
  4. Research methods in cell biology
  5. Studying fixed objects
  6. Light microscope functions
  7. Living matter organization
  8. Characteristics of viruses
  9. DNA and RNA
  10. Cell structure

Zoology Research Topics

Struggling with your zoology paper? You can pay for research paper. Our list of ideas can also help you.

  1. Birds migration patterns
  2. Wild animal protection projects
  3. Primate language
  4. Camouflage in sea animals
  5. Invasive species analysis
  6. Human speech patterns in Asian elephants
  7. Cooperative behavior in ant colonies
  8. Animal communication methods
  9. Canine domestication
  10. Brain size and species intelligence

Animal Research Topics

  1. Obesity rates among home pets
  2. Beauty products testing on animals
  3. Diet optimization for modern home pets
  4. Cognitive functions in primates
  5. Predators and prey
  6. Vision in animal species
  7. Fishing and conservation science
  8. Removing animals from their natural habitat
  9. Primates behavior in zoo versus in the wild
  10. Animal habitats conservation

Botany Research Topics

Are you interested in writing a paper about plants? Here are some of the latest developments in botany to get inspiration.

  1. Innovations in plant research and influence on agriculture
  2. Plant stress physiology
  3. Plant growth control
  4. Crop science – recent developments
  5. Fungi – Structure and types
  6. Current findings in the study of plant fossils
  7. Photosynthesis
  8. Genetic inheritance in plant species
  9. Common occurrences in plant pathology
  10. A study of ferns

Developmental Biology Research Topics

  1. From stem cells to differentiated tissue
  2. Tumor formation
  3. Genome duplication
  4. Developmental plasticity
  5. Birth defects
  6. Gene-environment interactions
  7. Anticancer drug combinations
  8. Drosophila Oogenesis
  9. Diseases of developmental origin
  10. Top killer viruses

Marine Biology Research Topics

Are you a marine biology student? Find your next topic below.

  1. Marine ecosystems
  2. Metal accumulation in marine invertebrates
  3. Marine birds
  4. Biotechnology in the study of marine life
  5. Invertebrates
  6. Marine microbiology
  7. Ocean management
  8. Coastal Aquaculture
  9. Toxicology and pollution in oceans
  10. Fishery science

Molecular Biology Research Topics

Molecular biology can save the world. If this is your area of interest in college, you can write about one of the following research topics.

  1. Prion disease
  2. Memory storage
  3. Dengue fever – pathogenesis
  4. Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
  5. Unique and repetitive genes
  6. Genome mapping
  7. Development stages in molecular biology
  8. DNA damaging/repairing cycle
  9. DNA diagnosis of hereditary and infectious diseases
  10. Viral genome organization

Ecology Topics for Research Paper

A paper on ecology can contribute to a better relationship between human communities and their environment. Look below for an engaging topic.

  1. Animal response to environmental changes
  2. Effects of environmental change on species diversity
  3. Resistance mechanisms in animal species under environmental threat
  4. Global warming effects
  5. Tropical forests extinction
  6. Wildlife protection measures
  7. Rare species protection
  8. Types of ecological disasters
  9. Oil spills
  10. Rain forests extinction

Environmental Topics for Research Papers

Environmental concerns are high among biology students. If you want to craft a fascinating paper, write about something that matters to you.

  1. Analyzing environmental sustainability
  2. Environmental sustainability through a change in global diets
  3. Green growth concept
  4. Effects of environmental changes on seabird population
  5. Arid lands
  6. Conservation practices and methods
  7. Geospatial science – applications
  8. Ecohydrology
  9. Invasive species – the black rat
  10. Coral reefs destruction versus conservation

Human Biology Research Topics

Stem cells or cloning? There’s hardly anything as engaging in science today as the research on human biology.

  1. Experiments with stem cells
  2. Genetic disorders
  3. Abortion - biological perceptions
  4. How music influences the human brain
  5. Perspectives on human cloning
  6. Influence of gut bacteria on the human brain
  7. Molecular evidence of human’s origin
  8. Stem cells’ role in medical treatment
  9. Genetics and aging
  10. Experiments on human DNA

Genetics Research Topics

  1. Human cloning science
  2. Correlation between genetics and obesity
  3. How addictive substances affect genes
  4. Safety concerns regarding genetically modified foods
  5. Genetic mutations
  6. Organ transplantation – ethical concerns
  7. Is depression hereditary
  8. How alcohol affects the human brain and liver
  9. Lung cancer stages
  10. Sun exposure – effects on human skin

Recent Research Topics in Biotechnology

Can someone write a research paper for me on biotechnology? Yes, but first choose a topic.

  1. Plant biotechnology
  2. Biotechnology applications on food
  3. Principles of pharmacogenetics
  4. Anti-cancer drugs
  5. Nanotechnology methods for DNA isolation
  6. HIV treatment based on nanotechnology applications
  7. Detection of foodborne pathogens in food systems
  8. Heavy metal tolerant and sensitive genotypes
  9. Using nanotechnology in the diagnosis of cancer
  10. Latest developments in forensic DNA

Evolutionary Biology Research Paper Topics

  1. Original functions of the human appendix
  2. Evolutionary connections between moths and butterflies
  3. Anatomy of gorillas versus chimpanzees
  4. Natural selection among aquatic organisms
  5. Evolutionary response of parasites to human vaccination
  6. Animal camouflage – evolutionary causes and evidence
  7. Malaria parasites resisting to drugs
  8. Social behavior among wolfs
  9. Evolution of HIV
  10. Evolutionary changes in mating behavior

Neurobiology Research Topics

The human brain is intriguing, and there are always things to learn about it. Have you considered these new topics?

  1. Brain injuries
  2. Understanding human memory
  3. Self-repair capabilities in the human brain
  4. Schizophrenia – genetic causes
  5. Neurobiological causes of migraine
  6. How gut bacteria contribute to anxiety
  7. Visual cortex - an analysis
  8. Links between depression and oxidative stress
  9. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – biological markers
  10. Correlation between cannabis use and dopamine release

DNA Research Topics

The DNA makes us who we are. For scientists, this gives way to experimentation and great study potential.

  1. DNA-modified organisms
  2. DNA experimentation in humans
  3. How DNA structure is involved in genetic disorders
  4. Genetic disorders treatment
  5. DNA changes versus ageing
  6. Analyzing DNA and cloning
  7. DNA as a heredity agent
  8. DNA research regarding cancer susceptibility
  9. DNA genome sequencing
  10. Ethical concerns regarding DNA-modified organisms

Easy Biology Research Topics

Easy biology research topics are quite popular among both high school and college students. They deal with common yet fascinating ideas that are highly relevant and add value to the community. These are some of the most interesting to consider.

  1. Camouflage in sea animals
  2. Understanding bird behavior
  3. Animal behavior due to ecological factors
  4. Environmental psychology
  5. Endangered species and animal extinction
  6. Global warming
  7. Wildfires and reforestation
  8. Plant disease resistance
  9. Evolution of animal behavior
  10. Obesity in house pets

History of Biology Topics

If you want to tackle the history of biology, you have a whole world of topics to pick from. These might spark your creativity and help you develop a topic to write about from a fresh angle.

  1. Darwin’s theory
  2. The history of genetics
  3. Evolution factors
  4. The history of vaccination
  5. Natural selection theory
  6. Evolutionary dead ends
  7. Famous biologists and their innovations
  8. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek and microbiology
  9. Paleontology and evolution
  10. Whaling effects on deep-sea biodiversity


We hope these biology research paper topics have sparked your creativity and nudged you in the right direction for writing a high-quality paper. If you need any assistance with research, writing an outline, editing, or writing a summary of a research paper, StudyClerk can help.

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