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250+ Research Paper Topic Ideas For Every Learner

02 Jun 2021Research Paper Topics

Since you are reading this page, you might be looking for good research topics for your school or college papers or just need a little bit of inspiration to start or continue. Regardless if you are looking for psychology research topics for college students or hope to find something that will simply stand out, remember that choosing a good topic is already half of a successful paper. If you choose something you know well and the subject meets your list of arguments, continue with an outline and come up with an excellent paper. Your topic must be competitive and unique, which is why it is so important to look through the list of possible research paper ideas.

How to Choose a Topic for a Research Paper?

research paper topic ideas

Before you give up on your challenges and think about a cheap research paper, take your time to learn what it means to choose a good topic. You should start with the following checklist that will help you to brainstorm the best research paper topics:

  • Explore Things That Interest You.
  • Check Your List of Relevant Sources.
  • Consult Your Grading Rubric.
  • Brainstorm Competitive Research Topic Ideas.
  • Talk to Your Course Instructor or a School Teacher.

Moreover, always take time to check similar research papers but remember about possible plagiarism risks and always provide due reference if you mention any idea that is not yours.

What is a Good Topic for a Research Paper?

As a rule, a good topic for a research paper must meet provided assignment requirements to the letter. If you are not sure about some aspect, always ask your college professor or talk to your teacher in advance.

Next, you must choose something that you know well and provide more than one opinion unless you are asked to provide your opinion only. It is also recommended to avoid topics that are too broad because you may easily make your research too vague.

Most importantly, your chosen topic should also reflect your main thesis statement or an argument that you make.

The List of Research Topics by Field of Study

As you are thinking about various research paper topics ideas, it is high time to consider taking a closer look at our helpful list that has all the necessities provided by categories. Regardless if you need something useful for your middle school paper or you keep looking for something controversial and demanding, our 250+ research topics list includes it all.

Science research paper topics

  1. Should nanotechnologies be made available to the general public?
  2. Should genetic experiments be banned completely?
  3. What are the challenges of conversion to green energy?
  4. How can additional research in the field of Chemistry improve food quality?
  5. The connection of chemicals in the seawater and the weather changes.
  6. The implementation of bioluminescence aspects in medical applications.
  7. The boron nitride research and crystallization.
  8. The future of non-petroleum manufacturing.
  9. The ethical side of pharmaceutical competition and pollution.
  10. The ways how biocomputing technology assists in scientific research.

English research paper topics

  1. The consequences of negativity in modern literature.
  2. Professional jargon on social media.
  3. How does language help to shape one's cultural identity?
  4. The link of language aspects to literacy.
  5. The use of language in political competition.
  6. The challenges of modern English literature.
  7. How can specific words impact our perception of things?
  8. Neuro-linguistic programming in the English language.
  9. The linguistic peculiarities between middle and low-class communities.
  10. The use of automatic grammar checkers in education.

Literature research paper topics

  1. The portrayal of gender roles in the literature of the 18th century.
  2. How has the mystery genre changed with the arrival of digital technologies?
  3. The digital books vs books in print.
  4. How has modern literature changed in the last two decades?
  5. The challenges of modern book authors.
  6. The perception of religion in modern literature.
  7. The analysis of "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien.
  8. How do allusions and metaphors help in literature?
  9. Do history books help college students to learn the subject?
  10. How can reading books improve a person's mental state?

History topics

  1. The Declaration of Independence 1776 analysis.
  2. The challenges of slavery in the United States.
  3. What has caused the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863?
  4. The Civil War’s causes and effects.
  5. The cultural impact of Native Americans.
  6. The echoes of the Vietnam War.
  7. The Black Lives Matter Social Movement
  8. How has industrialization changed American society?
  9. Interwar Period in popular media.
  10. The portrayal of the Great Depression.

Healthcare research topics

  1. How should stem cell research be approached?
  2. Will portable medical devices create a revolution in the ER department?
  3. Is the building of artificial organs ethical?
  4. The causes of colon cancer.
  5. The link between antibiotics overuse and the increase in epidemics.
  6. What causes the long-forgotten diseases to return once again in 2021?
  7. How do annual doctor visits prevent diseases and help people to stay healthy?
  8. Is autism an illness and how can it be helped?
  9. The ways to help people with epilepsy.
  10. The origins of the West Nile virus.

Law and criminology research paper topics

  1. The problem of sexual harassment in the workplace.
  2. What causes hate crimes towards a race?
  3. The list of war crimes committed by the United States.
  4. An analysis of police brutality.
  5. What causes human rights activists to become biased?
  6. How can juvenile crimes be decreased?
  7. Should the drug courts be modified?
  8. What are criminal justice ethics?
  9. The pros and cons of capital punishment?
  10. Crime prevention with the help of social media.

Anthropology research paper topics

  1. The agricultural practices and religious beliefs.
  2. The role of omen in Ancient Roman culture.
  3. Analysis of the burial customs in Europe.
  4. The body image modification challenges in 2021.
  5. The role of cinematography in history studies.
  6. What causes the biocultural evolution of humans?
  7. The digital communication aspects.
  8. Immersion between Western and Eastern cultures.
  9. Biological deformation during the Vietnam War.
  10. The challenges of biological determinism.

Math research topics

  1. The types of Math used in our daily life.
  2. The use of numerical data in healthcare.
  3. Analysis of the binomial theorem.
  4. The use of a philosophical approach in Maths.
  5. The use of geometry for the creation of a matrix.
  6. How can imaginary numbers help in prognosis?
  7. How can discrete geometry be approached?
  8. What are the main challenges of students failing to cope with Math problems?
  9. The use of n-dimensional spaces in 3D design.
  10. The use of Maths and Horn's paradox.

Social science topics for research papers

  1. The role of social movements in 2021.
  2. How can the youth culture shape be helpful to prevent crimes?
  3. The problems of class conflict and inequality in the United States.
  4. How can gender studies help people to approach their sexuality?
  5. The challenges of food sociology.
  6. How can community work help students learn better?
  7. How can social media contacts improve one's social skills?
  8. How has mass media changed in the last two decades?
  9. The reasons behind the major gender stereotypes.
  10. The race and the cultural perceptions.

Ethics paper topics

  1. The pros and cons of plastic surgery.
  2. Should abortion be banned in the United States?
  3. How safe is animal testing?
  4. Why should capital punishment be banned?
  5. The reasons behind human trafficking.
  6. Are human beings good or evil by nature?
  7. Should the pharmaceutical industry be fully governmental?
  8. Is ethnic adoption racial?
  9. The pros and cons of childhood stardom.
  10. Should euthanasia be allowed?

Education research paper topics

  1. The pros and cons of Montessori schools.
  2. Should children adopt technology from early childhood?
  3. The challenges of computer literacy in 2021.
  4. How have the learning styles changed during Covid-19?
  5. Should the government fund education and make it free?
  6. The charter school’s pros and cons.
  7. The use of technology in education.
  8. What are the main issues of school safety in 2021?
  9. How good is online education?
  10. Should school exams and tests become universal?

Research Paper Topics Based On Different Education Levels

We all know what it felt like to be a middle school student who needed just a bit of help and inspiration to start writing. Keeping this fact in mind, we came up with a helpful list of research paper topic examples based on various educational levels.

Middle School Paper Topics

  1. My role model.
  2. What does friendship mean to you?
  3. How can social media increase our safety?
  4. The social movements in my community.
  5. How can school students fight procrastination?
  6. The ways to combat bullying in school.
  7. Why living with a pet makes people better.
  8. The subject I would like to add to my school curriculum.
  9. My favorite personality in American history.
  10. Should children be allowed to vote and why?

5th-grade research paper topics

  1. Why do people have to sleep?
  2. Who has founded hip-hop music?
  3. How do smartphones connect?
  4. How do our pets recognize us?
  5. How did the ancient sailors navigate through their journeys?

6th-grade research paper topics

  1. Does the curse of the pharaohs really exist?
  2. How do dolphins communicate?
  3. How does our brain retrieve memories?
  4. How can we help grandparents become better with computers?
  5. The importance of Martin Luther King Jr. for me.

7th-grade research paper topics

  1. How can children address global warming and climate changes?
  2. The great inventors in history (Thomas Edison, for example, or N. Tesla).
  3. How can video games help us do better at school?
  4. What causes tornadoes and how can we stay safe?
  5. The cultural peculiarities of X country.

8th-grade research paper topics

  1. What is the code of samurai warriors?
  2. How has The Black Lives Matter movement changed lives in my local community.
  3. The use of the Internet among teenagers and the apparent dangers.
  4. How can we make school safety better?
  5. How has popular music changed during the last three years?

High School research topics

  1. What was the significance of the Magna Carta for England?
  2. The ways high school students can get ready for college.
  3. How tobacco use affects our lungs.
  4. How can sports or music make us better at socializing?
  5. The history and significance of the Olympic games.
  6. The ecological issues in my local community.
  7. What is necessary to create a successful video blog post?
  8. The best ways to study more efficiently when in high school.
  9. The tips and tricks to using Google in 2021.
  10. How can social media help students become more inventive?

9th-grade research paper topics

  1. How will genetic engineering change our future?
  2. The main beliefs in the Roman Empire.
  3. How can social movements control the perception of the world's issues?
  4. The causes of the Great Depression.
  5. My favorite personality in 19th-century literature.
  6. The First Moon Landing in the popular media.
  7. How has rap music brought up the majority of social problems?
  8. How can science help to prevent and identify crimes?
  9. Startup projects and the school students.
  10. The ways we can participate in international volunteering.

12th-grade research paper topics

  1. Would the elimination of the grading system in schools improve the learning outcomes?
  2. What are the main goals of feminists?
  3. The diversity in school.
  4. Should students who graduate create special clubs or unions?
  5. The censorship and the Internet.

Senior research paper topics

  1. Should recreational marijuana be banned?
  2. How have our lives changed since September 11th?
  3. Will AI tools appear helpful in education (prognosis paper)?
  4. The link of social media use to anxiety and depression.
  5. Do smartphones increase or decrease our productivity?

College research paper topics

  1. How can a college student cope with college debt?
  2. The weight gain problem among first-year college students.
  3. How can approaching mental help services keep anxious students safe?
  4. The use of additional online courses and academic success.
  5. The most efficient methods to improve one's memory.
  6. The effect of college challenges on future choices.
  7. The cons and pros of remote education.
  8. How can college bullying be reduced?
  9. The importance of sports and music while in college.
  10. The Waldorf education and modern college life.

Good Research Paper Topics

Without a doubt, we all need good research paper topics as we do not want to spend too much time and would rather wish to have something funny. Here are some ideas to keep your creativity high:

Funny Research Paper Topics

  1. What was the life of a Sparta warrior?
  2. Should plastic surgery businesses be banned?
  3. The pros and cons of playing video games at work.
  4. Can telling a lie be beneficial?
  5. Are we really what we eat?
  6. Can our childhood shape our destiny?
  7. How does the sixth sense work?
  8. How can you keep your brain always engaged?
  9. The most efficient ways to remember things.
  10. Do we form our taste in music by instinct or it is acquired?

Easy research paper topics

  1. Do men really have to protect women?
  2. The role of AI for social media.
  3. The false image of forensic science created by popular TV shows.
  4. Why do people watch horror movies?
  5. How can students make their opinion heard?
  6. Why did the Black Lives Matter movement become so popular?
  7. The pros and cons of the small living space.
  8. The link between profit and social responsibility.
  9. The reasons why people become biased.
  10. The pros and cons of being a celebrity.

Interesting research paper topics

  1. Is Atheism considered a religion?
  2. Is coffee harmful to our health?
  3. The mental aspect of being a Vegetarian.
  4. How can everyone become happy?
  5. The pros and cons of technology use in a child's life in 2021.
  6. What causes people to choose certain behavior types when stressed?
  7. The impact of video games on the human brain.
  8. How can music become a mental remedy for people facing PTSD?
  9. The global warming challenge vs myths.
  10. How should people address the Covid-19 problem?

Other great research paper topics

The ones who would like to turn to more challenging topics for research paper can consider the list below. It includes everything from controversial to creative subjects.

Controversial research paper topics

  1. The negative aspect of the Black Lives Matter movement.
  2. Should social media bloggers become involved in politics?
  3. Should vaccination be obligatory?
  4. How does censorship affect our freedom of speech?
  5. Climate change is the largest myth.
  6. The pros and cons of gender equality.
  7. The portrayal of heroes in action movies.
  8. Can scientists be objective?
  9. Is democracy the best approach?
  10. The gun control laws in 2021.

Persuasive Research Paper Topics

  1. There should be more than 12 jurors present in courts.
  2. The felons should be allowed to vote.
  3. Religious institutions should pay taxes.
  4. AI technology should be under strict control.
  5. Climate change is a reversible process.
  6. Cheerleading should be considered a sport.
  7. College athletes should receive more financial support.
  8. Palm oil production causes deforestation.
  9. Genetically modified foods are dangerous.
  10. The animals should be considered as individuals.

Environmental topics for research papers

  1. The problem of the wildfires and the temperature rise.
  2. How can noise pollution be addressed?
  3. The use of remote sensing to prevent damage.
  4. How can urban ecology be improved?
  5. The pros and cons of renewable energy.
  6. The negative effect of sunlight on human skin.
  7. How can the rivers be kept clean?
  8. The practices of Native Americans in relation to nature protection?
  9. Environmental protection as a science.
  10. The challenges of Bioremediation in 2021.

Global issue topics for research papers

  1. The impact of Covid-19 on planet Earth.
  2. The pros and cons of remote education.
  3. The negative influence of social media.
  4. The risks related to bitcoin mining practices.
  5. How can people challenge illegal gambling?
  6. The police violence and the safety issues.
  7. Should people still read the books in print?
  8. The role of grandparents in the lives of modern children?
  9. How should college students approach plagiarism?
  10. The ways to challenge air pollution.

Analytical research paper topics

  1. Why do people have various phobias?
  2. How can one get rid of alcohol addiction?
  3. What is the moral side of telling a lie?
  4. What causes our body to ask for more sugar?
  5. How do our memories often become false?
  6. Is love only a mixture of chemical reactions?
  7. What is the essence of being a true American?
  8. How do European people perceive Americans?
  9. Ways to improve communication between parents and children.
  10. Why do we have nightmares?

Religion paper topics

  1. How do people understand the will of God?
  2. Are all religions biased?
  3. Can religions become united?
  4. What are the ways to settle down various religious conflicts?
  5. Do religious people take a special niche in society?
  6. Should religious education be compulsory?
  7. Should alternative religious practices be banned?
  8. The religion on social media.
  9. The innocence of children in various religions.
  10. The pros and cons of religious literature.


  1. How can playing a musical instrument improve a person's mental state?
  2. How have music listening practices changed during the last two decades?
  3. The history of rock music.
  4. Is metal music always aggressive?
  5. The acoustic peculiarities of the banjo.
  6. Should music producers have due education?
  7. The role of rap music in modern social movements.
  8. How can AI compose music?
  9. The role of Physics in the creation of innovative synthesis methods.
  10. The music among the world's tribal people.

Entertainment and Sport

  1. Should sports bets be made illegal?
  2. The moral side of martial arts.
  3. Should women compete against men in most sports?
  4. Should college athletes have adjusted study curriculums?
  5. How can children become engaged in sports?
  6. The political bias in sports.
  7. Should the Olympic Games be a shared event?
  8. How can sports help to fight addiction?
  9. Video games are not a sport.
  10. The philosophy of chess.

Technology topics

  1. Technology makes us lazy.
  2. How the use of smartphones helps to save lives.
  3. The use of AI-powered technologies in education.
  4. Can a modern person survive without technology in 2022.
  5. The generational gap and technology.
  6. The negative impact of social media on physical communications.
  7. The history of the Internet.
  8. The ways to prevent online risks in 2022.
  9. How can technology prevent human trafficking?
  10. How can we provide equal technology all over the world?

Creative research paper topics

  1. The use of children's programming on TV channels.
  2. The media bias problem.
  3. How has Instagram changed our body image perceptions?
  4. What does being successful mean in 2022?
  5. How can we improve our social skills?
  6. The ways how joining a band can make you creative.
  7. How can watching history films improve our modern skills?
  8. The role of college students in the scientific research world.
  9. The reasons behind the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  10. How can people with special needs receive better education?

As a rule, your research topic must pose a strong argument or explore a certain idea. If some topic is too broad for your needs, think about ways how it could be narrowed down to meet your thesis. The trick is to make it unique and let it stand out from the rest!

Learn to Inspire

As you are making your topic choice from the list above, it doesn't matter if you are looking for some medical research topics or want to explore something else because the most important in either case is to find something that inspires you. By doing so, you can impress your school teacher or a college professor by showing genuine passion and knowledge regarding the subject. Feel free to learn with the help of our research topic ideas and remember that the more you brainstorm various ideas, the better!

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