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The Biggest Collection of 100+ Art Research Paper Topics

11 May 2021Research Paper Topics

While there are hundreds of unique art research paper topics, there’s only one right topic for you. Choosing the right topic is of vital importance for your project. If you stick with something you have no personal interest in, choose a topic that isn’t feasible or isn’t worth researching, the chances are you’ll hit a roadblock at some point.

Art research paper topics

It comes as no surprise that absolute beginners often look for research paper help. With the right topic, you will enjoy researching and writing about it. You should also ensure that it is research-worthy, which will make publishing it significantly easier.

Where to start? We’ve done our topic research on your behalf. Below you can find over 100 art research topics conveniently categorized. Feel free to use them for inspiration.

Art History Research Paper Topics

Art history research paper topics are a great choice if you are making your first steps into the world of art. You can do extensive research and provide credible information without diving too deep into symbols and artists’ ideas. There are many resources to help you find out more about art history, which will make a research substantially easier.

If you want to deliver a brilliant essay, the following 20 art topics for research papers can inspire you to do so:

  1. The Features of Chinese Art in the Era of Feudalism
  2. The Modern Art in Europe – Directions and Their Main Features
  3. The Influence of Art on Postcard Design Throughout the World
  4. Italian Early Renaissance in 1420-1490: The Role of Costumes
  5. The Role of Gala in Dali’s Life and Work
  6. The Features of English Portrait of 18th Century
  7. Art Nouveau vs Art Deco Textile: Comparative Analysis of Stylistic and Artistic Features
  8. The Features and Significance of Raphael’s Work
  9. Printmaking Throughout the Decades: History and the Techniques Used
  10. The History of Venetian Carnival Masks
  11. The Depiction of Mayan Culture in Art
  12. The Role of Christain Symbols in Renaissance Art
  13. Leonardo da Vinci’s Early Work: The Analysis of Biblical Motives
  14. The History of Art Fairs
  15. The Role of Philosophy of Art in Art History
  16. Why Were the Sculptures of Great Importance in Ancient Greece
  17. The Contribution of Greek Theater to Art History
  18. Women in Renaissance Art: The Main Beauty Standards
  19. The Main Reasons Egyptians Used the Same Art Canon for Almost 3 Millenia
  20. Comparison Analysis of Egyptian and Mesoamerican Pyramids

Art Topics on Ancient Civilization

Ancient Civilizations are considered to be the cradle of art. Many artists still seek inspiration in the works of their peers, who lived thousands of years ago. Discovering the art of Ancient Civilization can help you grasp the essence of art in its rawest form. Not to mention how interesting it is to play the role of an art archaeologist.

If you want to approach art from an ancient civilization point of view, put on a wide-brimmed hat and take a deep dive into the following art topics for research papers:

  1. How Women Were Represented in Ancient Art
  2. The Role of Art in the Architecture of Ancient Times
  3. The Depiction of Beauty in Ancient Art
  4. The Trojan War Role in Greek Art
  5. The Features That Set Christian Roman Art and Celtic Roman Art Apart
  6. Materials and Techniques the Aztecs Used in Mosaics
  7. The Correlation Between Ancient Greek Sculptures and Science
  8. The Secrets That Lie Behind the Architecture and Art of Ancient Rome
  9. The Design and Role of Cartouche In Ancient Egyptian Art
  10. Discovering Elements of Ancient Chinese Culture Through Artifact Study
  11. Funerary Arts of Ancient Egypt
  12. How Ancient Civilizations Paved the Way for Modern Art
  13. The Characteristics of Fresco Paintings in Minoan Art
  14. The Influences of Sumerian Art Found in Hittite Art Creations
  15. The Similarities and Differences of Hallstatt and La Tene Celtic Art Styles

Art Research Paper Topics on Artist Bibliography

When it comes to interesting art research topics, it doesn’t get more exciting than with topics on artist bibliographies. You get to research artists’ professional and private lives, struggles, successes, and downfalls. There’s no better way to understand an artist and see what their life’s work was all about than to study the person from childhood to adult age.

The following art research paper topics will enable you to briefly wear the shoes of some of the greatest people in the world of art.

Artists of the 18th Century

  1. Francisco Goya — the Creator of the Famous Black Paintings
  2. Mikhail Lomonosov and His Contribution to literature, education, and science
  3. Marie Tussaud — the Founder of the Wax Museum
  4. William Blake — a Seminal figure of the Romantic Age
  5. Jacques-Louis David — the Preeminent Painter of the Era
  6. Katsushika Hokusai and Her Famous Woodblock Print Series

Artists of the 19th Century

  1. Gustav Klimt and a Representation of Vienna Secession Movement
  2. Paul Cezanne and a Shift to 20th Century Art
  3. Claude Manet as a Synonym to Impressionism
  4. Auguste Renoir — the Final Representative of Impressionism
  5. The Things We Might Not Know about Vincent Willem Van Gogh
  6. Adolf Menzel and the Era of Realism Art in Germany
  7. Lifelike Landscapes En Plein Air and Alfred Sisley

Artists of the 20th Century

  1. Frida Khalo and Her Inspiration By the Nature and Mexican Artifacts
  2. Andy Warhol — a Leading Figure of Pop Art Movement
  3. Pablo Picasso and His Art Besides Painting
  4. Louise Bourgeois and the Beginning of Installation Art in Europe
  5. Judy Chicago — a Feminist Artist, Educator, and Writer
  6. Emily Carr and the Representation of Indigenous Peoples
  7. Marcel Duchamp: Cubism, Dada, and Conceptual Art

Art Research Topics on Different Epochs

Every art epoch is unique in various terms, such as the contrast in styles, dominant art movement, and techniques used by artists. Choosing an art research topic specific to an epoch will enable you to learn a lot about the epoch itself. We’ve put together a list of art research topics and placed them in different categories so that you can choose more easily.

The 18th Century Movements

The 18th century gave birth to many famous artists. The following topics will help you learn all about the most important 18th-century movements and established artists:

  1. Denis Diderot’s Criticism of French Art: Influence and Contributions
  2. The Brief History of Eugene Delacroix’s Work
  3. How Neoclassicism’s Culture Combines Old and New Ideas
  4. The Link Between Art Development and Industrial Revolution
  5. The Architecture of Late Baroque
  6. The Most Famous Alumni of the First Viennese School
  7. The Comparison Analysis of Rococo and Baroque Designs
  8. The Main Features of Rococo Interior Design
  9. The Influence of Marquis de Sade on 18th Century Literature
  10. The Features That Contribute to the Baroque Complex Style

The 19th Century Movements

The 19th century brought many changes that affected the lifestyle of people living in this age. There’s no better way to learn about it than to do it through observing and analyzing art.

  1. Edouard Manet’s Problems With Critics: From a Rejected to a Famous Painter
  2. Revealing the Link Between Goya’s Prints and French Caricatures of the 19th Century
  3. The Standards of Victorian Beauty and How They Were Reflected in Art
  4. The Importance of Giovanni Strazza’s “The Veiled Virgin” Carving
  5. The Reasons Paul Gauguin’s Art is Characterized as Savage
  6. The Analysis of Monet’s “Sunrise”
  7. What Made Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” World Famous
  8. Key Characteristics of the Impressionism Paintings
  9. The Role of Francisco de Goya’s Paintings in Art History
  10. Capturing the Movement: Analysis of Edgar Dega’s Famous Dancer Paintings

The 20th Century Movements

The 20th century was by far the most dynamic century when it comes to conflicts, civilization achievements, and rapid technological advancements. The major changes engulfed artists worldwide. You can see it all by carefully exploring some of the most interesting history topics below.

  1. Futurism Under Magnifying Glass: The Basic and Advanced Principles
  2. The Symbolism in the Paintings by Frida Khalo
  3. Kazimir Malevich’s Influence on the Development of Abstract Art
  4. The Main Characteristics of Expressionism Seen In Works of Edvard Munch
  5. Exploration of Unconsciousness and Dreams in Dali’s Art
  6. The Unique Techniques of Abstract Expressionism
  7. How Cultural Attitudes Influenced The Pop Art and Use of Everyday Objects in Art
  8. The Most Famous Conceptual Art Works and What Makes Them Unique
  9. The Reconciliation or War Between the Styles in Gustav Klimt’s Work
  10. Pushing the Boundaries – Jackson Pollock’s Unique Approach to Making Art

Art Therapy Research Topics

Sociologists and psychologists worldwide have recognized art as a powerful medium that can affect mood, bring communities together, or even treat some psychological disorders. Art as a therapy is definitely an interesting topic to explore. If you don’t know where to begin, the following art research paper topics can get you moving in the right direction.

  1. The Connection Between Mental Health and Art Therapy
  2. The Creative Process as The Main Principle of Art Therapy
  3. What Is Art Therapy and How It is Applied to Help People
  4. Exploring the Benefits of Art Therapy
  5. Can Art Therapy Help Treat Abused Children
  6. Group Art Therapy: Basic Principles and Use Cases
  7. Art Therapy Meta Study Analysis
  8. Assessing the Efficacy of Art Therapy
  9. Main Techniques Used In Art Therapy
  10. The Most Efficient Types of Art Therapy
  11. Defining Expressive Art Modalities Within the Context of Psychotherapy
  12. Benefits of Expressive Art Therapy for Children
  13. Art Therapy and Its Role in Overcoming Trauma
  14. The Healing Power of Art Therapy
  15. Art Therapy and Stress Reduction

Modern Art Research Paper Topics

Modern art gave birth to new styles, forms, and movements. Researching any topic from this epoch will definitely put you on a journey filled with surprises and breathtaking art forms. You can learn about specific modern art movements and discover the current trends in different art forms.

Here are 15 modern art research paper topics ideas you can choose to start writing an essay right now:

  1. The Artistic Styles of Art Deco
  2. Exploring Innovative Possibilities: The Road to Understanding Russian Constructivism
  3. The Role of Technological Advancements in the Art of the 3rd Millennium
  4. The Feminist Movement and Its Influence on Modern Art
  5. Street Art as a Modern Art Form
  6. Exploring the Variety of Forms in Modern Art
  7. The Artistic Styles of British Pop Art
  8. How Globalization Affects the Movements in Contemporary Art
  9. The Role of Murals in New Age Political Protests
  10. Dubai’s Most Fascinating Architectural Landmarks
  11. The Role of Aesthetics in Designing Modern Functional Buildings
  12. Current Trends in Modern Sculpture
  13. The Techniques of Austrian Modern Sculpture
  14. How Contemporary Society is Depicted in Caricatures
  15. Nudity in Modern Art: Tasteless, Taboo, or Established Mainstream?

Art Research Topics on Different Cultures

Unique language isn’t the only thing that characterizes a culture. Different cultures created different and unique art masterpieces. It appears that culture and art are intertwined on all possible levels. You can learn a lot about a culture and its heritage by studying its art. The art research topics in this category are very flexible, allowing you to compare arts of different cultures or stick to the art of only one culture.

The following art topics for research papers ideas will help you write an outstanding essay on art:

  1. The Study of Prehistoric Art: What Does it Tell Us About the Culture and Lifestyle of Prehistoric Humans
  2. Tracing the Origin of Traditional Chinese and Japanese Costumes
  3. Development of European Culture: The Contributions of Trouveres and Troubadours
  4. African-American Cultural Heritage and its Role in Modern American Art
  5. How Irani Culture Reflects the Irani Cinema
  6. Japanese Calligraphy: Styles, Materials, and Cultural Roots
  7. The Unique Features and Styles Found Only in the Hindi Film Industry
  8. The Textile and Fashion of Nomad Asian Tribes
  9. Dance as a Cross Cultural Form of Art
  10. Modern Dance Styles and Their Origins
  11. Cross-cultural Perspectives on Music and Dance
  12. War Dance as a Cross Cultural Phenomenon
  13. The Sitar and Its Role in Introducing Indian Classical Music to Western Culture
  14. Cultural Similarities: Is Art the One Thing That Connects Us All
  15. The Challenges of Conserving the Culture of Isolated Communities in the Modern World

Art is this vast field that can serve as an endless inspiration for research paper topics. There’s too much ground to cover, making it very hard for students to pick a topic that is narrow enough but still interesting to work on. Hopefully, the art research paper topics we’ve shared with you will help you choose one that resonates with you the best.

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