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List of Argumentative Research Paper Topics

19 Jun 2021Research Paper Topics

Writing argumentative essays is one of the most complex assignments high school and college students have to encounter during their education path. It requires a lot of time and effort to come up with a clear thesis, work on the paragraphs to support an idea, provide counterarguments, and finally, deal with a persuasive conclusion. Besides, all of these steps require profound research and a smooth presentation of your case without biases.

argumentative research paper topics

Perhaps the most challenging part of writing such papers is simply getting started and coming up with a nice topic in the first place. How do you choose your title and get set on a topic? How do you decide whether to take on socio-political or technological themes?

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Let’s get into the meaning and structure of argumentative/persuasive papers. Then, we’ll check out some of the best argumentative paper ideas for any high school or college course.

What Is an Argumentative Research Paper?

Before you start thinking about potential topics for argument research papers, you need to familiarize yourself with this type of essay.

Persuasive writing isn’t the same as writing descriptive or narrative texts, where you have complete freedom of expression and can leave open-ended conclusions. Argumentative papers are more formal and scientific, regardless of the topic you choose.

Your main task in argumentative papers is to present a claim, point of view, or belief, then support and defend it with logical arguments and evidence. You have to stand by your statements and make a specific point with a clear conclusion, leaving virtually nothing to the reader’s imagination.

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The Argumentative Research Paper Structure

Since they’re so unique, argumentative papers need to follow a specific structure. Most commonly, you’ll need to have:

  • An introduction. Consisting of a few short paragraphs explaining your thesis statement and preparing the reader for the further points you’ll discuss;
  • Background information (optional). Background information can be incorporated into the introduction, but you’ll need a specific section if it’s a more complicated topic. You can use this part to explain the key theories relative to your argumentative research paper topics, define the most important terms, and summarize the main studies done on the topic so far;
  • Supporting evidence. Every argumentative paper will need at least two or three separate paragraphs with their own thesis statements that provide unique pieces of evidence in support of your topic. Every single argument or evidence should have its own section, full explanation, and conclusion;
  • Counterargument. To make your essay more convincing and reasonable, you’ll need at least one counterargument that allows you to address potential reader objections. Your task is to refute the counterargument and reassert the claims you’ve made so far;
  • Conclusion. Summarize your arguments and explain why the reader should care about the topic you’ve discussed.

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How to Choose Argumentative Research Paper Topics

When searching for the possible topics for your argumentative research, you’ll want to choose those that you’re most passionate about. Your task is to convince your readers that your arguments are valid, and you won’t be able to do that if you don’t strongly believe them yourself.

Go for easy research paper topics that promote discussions and fire up the audiences, but make sure that you can find facts and studies to support your claims.

Argumentative Paper Ideas

If you’re struggling with finding argumentative research topics that spark your imagination and make you feel excited, don’t worry. You just need some hint.

Take a look at our top topic ideas to get inspired and narrow down on your choices.

Interesting argumentative research paper topics

  1. Do violent video games make children more violent?
  2. Is the gender pay gap real?
  3. The pink tax decreases women’s purchasing power
  4. Is losing privacy at the cost of security worth it?
  5. Are e-sport players athletes?
  6. Should professional athletes be paid less?
  7. Technological advancements are making us lazier
  8. Renting vs. owning a home – which makes more financial sense?
  9. Animal testing should be prohibited
  10. Big Pharma is operating against the well-being of people
  11. Will automation negatively impact the workforce?
  12. Why we should introduce 4-day workweeks
  13. Should we extend parental leave?
  14. Remote work will become the norm
  15. The problems of internet censorship

Debatable topics for research paper

  1. Should euthanasia be legalized?
  2. Is the death penalty true justice?
  3. How increasing the minimum wage impacts the economy
  4. Why unpaid internships should be banned
  5. Is the cancel culture toxic, or is it justified?
  6. Universal healthcare is a basic human right
  7. Pro-choice vs. pro-life – who’s in the right?
  8. Confirmation bias on social media cannot be avoided
  9. Is true gender equality possible?
  10. Should the elderly be allowed to vote?

Easy argumentative research paper topics

  1. Is marriage outdated?
  2. How online dating ruined romance
  3. Should both parents receive parental leave?
  4. Young adults are too dependent on technology
  5. Should the age restriction on alcohol use be lowered?
  6. Tobacco products should be illegal
  7. Why schools need to improve sex-ed
  8. Children pageants should be banned
  9. Is monogamy natural?
  10. Is religion outdated?

Argumentative research paper topics for college students

  1. Student debt should be abolished
  2. The impact of standardized testing on student performance
  3. Students today are dealing with higher stress levels than ever before
  4. How the two-party system is killing democracy
  5. Should we increase taxes for the top 1%?
  6. Why the government needs to decrease military spending
  7. How social media affects anxiety and feelings of isolation
  8. Has the COVID-19 pandemic revealed lapses in the educational system?
  9. Is online education a high-quality alternative to traditional education?
  10. The trend of fast fashion is damaging our environment
  11. Can gun control laws prevent school shootings?
  12. The role of social media in modern education
  13. The importance of making college accessible to students with special needs
  14. Private vs. public schools – the different quality of education
  15. What other countries can learn from Finland’s education system

Good argumentative research paper topics

  1. Internet access should be a basic human right
  2. How important is art education?
  3. Artists are essential workers
  4. Every country should adopt universal basic income
  5. Are high college tuition costs justified?
  6. Cyberbullying should have legal consequences
  7. Should employers monitor your private social media activity?
  8. What criteria should colleges use for awarding scholarships?
  9. Is it necessary to get a college degree?
  10. Is the law truly blind?

Other argumentative research paper topics

  1. Are participation trophies celebrating mediocrity?
  2. Do gun-free zones really reduce gun violence?
  3. Should same-sex couples adopt children?
  4. Does forcing kids to do household chores build their work ethic?
  5. Is declawing pet cats ethical?
  6. Should you spay/neuter your pets?
  7. Cultural appropriation vs. cultural appreciation
  8. Lack of education is the leading cause of poverty
  9. Overpopulation is a more serious problem than global warming
  10. Vaccination should be mandatory
  11. Pandemics are a more serious threat than nuclear warfare
  12. Relying only on sustainable energy is impossible
  13. Bitcoin mining causes environmental problems 
  14. Smart technology is lowering our intelligence
  15. Nature vs. nurture – which is more important in shaping your future?


It takes some trial and error to truly master writing argumentative research papers, but it’s always an exciting exercise that can help you improve your debate skills. If all else fails, you can always rely on StudyClerk for help with topics for argument research papers.

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