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100+ Strong Argumentative Essay Topics for College and More

19 Oct 2021Essay Topics

Topics for argumentative essay writing should force you to decide on the one that suits you most to take a position on it. Yes, you may have a certain point of view, but you’ll have to back it up with well-researched information and facts.

If there is a question stated in the topic, you have to ensure that your essay will fully answer it without giving shady facts to support that answer. They’re called argumentative topics because there is always an idea, fact, or a statement that people can argue about.

A nice example of good argument essay topics is those connected to abortion, legal issues, LGBT, etc. It can be explained by the fact these themes give room for many arguments since most people have different opinions, backgrounds and beliefs. 

Note that one of the hardest parts of argumentative essay topics is choosing the right one. Luckily, we’ll now give you some tips on how to choose a powerful argumentative essay topic for yourself and show you what makes some topics good argumentative essay topics.

How to choose the relevant argumentative topic 

Like we’ve mentioned, one of the hardest parts of an argumentative essay is choosing its topic. For this reason, students have to do a great deal of work before they even start writing a paper. To be certain that you have chosen a good topic, make sure that:

  1. You are generally interested in what the topic requires you to write about. Otherwise, you can get frustrated or bored along the way;
  2. You are eager to learn something new because each topic will broaden your horizons;
  3. You are ready to choose an argument that you disagree with;
  4. You are prepared to research from a viewpoint you don’t support;
  5. A topic is well-researched and discussed in your community;
  6. A firm claim about that particular topic can be easily made;
  7. You’ll be able to get your message across the essay;
  8. Your topic can give you something new to think about;
  9. This discussion can make someone else feel differently;
  10. You’ve chosen a burning issue for your topic;

If you follow all these steps, you can rest assured that your topic is a good argumentative essay topic. Naturally, it will be controversial, and that’s the whole point. In each argumentative essay, opinions and controversy are favored when there are facts to back them up.

List of the top 100 + argumentative essay topics

Reading through endless lists of argumentative research paper topics can sometimes be a lot to handle. We’ve made a list of interesting argumentative essay topics but divided them into categories of fields they cover to save you some time. 

📕 Argumentative essay topics about education

  1. Children of illegal immigrants and their rights to education in different countries
  2. Homeschooling – advantages and disadvantages
  3. Plagiarism in school and the hazardous effects it can have on the status of students
  4. Does school offer enough opportunities for the creative growth of students?
  5. How much preparation time should a standard college test require?
  6. How should we determine the way we grade students?
  7. Is it moral to subjectively grade a student sometimes?
  8. Bullying in school – the adverse effects
  9. How relevant is art in education?
  10. Should every school own musical instruments, and why?

💉Medical argumentative essay topics

  1. E-cigarettes – pros and cons
  2. The risks of eating disorders and ways to prevent them
  3. 3D medicine – a comparative analysis
  4. Using stem cells to reduce death rates 

📜Argumentative paper topics on technology 

  1. Technological advancements and their impact on the health system
  2. To what extent does technology make our lives easier?
  3. Can technology have hazardous effects on the human race?
  4. Why are people afraid that robots will rule the world one day?
  5. Is there a technological malfunction that could ruin our lives?
  6. The use of technology in schools – pros and cons
  7. Having the latest devices and the children’s urge for it
  8. What can we expect to see from technological inventions in the next ten years?
  9. Technology and sports
  10. Technological inventions of women vs. technological inventions of men

💊Psychology argumentative essay topics

  1. Can we say that religion is good or bad, and what can we base our claims on?
  2. Segregations in schools – a comparative analysis between female and male segregation
  3. Emotional intelligence from a psychological point of view
  4. Does power corrupt people?
  5. Should all countries legalize marijuana for medical use?
  6. How can we prevent mental disorders?
  7. Why does social media increase suicide rates and cases of depression?
  8. Punishment in schools – the impact on the students’ psyche
  9. Is there life after death?
  10. Does separating boys from girls in schools have a psychological impact on the children’s development? 

👩‍🏫Historical topics for argumentative essay

  1. Labor unions – what are the reasons for creating them?
  2. The Korean War and its importance to the USA
  3. Why was Martin Luther King killed?
  4. The American Revolution – how and why did it start?
  5. Why did the USA enter the First World War?
  6. The Vietnam War – causes and effects
  7. The native Americans and colonists – what was their primary relationship like?
  8. The Cold War – causes and effects
  9. The first settlers in America and their lives

👨‍💼Argumentative topics for college

  1. Capital punishment – successful or not?
  2. Should there be a fatherhood paid absence from work?
  3. How reliant are we on computers?
  4. Should the government prohibit cigarette smoking?
  5. What are the harmful effects of mobile phones?
  6. Are there too many people in the world who don’t take global warming seriously?
  7. The ignorance in people throughout the years
  8. Advertising to the youngsters – is it moral or not?
  9. How essential is using contraceptives in your teens?
  10. House restraints and teenagers – do they help?

🤵Political argumentative paper topics

  1. Business leadership vs. political leadership
  2. Is it moral to use politics as a tool to control people?
  3. To what extent does politics control people’s lives?
  4. Should everyone have the right to vote?
  5. What is the right age to become politically active, and why?

🧘Good argumentative essay topics on philosophy

  1. The human race – are we inherently evil or good?
  2. Religion and character – can the belief in God change us?
  3. Utilitarianism – arguments for and against
  4. Should philosophers be the ones to consider the development of technology in the future?
  5. Moral rules – do they free or enslave people?

👨‍⚖️Controversial essay topics

  1. Global warming – are we addressing it enough?
  2. Is the death penalty effective, or should we scrape it off?
  3. What are the adverse effects when we fail to implement gun control in a country?
  4. The most common causes and side effects of war
  5. The relationship between mass murders and computer games
  6. Using animals for scientific research 
  7. Gay marriage – should it be legal everywhere in the world?
  8. What are the adverse effects that media has on people, and does it just create fear?
  9. Is it entirely moral to have sex before marriage?
  10. The benefits and downsides of using steroids

👨‍🎤Music argumentative essay topics

  1. Does listening to music increase the learning capacity of students?
  2. People who play a musical instrument have more developed brains – analysis
  3. Is it true that learning to play an instrument polish our cognitive skills?
  4. What would life without music be like?
  5. Music is an essential part of the lives of people
  6. The music industry – benefits and downsides of music as a profession 

📺Social media argumentative paper topics

  1. Children practiced healthier and more fun activities before the invention of social networks
  2. To what extent does social media help you?
  3. To what extent does social media waste your time?
  4. The benefits and downsides of virtual communication
  5. Promoting your business on Facebook
  6. The harmful effects of Instagram on young people
  7. The safety of personal information on social platforms
  8. Is it true that any media file on social networks is not safe and private?
  9. Using social media to promote political views
  10. The freedom of speech on social media

👩‍💼Business argumentative topics

  1. Advertisements and promotions and their impact on the prosperity of a business
  2. Why is onboarding significant for each new employee
  3. Implementing personal power in business – vital or excessive?
  4. Is there a specific fashion style for conferences and client meetings?
  5. Why do product-oriented businesses have more success than those oriented towards the market?
  6. Why is multilevel marketing essential for market growth?

🔬Science essay topics for creating argument 

  1. Is there going to be a time where life will no longer exist?
  2. What if a black hole emerges that can swallow the planet earth?
  3. The pros and cons of the 5G network – can it damage the human race?
  4. Can science find a solution to every human issue?
  5. To what extent does science impact climate change?
  6. Dreams – do they portray only the past or the future too?
  7. Can science reduce death rates?

😷Health argumentative paper topics

  1. Should vaccinating children be mandatory in every country, and why?
  2. The negative impact of cosmetic surgery on health
  3. Birth control pills can damage the female reproductive system permanently
  4. The adverse side effects of birth control pills
  5. Do people with unhealthy lifestyles deserve organ transplantation, and why?
  6. The pros and cons of vegetarian diets
  7. What dangers can a gay couple face
  8. Smartphones and the adverse effects on the human health 
  9. Oversleeping – pros and cons
  10. There should be more focus on the deadliest diseases in the world

🏅Argumentative topics on sports

  1. Those who use steroids should be excluded from professional sports teams
  2. Is cheerleading a sport, and why should it be a part of the Olympics?
  3. Is a marching band considered a sport?
  4. What are the most common health problems students in sports face from using energy drinks?
  5. Giving students in sports allowances for participating should become mandatory in every school
  6. Why did baseball lose its popularity in the past couple of years?
  7. The rules on how coaches treat their trainees should be more strict
  8. Should we legalize sports betting in all countries, and what would that lead to?
  9. Is playing video games considered a sport?
  10. Powerlifting and women – analysis

👩‍⚕️Nursing argumentative essay topics

  1. If more men become nurses, would it be beneficial for gender equality in that sector?
  2. Increasing the salary of nurses is essential for better services of health care
  3. Western nursing protocols and safety standards should be mandatory in every developing country
  4. Why should nurses administer placebos?
  5. Poor care quality is directly dependant on understaffed hospitals
  6. European health care methods should become a standard in America


We hope that our classification of strong argumentative topics has helped you find your best and most involving topic fast. Once you find your best pick, you should stay close to the point and answer all the questions that you raise.

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