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Good Energy at Home with Educational GoNoodle Games

05 Mar 2020

Our goal has always been to help kids be more active while doing the things they love. When we got started in 2013, that meant partnering with teachers to fuel classrooms with engaging movement and mindfulness videos. Then in 2018, we launched the GoNoodle app (iOS, Android, AppleTV, Fire, Roku) so kids could enjoy GoNoodle videos at home and on-the-go.

But as anyone who knows kids can tell you: 1) kids love to play games and 2) kids love to watch videos. As kid screen time is increasing, we want to meet kids where they are and make screen time, active time. So, we developed an all-new GoNoodle experience – GoNoodle Games!

Starting today, you can play:

  • Flo Yo’s Bubble Pop – Help Flo Yo free the fishies and avoid the sharks by waving your hands and moving your body.
  • Om Petalhead’s Flower Power – Clear the weeds in Om’s garden by jumping and sweeping your arms, then chill out and do some yoga with Om… don’t forget to watch out for the bees!
  • Zapp Von Doubler’s Space Race – Jump into Zapp’s character, use your jetpack to steer through space, collecting stars and avoiding space junk.
  • Squatchy Berger’s Rock and Roll – Rock out with Squatchy Berger in this rhythm game with a movement twist. Follow along with your hands while Squatchy lights up the rocks to make music.

Leading mobile and kids’ game technology

We partnered with Dubit, a leader in mobile and kids’ game development, to create games that are accessible to kids of all ages and let kids interact with characters and Champs in all-new ways. The GoNoodle Games app uses Open CV-based computer vision and an advanced machine learning system to safely detect kids’ movements and bring them into the action. While some movement-based games have been designed around adults, our games are tuned to kids to give them the best experience possible.

Designed to tire kids out

And the same care and expertise that has gone into creating GoNoodle videos has gone into creating these games. As Diana Projansky, our Head of Consumer Gaming, explains, “We’ve worked hard to ensure that the games use movements that are safe for kids’ growing bodies but still provide plenty of exercise. Kids should be panting by the time they’re done playing; these games are designed to tire kids out!”

At GoNoodle, we have always been extremely conscious of keeping kids safe in the digital world. The GoNoodle Games app was built to be COPPA and GDPR compliant. It never collects personally identifiable information on any user – just aggregated, on-platform analytics used to improve the games over time. Things like how many times the Flo Yo game is played, the numbers of bubbles popped, or the number of sharks hit.

All images you see while you play the game are localized and pass through the game without recording. The software only uses the images to read movement, and never stores any images. Think of it like opening the camera, but never taking a photo.

“With the launch of GoNoodle Games, we are providing safe, active screen time built around characters that are loved by millions of kids and trusted by millions of teachers,” said Ann Howard, our VP of Product. “GoNoodle Games will give kids new opportunities to move, and busy families new ways to entertain their children that they can feel good about. By using technology that is already in over 80 percent of U.S. households, we can truly bring movement-based entertainment to all kids, everywhere.”

Jump, wave, and duck to play

With GoNoodle Games, kids have to get up off the couch to play – they use their actions to control a suite of fun movement mini-games designed to wake up their bodies, engage their minds, and let them have tons of fun – with no controller, data connection, or extra hardware required! All you need is a smart device and the free GoNoodle Games app!

We’re excited about what GoNoodle Games will mean for kids everywhere. Thanks to the machine learning embedded in the technology, the performance of the movement capture will only improve with time. And we’ll be adding new features and new games soon. We’re also looking for ways to get parents more involved in their kids’ activities on the app. So stay tuned for more!

Move & Learn at Home With GoNoodle

Teachers trust GoNoodle to help their students stay active, focused, and calm while infusing good energy into their classrooms. Now, with so many kids home from school, we want to keep that good energy going with GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home, a free online resource. GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home provides ways for kids and families to move and learn together.

GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home offers free:
• Movement, yoga, and mindfulness videos
• Downloadable curricular activities
• Recommended off-screen home activities

To get started, check out our recommendations below and sign up for our weekly Good Energy emails to receive new resources.

Activity Suggestions

  • Feeling cooped up, antsy, or a little wired? Try this calming mindfulness video to melt away those icky feelings.

    Related At-Home Activities:
    You can always melt away icky feelings with… an ICE CREAM PARTY! Make your own Ice Cream with this How-to Video. Kids can also draw a picture of a sundae or make ice cream sundaes with ice cream you already have!

  • Banana Banana Meatball

    Sing, dance, and make some wacky patterns with this hit Blazer Fresh math video!

    Printable Activity: Make Your Own Patterns
    Cut out or draw objects to make your own patterns! And check out the Meow Moo Moo video for some more hilarious and fun patterns.

    Related At-Home Activities:
    Make patterns with objects you have at home like blocks, toy cars, or stickers! Create different pattern challenges for your kids like: “Make the longest patterns you can,” or “Create a pattern with three different colors.”

  • Strengthen Your Focus

    When you’re home all day, it can definitely be hard to focus! Kids can learn to feel calm and focused with this empowering yoga video, perfect for in-between activities or before a virtual or at-home lesson.

    Related At-Home Activities:
    Make your own green dot! Have your child draw and color in a simple object in the center of a piece of paper. Hang it up somewhere where your child can reach and see it at eye level so they can practice focusing on their own.

  • Peanut Butter in a Cup

    This super fun confidence booster is perfect for starting the day or lifting spirits when you’ve hit a slump. It will definitely get everyone pumped up! (Even when it’s been a long morning, afternoon, day, or week… )

    Printable Activity: Peanut Butter in a Cup: Left and Right
    This is a perfect activity for kids to do with a sibling, babysitter, or family member! For some great bonding time, older siblings can help younger siblings learn their left and right.

    Related At-Home Activities:

    • Play a family version of this song and dance with your own family members’ names.
    • You know what’s better than peanut butter in a cup? Nut butter and Jelly Tacos! Learn how to make them with how-to video.
    • Talk about and write a list of different things you can do or say when you think “You just can’t” do something.

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