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List of 70 Accounting Paper Topics for Your Research

25 Jun 2021Research Paper Topics

Accounting might not sound like the world’s most exciting job, but you’d be surprised just how important it is. Every company worth its salt will need a top-shelf accountant, and to become one, you have to go through the necessary academic process.

Now, learning to become an accountant is an uphill task, especially when you consider just how many research papers you’ll have to produce throughout your education. Finding the perfect accounting topics for research paper will be quite challenging, even for the most seasoned and well-prepared student.

Accounting research paper topics

Theoretically, you can draw inspiration for your accounting research paper topic from anywhere and from anything – but if you’ve ever actually written one, you’ll know that that isn’t the case. Instead, coming up with the topic alone will require extensive research and a lot of time, as a great research paper has to be:

  • Unique
  • Well worded
  • Properly formatted
  • Based on research
  • Extensive enough
  • In-depth

It’s important to note that the quality of your research partially depends on the topic you choose. That means that by picking a good accounting topic (consider broadening it with our top picks of business research topics), you can practically build your entire paper from there on forth, making the process far, far easier.

Accounting Research Paper Topics

Now, to make the entire process that much easier, you can always opt for a research paper topic that someone else has thought of. It’s true, finding original topics can be arduous because as time goes by, the number of research papers done on any given subject keeps growing. 

However, human creativity knows no bounds, which is why there will always be plenty of attention-grabbing and original options for you to pick from. To make it that much easier for you, we’ve decided to develop seventy top-tier accounting research paper topic ideas that you can use for your next research paper, which you can find below.

  1. How Can a Global Economic System Moving Toward Decentralized Currencies Ensure That Tax Revenue Is Protected?
  2. When Should a Business Consider Getting an Accountant?
  3. Is It Ethical to Use a Family Member as Your Accountant?
  4. Should Your Accountant Have Complete Control of the Organization’s Accounts?
  5. How Can the Accountancy Industry Adapt to the Shift Towards Digital Personal Accountancy Services That Threaten Monopolizing the Entire Industry?
  6. What Are the Ethical Ramifications of Trying to Secure the Lowest Possible Tax Payment for Large Companies Employing Thousands of People?
  7. Should Accounting Be Made Easier and More Accessible At a Governmental Level?
  8. What Are the Responsibilities of an Accountant When a Mistake Is Made?
  9. What Are the Best Practices for Accountants in Ensuring an Accurate Record of Finances Are Kept?
  10. Are Electronic Personal Accountancy Services an Excellent Alternative to a Trained Accountant?
  11. What Are the Most Common Methods Large Companies Employ to Reduce Their Tax Overhead?
  12. Should Large Companies Be Allowed to Reduce Their Tax Overheads?
  13. As the World Is Attempting to Move to a Flat Standard Global Tax Rate, How Will This Affect Industries?
  14. How Should an Accountant Best Manage Volatile Assets?
  15. Are Standard Yield and Inflation Calculations Still Viable Today?
  16. Can a Company Outgrow Standard Methods of Accountancy? How Should a Firm Manage This?
  17. Do Accountants Have the Moral Obligations to Follow All of Their Client’s Instructions, Even if They Ask for Something Improper?
  18. Should Accountants Consider Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies When Assessing a Client’s Net Worth?
  19. Is the Academic World of Accounting Keeping up With the Way That the Industry Is Changing?
  20. What Role Does Live Information Play in the Accounting Process and How Can Live Data Provide More Accurate Results?
  21. Government Regulations and How They Influence the World of Accounting
  22. Accounting Software and SAAS Solutions in the Modern Accounting World
  23. How Much Should Accountants Charge Now That Outsourcing Is Becoming an Increasingly Popular Choice
  24. Accounting, Gambling, Cryptocurrencies, and Other Forms of Loosely Regulate Income and How Accountants Should Deal With Them
  25. Why Do the World’s Largest Companies Avoid Paying Taxes, and How New Accounting Regulations Can Put a Stop to That?

Simple Accounting Research Topics

  1. Are the Current Financial Legislations Up to Date Enough For the Modern Financial World?
  2. How Companies Use Software to Improve Their Accounting
  3. Do More Money, Taxes, and Transactions Mean More Trouble for Accountants?
  4. How Accountants Use Financial Balance Sheets to Streamline Their Operations
  5. Should the Government Have Insight Into Every Megacorporation Financial and Accounting History
  6. Lying and Accounting – a Match Made in Heaven or a Match That Leads to a Lengthy Prison Sentence
  7. the Rapidly Emerging Threat of Decentralization and What It Means for the Modern Financial Framework
  8. Finances, Accounting, and Fraud – How Accountants Wash Their Hands of White-Collar Crime
  9. Tax Regulations for Small Businesses Vs. Tax Regulations for Larger Businesses | Why Does the Small Guy Pay More in Taxes?
  10. The Dangers of Outsourcing Accounting Departments to Loosely Regulated Countries.
  11. Debts, Leases, and Rent – How Small Businesses Bury Themselves Before They Even Start Working
  12. What Do 2008, 2012, and 2021 Global Financial Crises Have in Common?
  13. Stunting Economies and Who Makes the Most Money Out of It
  14. Accounting Automation and What This Means for Accountants
  15. How Does Capital Budgeting Work for Businesses With Next to No Start-Out Capital

Forensic Accounting Research Paper Topics

  1. The Mechanics of Money Laundering and How to Know Your Enemy as an Accountant
  2. How Corruption Might Blur the Line Between Finances and Fraud
  3. So You’re Being Investigated. What to Do?
  4. How to Conduct Yourself When You’re Representing Your Company in Court
  5. Governments and What They’re Looking for in Bad Books
  6. The Different Methodologies Behind Exploring and Finding Out Forgeries in Accounting Reports
  7. Forensic Accounting in Theory vs. Forensic Accounting in Practice, the Fundamental Differences Between the Two
  8. What Are the Skills Required for Forensic Accounting
  9. The Dangerous World of Forensic Accounting. What They Don’t Teach You in School
  10. Unraveling the Mystery Behind the Goldman Sachs Accounting Fraud Accusations
  11. Mass Processing and How It Might Invalidate Accounting Reports
  12. Public Accounting and Corporate Accounting. Two Different Beasts With the Same Goals
  13. Career Options as a Forensic Accountant and How to Find a Job in the Industry
  14. Criminal Forensics and Accounting Fraud. What Does the Government Really Know About Your Books
  15. Forged, Fraudulent, or Substandard – How Semantics Can Turn a Court Case Into a Prison Sentence

Managerial Accounting Research Paper Topics

  1. How Leading an Accounting Department Can Make or Break a Business
  2. The Software That Accountants Use and Its Implication in Day-to-Day Activities
  3. How Managing a Companies Finances Opens a Lot of Doors to Less-Than-Legal Activities
  4. Managing an in-House Team vs. Managing an Outsourced Accounting Them | The Challenges and Benefits of Both
  5. Why Companies Should Invest More Resources Into Their Accounting Departments
  6. The Risks That Lead Accountants and Managers Take On When Doing Day-to-Day Accounting
  7. Getting Accused of Fraud and Who Gets to Flip the Bill
  8. Avoiding Jail as a Dirty Accountant | The Many Tactics That Allow You to Lie in the Books and Avoid Prison Time at the Same Time
  9. The Digital World and Whether It’s a Safer Platform for Accounting or an Unnecessary Liability Prone to Cybercrime
  10. Stolen Accounting Information and What It Means for the Financial Future of Your Company
  11. Playing the IRS | How Accounting Managers Steer Their Departments to Minimize Taxes
  12. Long Term Debt vs. Short Term Debt, Which One Works Better for Smbs
  13. Financial Experts, Investors, and Accountants | Exploring the Relationship Between the Money Flowing in and the Ones Handling It
  14. The Multiplication of Long-Term Debt and How to Minimize It
  15. How to Hire the Best Accountants to Be a Part of Your Accounting Department and What to Look Out for

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